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  1. Well, my lady actually chose my faction for me, inadvertently. She raided my browser history and bought the first thing she saw, which is the RoF. Not complaining. It's nice having a girlfriend who supports mini gaming. I'm truthfully going to cheat my initial "rule" and play a bunch of Imperial Bond factions...starting with French and LoIS
  2. Oh. That's terrifying to hear. My buddy will be picking up the Chinese... Good times...
  3. Haha, that's pretty accurate. I'm pretty sure I've played each faction at least once by now. Currently, I play Gators, Circle, and Convergence. (I also run/co-host the 30mm Podcast which- if you like war machine and your sanity- you probably shouldn't listen to. We're hopefully gonna start doing some Firestorm coverage. And maybe Dystopian Wars, if my models ever show up...) That being said, I should probably go to the introduce yourself section...
  4. Thanks for the info Kryptik. I actually decided to play some Imperial Bond factions, this way I can suppress my urge for faction A.D.D. ^.^ (I guess my old Warmachine habits die-hard.)
  5. Hey forum! First post ever! Just recently took an interest in Dystopian Wars (I play Firestorm casually and Privateer Press' Warmachine more competitively) and I'm planning on buying my first set of models this coming paycheck... But I'm a little stumped as to which faction to play. I like a number of the models from multiple factions, but, with a really tight budget, I'm forcing myself to ignore the INSATIABLE thirst for excessive model purchasing and limiting myself to a single faction. Could anyone give a little more of a summary on each Factions' play style? I tend to like swarming tactics and armor cracking...decent ranged shootiness (yes, that's a word) is also a plus. (I saw a number of dated threads on this from eons ago, but I figured I'd try my hand for a more updated/current state-of-the-game response... )
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