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  1. I am fairly confident that this rule exists on the specific unit cards that are actually going to manifest the Portals, rather than the rulebook.
  2. Yeah, I think there is going to be a fair amount of misreading, misunderstanding, misremembering and confusing rules from 1.08-1.09 at least for a while. Some huge changes there, along with some sneaky little stealth changes. Like Spirit Aim no longer ignoring negative modifiers to Aim value. Yeah, I believe it is designed to force you to speed up the process, rather than bogging it down. Tbh, unless QatD or a specific rule, our playgroup used to roll the whole unit anyway. Don't forget you can also dodge Massed Fire by Combining Fire. They are incompatible.
  3. As I circled in the photo, models must be in range, and do not make their own Aim Check, which is only possible if they have LOS to the Initial Target. The result of the Quick Check (Quick +D10) is the total number of ROA that is negated. It sounds like that is what you said in 1, but it is a little unclear. 2 and 3 are incorrect.
  4. The new rules allow for a better approximation of the success of dodging fire than the old rules. I only play Warrior Nations, so I will use them for this example. Let's say Walks Looking, a Quick 6 Boss is getting shot at by a maximum sized unit of Plains Warriors (20 models.) The two options are: OPTION 1: a single model with ROA 20 (new rules) and OPTION 2: 20 models with ROA 1 (old rules). OPTION 1: Let's say that Walks looking rolls average and gets a 5. Combined with Quick 6, that gives her a Quick Check of 11, which passes the target number of 10. Since she passed, Walks Looking cancels out ROA equal to her Quick check, which was 11. That means only 9 models will actually get to shoot her, representing her dodging half the unit, but there being simply too much firepower to dodge it all. Let's hope she is wearing thick leathers.... OPTION 2: 20 Models fire at Walks Looking, and she rolls a Critical Success! That scores her an impressive 15 on her Quick Check. This negates the ROA of ONE MODEL. Therefore, the greatest leap of her life, encapsulating a triple somersault over a wagon, with a twist to clear a nearby child and avoid being stomped on by a spooked horse, allows her to avoid ONE shot. And presumably the other 19 cut her down like wheat. Apologies for the hyperbole and overly exaggerated example.
  5. Each hit is resolved separately. So one of those Successful Grit Checks will have to be re-rolled. Technically speaking, you have to call out a specific Check to be subject to Lethal in this case. I don't believe it matters in this specific situation, but it often does.
  6. In that scenario, the Target reduces the ROA of the Firing model by 13, so if the ROA is 6, then all shots will miss the target.
  7. Apologies for resurrecting a dead thread, but I had some questions about this Scenario design, as I am about to start running demos in my home city. I was wondering how you got all the background images and logos and altered them to suit your particular scenario? Also, the green and red cutouts are fantastic! I am a bit of an editing and photoshop noob. Thanks in advance.
  8. In this situation, the rules for Dispersed Deployment override the rules for summoning portals, as they start the game on the table. So the Totems would be placed anywhere on the table, at least 6" from each other or a board edge, and outside of Deployment Zones without scattering.
  9. Hi All, I have a Royal Australians fleet, really just the Australian box set Spartan sold that had the two Pocket Battleships. Since Australians have been folded into the Crown as near as I can tell, which beta units best represent the models that come in the Australian Fleet Box? Cheers for your help!
  10. Hey Shapsy, what Store distributes in QLD? I'm based in Adelaide, and there are currently 3-4 of us that play infrequently.
  11. I don't believe that is correct, as each individual model fires one at a time. So 1st model fires rifle. No QATD, 2nd model fires rifle, no QATD. 3rd model etc... until the Gatling. We roll simultaneously but that is for speed of play rather than technically accurate.
  12. Option B is correct. The first model in the unit would miss, and the rest would fire as normal, affected by hunkered. Also, QATD, does not have to be the first shot. So if your opponent has 3 Rifles and a Gatling, and elects to shoot with rifles first to bait you out, you can choose to take the rifle shots normally in the hopes you will still be alive to QATD the Gatling.
  13. Greetings all! I was thinking about the various Bosses in faction (all 4 separate characters!). I have only used regular Walks Looking, and I love her model, and what little fluff she has. She seems like a combat monster, but I can never seem to leverage that. At the moment she seems like a fortune battery that camps behind a building or immediately gets shot to death by deity- forsaken Interceptors. I accidentally used Legendary Walks Looking one day, and my lord did she get work done! But cheating is so overrated. What are people's experiences with our faction Bosses?
  14. Hi all. Is there an update on Discord activity for WWX, or Warcradle in general? Hoping for a link to a server.
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