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  1. Valander

    Hexaliths outside of the Hex-faction

    That's a good point, too. Basically, so long as a model has the Dark Council rule on it, it can take a Hexalith, at least by my reading.
  2. Valander

    Hexaliths outside of the Hex-faction

    Yup, Enlightened with Dark Council can use Hexaliths. Also, if you look at the unit card for the Hexalith, you'll see it has two faction icons: Hex and Enlightened (link from the Unit Cards page for the Enlightened):
  3. Valander

    Status of the game and perhaps a new player?

    You're most welcome. Like I said, I was pretty deep into WWX in first edition, and I still really like the setting and stuff. During the tail end of the run w/ Outlaw, I dropped out a little because I felt it was starting to suffer pretty badly in terms of rules bloat and general imbalance, and did some other things for a while. I knew 2nd edition from Warcradle came out, but it was hard to find around my area, so it wasn't until Adepticon last year that I finally got a demo and was pleased with the changes, so dusted off my models and started diving back in. And yeah, Rule of Cool on the models is how I go, too. It's unfortunate that I think so many of the models are cool that I have all original factions, and want more... Well, unfortunate for my wallet anyways.
  4. Valander

    Status of the game and perhaps a new player?

    Welcome. First, yeah this forum seems to be a little quiet. I haven't been back in WWX for long, though I was a big player (and deputy) for the first edition; I've only recently jumped back in after a demo last Adepticon. 1. It's popular in some areas, I think, and unheard of in others. I'd actually recommend checking out the Dark Council Facebook group (if you Facebook) as it's a lot more active than here, and you might be able to find other folks in your area. 2. From what I've seen, the Gunfight at Red Oak is a pretty decent set for 2 players. So if you're wanting to try it out with a buddy, this will give you two smaller posses to throw down with, plus the cards and dice and template and gubbins (tokens) you need. 3. I play mostly Lawmen, but have dabbled with Warrior Nation as well, and played against Union, Warrior Nation, Outlaws, and Enlightened. They all have their own feel, but I wouldn't say any one of them is "unfun," but some might not have a playstyle you like. While shooting is kinda big in this game, and Warrior Nation can struggle against that a little if there is not enough terrain, they also do have some other ways to deal with that like Spirit Totems that act as portals so they can teleport around a bit. 4. Don't know, haven't ordered direct, and can't even guess what service to Sweden might be like since I'm in the US. 5. I think the best advice for a new player is to really keep an eye on your models' abilities and don't forget any synergies they have. Also, activation order is important, as is resource management in the form of Fortune chips and knowing when to best use them. Like most games, I'd recommend starting out small and learning as you go, and maybe do some proxies of other units before you figure out what next to buy.
  5. Valander

    Getting on rooftops

    Ah, the climb option makes sense. I suppose if the building was modeled such that there was a stair/door to the roof itself, the Get Out would be ok there, too. Thanks.
  6. Valander

    Getting on rooftops

    Since the rules on p. 39 call out rooftops specifically as not being "inside the building", this raised a couple of questions. 1. How do you measure to/from models on rooftops? My thought here is "from the model," since it would not be inside the building it therefore would not be subject to the measuring rules for models "inside buildings." Likewise, I think for Hunkered, etc. 2. How do you get on a rooftop? As it isn't a different level inside the building, my take would be that you'd need to do a Get In action to enter the building as normal, but then could use a Get Out action to go up on the roof. Opinions?
  7. Valander

    Valander's Junk

    Been a while, because life. But here is the Aquan Interceptor Helix.
  8. Valander

    Is playing two Core Helix too powerful?

    This wouldn't be legal, though. The only way to have 2 core helices is to have 2 battlegroups, which means both players would have to have 2 battlegroups, and every battlegroup must have a minimum core helix.
  9. Valander

    Flight stand questions

    Agreed, competitive players (tournament or otherwise) will want a set ruling on base sizes; they do not like "use whatever you think looks best" when it comes to that. Just recall the recent hubbub about flight peg heights. Personally, I think the smaller ones for the Tier 3 both look better and make more sense, especially in Armada where the "Vectored Movement" rules for bumping bases/models can have a lot more (excuse the pun) impact.
  10. Valander

    Acrylic Tokens?

    This. Right here. I love the idea of a better means of squadron ID, since I have all my ships on detachable pegs, this makes it a lot cleaner than painting the base or something. While I've done some small squadron markings on some ships, more flexibility there is great.
  11. Valander

    To include Tac Cards in core helix?

    I think an even better solution than including them in Core Helix boxes would be to sell them as a two-set deck (which would be 52 cards) separately. Yes, you can order a single deck from the Spartan store. If you're outside the UK, shipping is stupid. Yes, you can get them in the Commander's Pack, but the rulebook in there is kinda moot, since it's out of date in comparison to the digital (and free) version. For Armada, you can even download the TACs and print them, but they're not available for Planetfall. Dropping the extra cash on the Battle for Proteus Prime isn't worth it if you're not interested in both factions or splitting it with a buddy. Having the really limited ways to get the TACs, which are a "required" part of the game, is not the best move, IMO.
  12. Valander

    What is this model in the Starter Set?

    Yup that's the front piece for the Directorate heavy tank. Looks like:
  13. Valander

    Firestorm Taskforce

    I hope those objectives are offered later, too (not free is fine). Won't be able to do the preorder right now, but I will definitely want the new objective markers.
  14. Valander

    New Assault Helixes are inbound!

    Man. Oh man! More Aquan Tripods! ****, I want one of every one of these, even for those factions I don't play (yet).
  15. Valander

    Valander's Armada Junk

    And some more Aquans, since they're really my "main" fleet at the moment. Some Corvettes to fill in the tier 3 requirements.

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