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  1. Ahhhh, missed that bit on the table as I thought you went down the table till you got a match. Makes sense, thanks for the quick response.
  2. So yesterday we had the following situation come up. Two Prussian frigates initiated a boarding action against a single KOB frigate. AA fire managed to take down two of the boarders. In the combat the Prussians killed 1 AP worth, with the KOB killing 3 AP worth, leaving no AP remaining on either side. The question is what happens now? Are all the ships derelict as they have no AP remaining. Or is only the KOB frigate derelict? Or something else? We looked at the rules but couldn't see the answer. Thanks.
  3. Do a quick internet seach for x-cam for dystopian wars and you will find some scenarios.
  4. I've recently been inspired to write some fan fiction based in the DW universe. I've read all the fluff entries in the two rule books and while I think I have the date's of various world events in my head I would find it useful if there was a chronological list of dates and events on the site somewhere. Does such a thing exist? I'd love to see one listing dates where nations declared war on each other, when the Covenant started putting a fleet to sea and various technological breakthroughs appear in fleets. Does such a thing exist or could we try to compile one here?
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