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  1. I use this set here, has served me well: https://www.amazon.co.uk/d/7rm/Creative-Models-Kolinsky-Sable-Brush-Set-Small/B00AYYSVTE you can probably find the set cheaper if you fish around, there is also another half of the set which has the larger brushes Painted these 15mm guys with these brushes, never dropped below the 4/0 and there are much smaller ones in the set.
  2. I have a link to where I got mine that I'll post when I get home. I do 28 and 15, but don't often use the lower half of the smaller sizes. Set of 6 cost me $20au with postage and has been working 2 years now, but I'm pretty on top of my brush care
  3. Hey guys, it seems this thread (commenting on blog entries) has run its course, so I'll lock it up. However, you guys are always welcome to express your opinions (at least that's my view), so if you feel that there's something productive that needs to be said about some of the other stuff that came up in this thread, please feel free to make another thread more specific to the issues Semper Vigilans, ONI
  4. It really sucks you guys are having such a bad experience of this. I've been pretty lucky communicating with Spartan Lizzie from dispatch. Unfortunately, this is a known issue and Spartan has agreed that is an awful one. Efforts are being made to fix it, but in your shoes I'm sure that's not that helpful (especially as the words have been said before). There is a huge backlog and the orders just keep coming in. Spartan is trying to hire more junior staff to help on the floor as well as more senior staff to man the phones and computers. The best advice I can give in this less than ideal situation is to phone if at all possible. It gives you an instant answer and you can deal with any issues then and there. I've had nothing but positive experiences with Spartan Lizzie, but she is worked ragged! Sometimes emails get caught up, so if it's ever more than a week with no response send another, they won't take it personally and know how frustrating things can be from your side. Hopefully, these new recruitment efforts result in some real and discernable improvements in shipping and processing times Semper Vigilans, ONI
  5. Really sad to see you go, I hope it is on good terms and wish you the best for the future
  6. It's an interesting suggestion. I think Spartan is pretty flat out at the moment, however, and that for the foreseeable future they will likely be putting a lot of effort into making sure all their games get their updates. Do you have any experience 3D modelling? Would love to see what you can make for it!
  7. I personally much prefer seeing the progress of WIPs as opposed to just seeing the final result. I feel like I'm taking the journey with the painter when I see the process and like it's showing me the painter's take on techniques, etc. And I'm glad the comments and likes help to fuel your creative juices, you deserve them!
  8. DO YOU EVER STOP PAINTING?! HOW? WHAT IS YOUR SECRET? TELLLLLL MEEEEEEEEE My gosh man, you're on fire. I'm sitting here with the same 20 models I have been working on for the past 3 months and there you are will yet another update. If painting were an Olympic sport, I would be having the officials drug screen you; just sayin'. This much efficiency, it's not natural, man. It's abhuman. Everyone know's wargamers procrastinate, you're ruining our bell curve you outlier, you.
  9. Shall add you when I get home tonight, have had some stellar games with guys off of here. Big thanks to all the players I've managed to have a game with so far!
  10. You can let it cool slowly, no need for instant cold (at least that has been my experience with resin. Also, plastics and resins adopt a conformation that makes them 'happy' and it will usually want to revert to that structure after being heated when it is cooling; it's best to over correct it so that when it does cool and go towards what it was, it gets closer to 'normal'. For instance, if you want _ but you have ^ you need to heat it gently to a shape past _ and into mild v territory so that when it goes back to ^, it straightens out close to flat. A curved surface like a rolling pin can be of use, plus a heatgun And that's a fair concern, but always something you could mention
  11. Worst case, if you can't fix it and have given it a solid effort, don't hesitate to contact Spartan Lizzie, she'll happily replace your base (accidental rhyming. Oh well, now I feel the compulsion to continue): she's ace and presents a friendly Spartan face. Her positives include: not cheating in a race, or clubbing you with a mace, or procrastinating on your case.
  12. I'll be on shortly and shall add you
  13. Mate, you are a painting machine. I'm glad to see a local churning out such high-quality stuff! Would love to meet up and have a game sometime if you're ever interested. Thank you for the posts and keep up the good work!
  14. I agree whole heartedly with that sentiment :-)
  15. Have you ever found yourself stranded on an exotic foreign planet, battling wave after wave of merciless and relentless Covenant troops? Have you ever found yourself surrounded, low on ammo, health, cover and moral? Have you ever found yourself asking yourself the tough questions: is it possible that I'm not as good at Halo as I think I am? was it really the lag? am I really cut out for the Spartan Program? Is it possible that these enemy Spartans are as intimately close to my mother as they say they are? If so, then this is the thread for you! I present to you: *cue music and fanfare* Spartan Games' Spartans https://www.halowaypoint.com/en-us/spartan-companies/spartan games spartans That's right, a Spartan Games team of Spartans for Xbox live matchmaking! The idea of this thread is to introduce the brand new, Halo 5 Spartan Company "Spartan Games Spartans" and also get the word out that forum users can post their Xbox live gamertag in here and get some games in with other Spartan Games Halo buffs. You can brush up on lore, talk shop on conversions and paint schemes you're planning, dream up tactics for your factions, or even, you know, just mindlessly kill Covvies (a fine way to end any afternoon). Hopefully, this gets stickied so that players, new and old, can readily find this thread and sign up. The hardest part, as Spartan Beth said, will be explaining that you are "... a Spartan from Spartan Games Spartans playing with other Spartans from Spartan Games." Understandably, some people might not want to necessarily share their gamertag on here, so the options are as such: You can just post your Xbox Live username and have anyone on the forum add you for some Halo fun You can leave a post in this thread saying that you have an Xbox live account and that users should message you internally through the Spartan Forums for your details, OR You can simply join the "Spartan Games Spartans" battle company without necessarily coming through the Spartan Forum at all As a side note, I've placed this here (in the general general discussion) because didn't seem to fit exclusively in either Halo: Fleet Battles' or Halo: Ground Command's General Discussions, as realistically it's part of both. As a side side note, my gamertag is ONI S3, please feel free to add me. Semper Vigilans, ONI
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