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  1. A model would need to be mounted onto something that would get "the clamps" Some base or cork, attached with tac or some such easily removeable adhesive. The clip arms are usually quite adjustable and can spin and rotate the model easily. Although the magnifying glass without the clamps also works by just holding the model in one hand and painting with the other, although the clamps allow a hand free to lean on your table, drink a beverage, etc. Either way both would take a little practice and would likely seem annoying until you get the hang of it, but can be well worth it. At the moment I can only go about 15-20 minutes with the naked eye before things go a little fuzzy.
  2. The first link can take some getting used to but can work well to free up your hands while providing stability and magnification. For the most part I try and stick to using washes/inks to help pick out some details
  3. Thought I'd try something a bit darker than most.
  4. My Cleos usually move up a flank, they're able to soak a lot of firepower while lurking. While not putting out an extraordinary amount of AD they very often end up holding up most things deployed against them, if they get close they can even initiate a boarding action with some success. I don't think I've ever been disappointed by their performance yet.
  5. If you're hitting a model with modifiers (such as difficult) and end up requiring a 6+, Could firing indirect with enough spotters bring that to a 4+?
  6. They're all great on their own ways but based purely on aesthetics I'd have to go with a joint favourite, the Coeus and the Windsor.
  7. Model A launches a node and models X, Y and Z are caught in the area of effect. Model X has a nullification generator. What happens? 1) X may not nullify the effect as it is a node, and not a generator that is attacking the model. 2) X may not nullify the effect as it not targeted at X, It is simply caught in the area of effect. 3) X may attemp to nullify the effect on itself as per usual (models Y and Z will still be effected), but will not be able to cause the offending generator to go offline. 4) X may attemp to nullify the node, cancelling the effects on Y and Z also, but will not be able to cause the offending generator to go offline. 5) X may attemp to nullify the effect on itself as per usual (models Y and Z will still be effected), and will be able to cause the offending generator to go offline. 6) X may attemp to nullify the node, cancelling the effects on Y and Z also, and will be able to cause the offending generator to go offline.
  8. Yea I've read that entry, we'll likely try it for some games but also looking for some ideas on a 1v1v1 type game
  9. I haven't played any armoured core games yet but am intending to do so soon. Having looked over the CoA land based options I'm not too impressed and was seeking any and all advice from anyone willing to give it! Mostly I'm debating if I should add a few aerial units and what I should use as a carrier (armoured, aerial or fortification)
  10. Thanks for the replies guys. We played one 3 player game a few days before I posted. We made certain each player was equidistant from each other, I believe it was 32" apart from each main deployment area, player A took a short edge and players B + C took about half of each long edge. For cards we were using them as we would in a normal game but as I said almost every card was cancelled by one of the other 2 players, a few got through but overall we may as well not have used them. For missions player B and C both drew mediums and sunk each other's mediums along with player A's mediums, while player A drew the commodore card and almost got both (players B+C's commodore vessels on 1 and 3 hp's) so we had two players complete their objective at the same time. As for gameplay it was actually rather fast, a ship could sail up and broadside both enemies quite easily, we kinda met in the middle with our large/massives and pummelled each other, anything smaller than that that went anywhere near the middle got sunk very fast.
  11. As the title says, how does everyone else handle a 3 player game? - how do you handle deployment? - how do you handle Tac cards being cancelled? (My first 3 player game almost every card from each player was cancelled by one of the others) - how do you handle objective cards? Sink 70% of the Enemy for instance, 70% of each? 70% of the total combined enemy? Also Is your objective achieved if you have to eliminate all mediums and each enemy sinks each other's mediums? Just want a few ideas to smooth things out!
  12. My last two games the drones were appalling. Bombers gets picked off by SAS even with a fighter screen due to higher SAS Mv. Most of the dogfights happened late turn 2/early turn 3 and with average-ish feedback rolls no drones were able to launch until turn 3, the game ended at the end of turn 3. So no useful drones were relaunched, the benefit of being reusable isn't much of a benefit if none of the relaunched drones get to do anything. It seems for the most part drones are going to be used to cheese activations and hold off SAS in a defensive role.
  13. Living in Barry here. Anyone in South Wales, Feel free to send me a message (can play both FA and DW)
  14. As a sub I'd expect they dive a little to pass under the enemy ship, chewing up the hull as it passes underneath. Once the pointy bits have done their work they could just dive a few more metres to get the rear end of the sub clear and pop out the other side.
  15. I've seen several smalls with mines or bombs but not very often with two additional (and potent!) weapon systems. Making the mines limited still gets a very solid use out of them while still giving the idea that the small frigate can hold all that ammo, mines and extra armour. It feels strong since many large/massive only get retardant(1), however I don't think it'll help all that much on a small. It just doesn't 'feel' right. The original stats seem too high for +10 points.Perhaps take the 5 4 2 - broadside of the Lyon, Replace the torps with the 5 4 - - volley, which does have less range, but doesn't have to get past CC. Then you add the mines, an extra HP and retardant(1). Although I'd consider something else instead of retardant but not sure what... But the RoF heavy destroyer has 2HP and your 'light destroyer' has 3. Being a light destroyer I'd expect 2HP or DR3. Also the current heavy destroyer houses a single rocket weapon system but the light airship destroyer houses rockets, mines and a generator. You may have similar spreads to other destroyers and spare points that allow to tack on a fury but you also added mines. Limited mines could nullify that somewhat, or even a choice to replace mines with a fury gen? Options are nice! And could leave it at 40 points even.
  16. Both seems a bit much to be honest! The frigate is carrying a lot of weaponry, a RB4 broadside, a 360 volley gun AND mines? Perhaps... Broadside: 5 4 - - Volley gun: 5 4 - - (270 Fore) Mines: (5) limited(1) Also, retardant(1) on a frigate? The destroyer, being light, should be HP2. Possibly even DR3, one or the other I guess. The rockets seem ok but again with mines, suggest making either the rockets Effective in only 2 RBs (1&2 or 2&3) or makes the mines limited again. Maybe even both since each has a fury gen!
  17. With the way it's been done obtaining a second upgrade on any ship should be quite difficult. While there are a lot of upgrade options, realistically a ship should only have one or two upgrades. I think if I were to make them one use per game I'd decrease the difficulty of obtaining these upgrades.
  18. So we've started a campaign to spice things up a bit and have included the ability the gain experience points and 'level up' your ships with a wide variety of potential upgrades, assuming you can keep your ships afloat often... I'm wondering what would be a good cost to add onto each ship after receiving an upgrade. Here's what's available, yes I know it's a lot but don't worry about that, each ship will have a limited amount of upgrades, if any. Telescopic zoom (on one weapon system) Redoubtable (on one weapon system) Corrosive (on one weapon system) Incendiary (on one weapon system) Concussive (on one weapon system) Piercing (on one weapon system) Pinpoint (on one weapon system) Sustained fire (1 for small/medium, 2 for large/massive) (on one weapon system) Close quarter gunnery (on one weapon system) High angle (on one weapon system) +2AA +2CC Long range assault Security posts (1 for small/medium, 2 for large/massive) Sharpshooters +AP (1 for small/medium, 2 for large/massive) Terror tactics (1 for small/medium, 2 for large/massive) Diehards Crew upgrade Experienced engineers Spotter 4+ Inventive scientists Sustained assault (1 for small/medium, 2 for large/massive) Specialised defences (1 for small/medium, 2 for large/massive) +1 DR Ablative armour 1 Retardant armour 1 Rugged construction (1 for small/medium, 2 for large/massive) Advanced engines 2" +1 Mv +1 DR Isolated systems 5+ Hit and run Sharp turn Evasive manoeuvre +1 HP There are a few options. -We could increase the cost of the ship by a set %. Although a 10% cost increase could range anywhere from 2 to 30+ points depending on the ship. Perhaps a % with an upper and lower limit? Such as adding 10% to the cost but falling within the range of 5-15? -It could be nice and easy and simply make each upgrade 5 for a small, 10 for a medium, 15 for a large/massive. -we could have each upgrade with its own point value, which would involve actually determining and assigning points values to all these things! Which i'd need some input on. -Or some other idea.
  19. 1400 RoF (me) vs CoA (non-forum) CV for RoF 1400 CoA + LoIS (me) vs RoF (non-forum) CV for CoA + LoIS
  20. If it helps to gauge size, those little tiny flier tokens are ~20mm and pop into a lot of pictures on the store.
  21. Which factions are you looking into?
  22. 1- Is there anything preventing Fighter SAS performing an attack run against an aerial model that is in the obscured or stratospheric height bands? I can't seem to find it if is disallowed somewhere. 2- If Torpedo Bomber SAS perform an attack run against a naval model, does that model use it's AA against the SAS and also its CC against the torpedoes?
  23. The energy Aristotle can still put out an impressive amount of AD while wave lurking, not to be underestimated.
  24. I tried using the multiple units of 3 fighter drones and it worked pretty well! Apart from the obvious activation bonus, putting 8AD into an SAS unit was enough to weaken them and either drive them away or make them easy prey for a second set of 8AD. Deployed in a skirmish screen ahead of my fleet they were able to deter bombers and fliers and managed to take out the majority of the enemy SAS.
  25. Had a game today with the kepotle. Even wave lurking its AD is pretty formidable. 1st shot of the game it triple crit an Ecuyer and straight out lazed it in half! From the opposite side of the board! A little lucky for sure, but something to remember. Staying under the surface, while keeping in RB4 meant it survived untouched. I also had a Diophantus with Galens that drove up the board, getting both broadsides into play. With the Galens linking with the broadsides it becomes a formidable attack. The Dio took a few shots but also suffered no damage mostly due to its DR of 7. I feel we can be pretty aggressive with it now.
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