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  1. Looks to be some nice buildings coming out which are use-able for Planetfall and Halo Ground command.The resin pieces look to be nice and the prices are good value too. Also a few new pieces for Halo Fleet Battles one of which includes three Pelicans. http://shop.spartangames.co.uk/SearchResults.asp?Cat=2144
  2. Just seen some new Planetfall race specific objectives on the corinthian club.They look pretty good too.
  3. Thanks for the extra pictures.Some nice looking painted miniatures you have. I like the buildings too.Where are they from?
  4. Do you have more pictures of your game and who won?
  5. I think one of the problems will be with every new release no matter which system it is for takes up resources.Not just to playtest new games/units but to get things into production.I can imagine that the production side of things does not allow for lots of new releases as that would reduce the amount of stock that they can build for each release. Have things set in stone like what will be out and when does not work well with lots of companies.Given the fact that there are several different games on there books must make it hard to decide what and where to put there resources. The one thing i would say is they need to be more active on the forums and facebook too.This is needed to engage people and keep them interested. If you play the games maybe you could devise some scenarios to play and post them up.Even force lists and such or how about Merc units to use in games?You could use units from different factions to give a different feel to games. Terrain for each of the games would be great to see too. I would also like more background on the Firestorm Universe.That would be great for me as i collect the Planetfall range.
  6. That looks great and i love the colours you have went for on it too. It looks like you can see some mould lines on the feet which detract from the miniature.That is the only thing i can see. I have a set of these to make up.They are really cool pieces and i love how the rider is under the canopy.
  7. Great to hear that Planetfall is on your collective plate now Linde.Really looking forward to seeing what you have planned.
  8. I got my mis-cast resin Halo piece and the MIA Directorate Infantry this Week.Now to find the motivation to get them painted. Cheers Spartan for sorting these out for me.
  9. It is great to see that you are doing really well with painting these miniatures.You are an inspiration for us all.I may even get around to starting some of mine this year ;). I too dont drink or go out but do watch lots of tv.Netflix has taken a hammering the past few weeks. Got my MIA Directorate metal infantry this week so need to clean them off and get them onto the bases.Also need to wash them to get rid of any mould release agents left on them. The Relthoza infantry are a scary bunch to look at and think of painting.I have half helixes for several of the forces.
  10. You are on a mission with getting these painted up. Nice to see a different colour scheme for the Sorylians.I think it look great.
  11. Nice looking Aquans.Well painted too.
  12. You have an amazing collection of painted miniatures.Really nice to see you keep adding to it.
  13. Very nice work on your forces so far.Looking forward to seeing the next units.
  14. But think how much you have saved ;). I would have liked to have got the Aquan sets too but funds did not stretch that far. Still plenty to be getting on with.
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