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  1. Well, apologies for the delay, an unexpected illness ended up delaying our game by a week. On the bright side, that meant I had some of my new goodies at my disposal. On the not-so-bright side, my FSA oponnent had yet to recieve his fleet in the mail, so his side was comprised entirely of proxied ships from myself and our Prussian comrade (fortunately we have a lot, roughly 10k pts. all-in). Obnoxiously, he had a pair of boxes containing 90% of his fleet list on his dorrstep the next morning. Ah well, there's always next time. Until then, back to the Canaries!: *when we last left our heroes...*(whoever those may be): The Republique of France had recently gained control of the Island chain near Caleta del Sabo, driving off the Prussians vying for control of the area. Both sides had been aware of a "flare" in the region, indicative of some sort of industrial scale sturginium processing. Feeling the mystery behind the local Antarctican presence may have something to do with these readings. Both sides arrived within hours of each other, only to find Caleta del Sabo levelled, and a number of what could only be described as "quantum anomallies"- water stagnating on the sides of hills, buildings embedded in the strata of the shores, and countless other disruptions of reality. Once the area had been secured (or at least, as much as one can secure such a place), French scientiffic survey teams and the Corps d'ingénieurs began to scour the area. As they searched, they began to piece together their view of what had happened. Near what they projected as the epicenter of the "event" they found a small, heavily fortified facility, largely intact. The concrete bunker read as Sturginium-laced through the instruments. A number of armatures ran over the structure, which the team began referring to as the "Titan Bones". After nearly a week of efforts, the teams finally managed to breach the facility. The smell of death had already grown strong, and a foul acrid smoke poured through the first points of ingress: "Il avait une odeur comme une usine d'équarrissage , et la coquille brûlé regardé comme si un incendie avait fait rage pendant des jours . Métaux conventionnels avaient été slagged à l'étage , mêlage avec ce qui restait des équipages décimés de la machinerie ." -Ferdinand Sarrail, Lead engineer of del Sabo Expedition Alpha Within the depths of the facility a survivor was found, though near death. He was identified as Thomas Mason-Bragg, A former Australian Researcher whom had recently defected to the Antarctican Covenant. He was medically stabilized and transferred to the Field HQ on Isla de Lobos for "debriefing". __________________________________________________________________________________ Meanwhile, in the wake of their victory at La Palma, FSA forces began to erect the El Paso Listening Post (seriously, check a real map of the Canaries, there's an El Paso there!). Within the first days of switching on the post they had managed to crack a number of french encryptions, and had determinned the location of the Lobos HQ. Additionally, they had managed to intercept transmissions directed towards Del Lobos HQ advising them of the situation at Del Sabado and to prepare for the arrival of the HVT. FSA commanders saw a golden opportunity before them- Re-acquiring this asset would greatly strengthen their bargaining position with the normally reclusive Covenant, with whom the Coalition still valued as a potential ally. Moving swiftly would provide the additional benefit of crippling the forward HQ of the French ,who had been making alarming progress entreanching themselves- thanks in no small part to allied resupply from nearby Khenifiss Shipyards in southern Morocco (largely a puppet state propped up in the wake of the Zagreb treaty by the French, who forsaw future "complications" in continued dealings with the Ottomans). Of course, should recovery prove itself not an option, there was no way the Imperial Bond could be allowed to compromise Mason-Bragg. __________________________________________________________________________________ Deployment: We had a "neutral third party" set up the table, which has become tradition in most of our games and leads to some interesting boards as they are designed by a single person, allowing for cohesion, yet the person has nothing at stake in the game, leading to less terrain being placed for obvious advantage. There is an additional strip of open water to the right as well. The bunker complex on the island at southern center was the "forward HQ". The board felt a little more open than our typical fare, though our table-setter (my prussian friend from the last battle) did seem to quite gleefully place that western island right in line with my clean get-away. That coupled with our agreed-upon 24" center deployment zone pretty much meant my HVT was bound east for Morocco (though I made a big show during deployment of musing out loud about my remaining western options. Lesson one, plant every seed of doubt you can, let no conclusion be forgone. With the bunker located at the northern edge of my zone, there was actually a fair number of ships in my fleet capable of hitting either edge in the alotted four turns, but only just.) FSA:(We'll start by naming things off left to right, to make up for the heavy proxy) -3 Princetons behind one John Henry "space marine" (technically an illegal squad but he had the points left and I wanted him to use it almost as bad as he did, and we're all grown-ups here) -A screen of 3 lee scout ships, intermingled with a squadron of 3 yale destroyers and a bunch of turtle subs (plus some SAS) -The EotBS Battleship was being run as a Boston, hence the turtles. -# more yales and an enterprise round out the front rank, with a laterally deployed (interesting...) saratoga parked in the back. RoF: my only stand-ins were a pair of uncharted seas dwarven subs that I use as epaulards, (honestly I like them enough that I hardly consider them proxy at this point, and am working on figuring out how to graft a bombard to their backs), and one ecuyer being fielded in a squad as a toulon (why oh why does the box come with 2? Why!?!) So, this picture was taken after my first activation but still gets the idea across pretty well. I had split my squadron of Chevaliers (which I have decided never to do again without several good reasons) and keep them somewhat pulled back, as I knew they would be a prioritized target and their high movement would still allow them to engage somewhat rapidly. It's difficult to see, but there is a small group of requin hidden behind the tourbillon, each holding one of the "possible HVT" tokens. The idea here is the vessels which may have contained Mason-Bragg would be marked with hidden tokens, revealed when the ship was boarded or destroyed. Should FSA manage to destroy or board the "bunker" (which we gave a paper thin DR/CR 4/6 with 2 wounds and 2 AP) the token would be revealed, representing stolen intel from the base. These tokens can be seen under the squadron of Lyons to the west, as well (the southernmost one is in fact our "target", BTW!). The frelons were placed with the specific intent of countering the boston sub, hoping to capitalize on their hunter MAR. The Dieppes to the east are pretty much serving in their typical "meat shield" role, which they once again performed admirably. Magenta 1 was intended to tear ass across the center line dropping heat, threading the needle between the two tower islands. Of course, that was until America happened :\ . Tucked over against the harbour island to the west is my poor cherbourg, all patched up from it's beatdown at the hands of kreepy unkle karl. Turn 1: Well, I started the evening by warning my oponnent I was going to do very untoward things to John Henry in the Frenchest way possible so, first activation saw a trio of toulons sail lazily forward and set John's head on fire with somel heat-lancing. 2 raging fires. This seemed to upset the princetons, who promptly came out to play and returned fire. I've gotten into the habit of reading prows. Seeing that the princetons were comitted toward the western flank I moved my pair of requin forward, taking care to keep them cowering behind the tower. My assumption was they would eventually see a princeton wandering into boarding range and give me an opportunity to bypass the ridiculous shields they were outfitted with. 'Murica basically burned an activation moving the saratoga it's minimum 2", so I decided to show him what a proper carrier was capable of and pushed the tourbillon in. A solid shot from the turrets crippled the generators on a Lee. ok, there's some terrible photography for a couple activations, and I can only blame myself. The central squadron of yales advanced and took a chunk out of my lead toulon (a rather big chunk, actually). Living for the mission, they toolies were left to fend while I began to rally the far less conspicuous Dieppes into screening position. I think it was a little obvious, though, as FSA immediately limped the Lees forward and threw spots on my rearmost screener and my Maggie (who had yet to move, fortunately), while simultaneously putting the lead toulon out of it's misery. I decided it was time to kick the beehive, so I made a stab with the frelon. I figured their high threat level would goad my oponnent into prioritizing my targets for me. (lesson two: why does the dog chase the cat? Because it runs, child, because it runs.) Sure enough the enterprise found it's legs around that time, breaking towards the eastern edge. I then decided I'd better get my lyons into the screen before the wheels came off. Sure enough the next activation saw a flurry of yale rockets giving my rearguard dieppe a hard pounding (tee-hee). It was starting to feel like the wrong end of the board (the one with the HVT) was seeing a lot of action. I needed to make some headlines. In a desperate cry for attention my epaulards fired into the princetons. Not much damage done, but the real pain is the corrosion. Now there's that lingering feeling that the line is decaying (I can't speak to how much these psychological tactics work, but press every advantage). The western edge is now patrolled by a flaming henry and endangered Princies- hopefully that got his attention. I think it did, as he immediately started measuring boarding ranges on his turtles. Feeling the weight of the western situation on my foe's mind I tried pushing some panic buttons. I had a pair of super speedy (15") requin with mystery tokens make a fast break on one of my pre-discussed escape routes, self-screening while still presenting a flank. This seemed to do the trick, as John pulled up his big boy pants and strode into action. Severely reduced combat effectiveness meant he actually did no damage to the requin-screen, but one of the advance pair was cut down by the island. Meanwhile, Big Bad Boston Breached like a whale and put a hole in my tourbillon. Gone like a flash (damn evasive maneuvers!) Remaining moves were incidental, flyers forming up, destroyers whiffing, etc. Turn 2: "bring me the robot's head!!!" I told him I was going to do it. First activation the lone requin (who nailed his disorder check thanks to some fancy 6-rolling) tacks around the island and boards the ever-lovin' hell out of John! Everybody dies. Keeping the objective in mind, I shuffled my eastern screen, keeping the injured vessel to the rear. A squadron a American bombers popped over Manor Hill, and the frelon moved to intercept. A very poor showing saw a pair of the squadron felled without a single American plane taking a scratch. In a surprising turn (literally) the Boston practically about-faced and began to follow the enterprise on an eastern engagement heading. Suddenly there was not time to muck about with SAWs. I made another long move with the decoy convoy in he west, dangling them temptingly within slaughtering distance (and alarmingly close to exit range, I had to be a little coy about cutting their move short in turn 3 so as not to give away the bluff) It seemed to have the desired effect as the lees moved into position to repopulate the john henry, which I then sunk 'cause I'm a D*ck. I believe this was when the saratoga made it's next nominal movement (I guess it was just there to provide 9 SAW). Suddenly a lot of fire started to come toward my larges. I had reached the lashpoint. By this I mean my oponnent's frustration had grown to the point that, by their own admission "I'm at least going to sink your big stuff if I'm going to lose. This is where Sun Tzu would tip his cap and prance on home. But hang in there kiddos, there's still the tensest moment yet to come (in part due to this assumption on my part. Lesson 3: when you make an assumption you make an ass out of you and forrest gump, or somethin') Turn 3: Time to bring'em home. I deked with the western convoy, parking them a couple inches off the edge, hoping panic would focus his attention in the wrong direction. He got a shot off with a princeton, but didn't do much. Here it is, the shot that made the game. There came a point in my screen tactic that I would have to have one element of the convoy out of position (no tally ho card for me!), and there was an awful lot of firepower on that eastern flank. I had managed to do a little damage with the frelon, softening up the enterprise (thank you bombs for being so nifty against shields!), but there was still that damned Boston. It had been tearing a sawthe through the fleet most of the night, and it manged to line it's nose guns up directly on my southeastern-most Lyon (the one containing mr Mason-Bragg, if you recall). Lt. Lucky Balboa chomps his cigar, squeezes the dual triggers.... 9 Dice, devastating munitions... ...4hits. Mason-Bragg lives. I reveal the token to my oponnent, who concedes he will not be able to catch it in time. What a game. Reflections: This was an amazingly satisfying game to play in a few ways. One, the plan worked. Stick and move, froggies, stick and move. Secondly, despite the plan working, it all came down to one hideously epicly tense roll of the dice. That's a sign of a good match. As I said in the preamble, I saw a Huuuuge reduction in effectiveness with smaller chevalier packs, and will likely not try that little experiment again. I like the magenta, but it feels light for a primary large to me. I could see taking it as a secondary heavy, but I feel pretty exposed with my admiral all the way up there. No matter though, I got big Charlie in the mail recently! FSA is tough -Shields, big guns, sustained fire- we observed that France and America seem tailor-made to beat the bejeezus out of each other for looong periods of time. They counter each other so beautifully. Which brings me to my final observation, similar in theme to last time: France has proven themselves adept at the "mission objective two-step", but I have begun to feel the need to blunt some noses. Both times now I have managed to claim victory from the hands of heavy losses, moral victories and such. It is time for France to prove itself as not just a tactical force, but a military power. The one open engagement they have endured ended quite badly for them, though this was in part due to the overall "greenness" of the commander. I have begun formulating strategies to this effect, and hopefully my next report will feature some front-line action! Thanks for tuning in everyone, and we'll see you soon!
  2. Looks good for the basics (move and fire, range bands, etc.), but it does seem a little small. I would be concerned about things like SAS rules and the like being a "surprise" down the road, as well as a few of the more ubiquitous MARs. How big of a table are you planning on using? There's still under 1000 pts on the table there so it might be worth broadening the forces out. The most basic 3 squadron comp seems to work well for demos (1 large, 1 med. squadron, 1 small squadron). This would also give you the ability to introduce a few other elements (maybe a rhine for PE to introduce SAS rules, a magenta for ROF to introduce generators and MARs, and whatever China and Italy does *sorry, don't have much experience there* ). Personally I think the PE forces will shred RoF, particularly if all 4 forces are playing at once (Rugged construction and 2 extra firing solutions for the PE cruiser crushes Tard Armor and high angle turret in this situation, and I'd take the Arminius squad straight up over the Lyons, and I'm a french player.) thing is, you know your target audience better than me, these are really more just my own observations from running a few demos myself. Grain of salt, and all that.
  3. Thank you very much, I promise pictures next time!(Although I caution you I haven't had an opportunity to paint my fleet yet) I should be posting it in the next couple of days, and fighting the battle tomorrow. It's looking like I may be getting my Magenta in the mail that day, as well (Mk. I ), so I might end up working that into my list. It is a lot faster than other equivalent ships (ok, maybe not a lot, but every bit helps).
  4. Although, to drop some 'Murican History (damn near an oxymoron, I know), the song "Yankee Doodle" dates back to the Seven Years war, and was an adaptation of a nursery rhyme entitled "Lucy Locket". Incidentally, the earliest version of the "Yankee" verses also make reference to my Frenchies: Brother Ephraim sold his Cow And bought him a Commission; And then he went to Canada To fight for the Nation; But when Ephraim he came home He proved an arrant Coward, He wouldn't fight the Frenchmen there For fear of being devoured.(Note that the sheet music which accompanies these lyrics reads, "The Words to be Sung through the Nose, & in the West Country drawl & dialect.") So, theoretically, though the South refers to the northerners as "yanks", the world as a whole took to calling all Americans that before they were even really Amercans, just west country bumpkins! (it was also played in it's "yankee doodle" iteration by the band at the British surrender of Saratoga, which I can infer happened in this history due to this also being the name of the FSA fleet carrier. That alone would be enough for the name to stick in my opinion!). Yes, it would seem the name is as old as us and older, Yankee Doodles we!
  5. Huh...that is an incredibly valid point. *scratches head* huh... well played. Thanks for stopping in by the way!
  6. First off, apologies for a few little quirky bits of over-explanation (this is a report I originally had on another forum where DW has less "market penetration", and I'm attempting to garner some interest, two nibbles so far). Unfortunately, I didn't think to get pictures in on the Prussian/French Sortie, but it was a good'un! It marked the first time we had actually broken out a 4x8 playing surface out over here, and man, what a difference! The game was intended to be part 3 of a "prologue" to a campaign we intend to run, tracking a series of engagements in the Canary Islands near the beginning of "the war" (for those unfamiliar, DW is essentially WWI, with steampunk, roughly 60 years earlier than actual history. There's a few other differences as well, but I encourage you to discover the world for yourself. I loathe steampunk and it managed to suck me in). The scenario was one somewhat of our own devising- There would be 6 "command points" (objectives of various types, towers, bunkers, etc.), spread evenly 3 to a table half. The winner is the first person to control 5 of the 6 command points at the end of a game turn. Each of the 3 points in "your" half is populated with one AP (essentially the most basic defense imaginable, but you control it). Turn 1: The beginning of the match went poorly enough for me that my noble opponent actually admitted to feeling a little bad (but the reason for this was actually sneaky French shenanigans, but I'll go into that in a minute). Prussians in general, and this prussian in particular, are a very aggressive lot, and I knew this. His early movement and positioning of his Kaiser Karl battleship and PAIR of Rhine carriers (did I mention we decided at the last minute to turn the points up to 1500?), was pretty much the "grand gesture" I was expecting ("prussia's here, B*tches!"). I burned my first activation on the far western flank moving some small frigates into a snake formation (vital to my plan later) and allowed him to take some very nasty pot-shots at my cherbourg cruiser (a heavy hitter of mine, I would have preferred not to be critted into a navigation lock but eh, whaddayado?) Mon Cherie is now on a B-line towards the beach with no reprieve in sight. Now, those "flying battleships" are in fact Furieux scout ships (the flying battleship's coming later, you might get to see mean mr. Magenta vs. FSA next week depending on mail speed), spotter, bomber, and minelayers extraordinaire! These were also deployed along my western flank, and I ran them north mining the channel between a pair of islands that contained one of my command points, accomplishing the simultaneous goal of guarding the flank of my squishy Lyons (the lil frigates). Prussia then made a move with it's own heavy cruiser, the Konigsburg (bourg?), taking it from the northwestern corner on a slashing route towards the middle. In doing so he did manage to do some damage to my carrier which was parked over that way, but fortunately nothing too major yet. The silver lining to this was in doing so he had committed his cruiser to a course and heading that essentially left the western edge wide open! I quickly pounced, pushing a squadron of Toulons I had in the area forward as hard as their advanced engines would take them. The intent being to blow past the CP, U-turn around the island, and shove several heat lances right up the "black forest". *incidental movements*: during this turn there was also some minor jockeying by both of our destroyer squadrons, A squadron of Geier bombers appeared to be setting up to take a run at my battleship, And on the eastern front the tourbillon flying fortress lumbered it's way north towards the loving arms of Kaiser Karl, sharting french torpedo bombers the whole way. Turn 2: This is typically when things get rolling, I've found (at least on this bigger table- before we were in threat range on deployment!) I came to an amazing realization: Victory points didn't matter so long as I accomplished the objective (a liberating moment for any commander, I'm sure!). My strategy from this point forward reflected that. First thing I did this turn was position my battleship and it's itty bitty escort subs around the back of a central, CP-housing, island (my control). The idea here is I had adequate flank coverage with my 2 aerial units (scouts and tourbillon) to "spot" any incoming ships and lob fire over the island with the battleship, while the anklebiters could go ahead and deal with anyone getting in cap range of the objective. As a bonus, their "hit-and-run" ability meant that if the target was really close, they could actually pop back into hiding around the island (go ahead, chase them! St. Malo's around that corner, mein herr!). Noting the gap in coverage to the west, prussia began to divert some forces in hopes of preventing me from grabbing the first CP. A squadron of destroyers popped around the island, and managed to turn one of my toulons into a viking funeral for it's own crew. Damning the torpedoes, the toulons pressed forward into near-boarding range of the CP, but fell an embarassing .5" short of their target 4". Additionally, he took a southern stab with a squadron of cruisers, parking them roughly dead-center and slightly advanced of his carriers. One of them managed to somehow have a shot on my sentry subs, but miraculously only scratched the paint on one of them. This is where I started "burning VP". I had the "tally ho!" card in my hand (allowing you a second, out of sequence activation of a squadron, in exchange for 60 vp to your opponent), and saw my chance. The combined squadron of tiny subs and battleship managed to put a nice-sized dent in the cruisers, while simultaneuos corrosive bombardment to the west managed to cripple the attacking destroyers. With my second activation (in a row, very nasty stuff) I pulled a trio of dieppe cruisers around the east side if "sentry island" and lay broadsides to'em. Big pain. A prussian recon plane moved to try and get this central situation under his crosshairs and... managed to get picked off by a RB3 broadside from a scout ship! (I should mention at this point was when we realized my green dice were clearly cursed and I had moved to using the red dice...screw you this is totally a thing!) I started to see the inevitable clash of the titans on the eastern front (Kaiser Karl vs the Tourbillon) and realized it would behoove me to draw first blood. A solid volley from the rocket batteries managed to cripple the Karl's weaponry, and things were looking good for France. Turn 3: Game point. Prussia was on the ropes by now, and if it were me I'd be playing for a "lock-out" to try and take it on points (which I had gotten pretty reckless with). But my opponent was a soldier to the last, and I tip my cap to him. Knowing we had settled on a four-turn limit, I decided to apply gentle neckward pressure with the toulons, closing that pesky half inch and sending in some boarders. Due to a statistically anomalous roll, everyone died (my boarders, his defender, all ded.) I think at this point prussia called that CP a lost cause (one and a half smouldering destroyers were all the toulons left in their wake, and the scout ships were putting on a pretty good clinic in air superiority up top against prussian TFTs). A lot of firepower started coming down the center lane of the battlefield now, and I believe the idea was to cause a "flinch reaction" and get me to contract my line a bit to absorb the blow. My couronne carrier did take some pretty heavy damage, and a sentry sub went down, but both of these beasts had served their purpose and were of little consequence. Speaking of beasts of burden whose time had come, the wounded cherbourg had accomplished little so far, and I was about to steam it full ahead into the beach just to be done with it, when an equally limp-wristed prussian corvette wandered drunkenly into its firing solution. Yay! Cherie killed something (over, in fact). Retribution from Karl was swift and severe (even with halved weapon damage, that's a huge b*tch)- *tents fingers*...excellent. You see, in taking Karl after the injured cruiser, my friend had just cost himself the match. I used my next activation to move the snaked frigates through and around the gimped cherbourgs and cap the wester point unopposed (as the defences had died in the previous raid). Some shots were fired at the tourbillon, knocking the hood ornament off and little else (1 damage). I then burned full engines on the dieppe cruisers (central strike force from the tally ho activation) towards the eastern point and went full psycho (dumping all 9 of my remaining crew into the assault). The situation was now 5 points under my control, and the only ship with the means to retake one (Kaiser Karl and his boatload of angry krauts) had just overshot the CP to close the gap an my injured cruiser and get an effective shot. With the unwieldiness of his girth he was physically unable to attempt a recapture in his next turn. Victory France. Reflections: This was an extremely enjoyable game. We're definitely still learning the ropes, and there was a few things we got wrong (we both consistently ignored the rules for our special weapons, there were some unintentional destroyer shenanigans, the usual), but a lot we got right. The upgrade in table size was perfect, and I don't think I'll be able to go back (at least not for DW, mordheim and necromunda still feel ok on a 4x4 easily). I'm learning already that the most imprtant thing in this scale of battle is to have a plan and stick to it. My first game I played a very reactionary style, and never got out of the harbour (literally). This time around I treated it more as if I was playing "the game" and my opponent was simply an obstacle to that goal, and things went far smoother (aside from some cursed green dice in the first turn). One of the major factors in this is the way the ships move, and how they draw their lines of fire. Some of the bigger ships take so much effort to move your entire activation will equate to a 90 degree turn with a 2 inch forward gain. You need a plan. Initially I was in the habit of sort of lining everybody up, nose-on to the enemy, and then blowing the whistle and letting the fleet do it's thing. Problem is, with battleships and carriers you've pretty much just wasted your first turn and any freedom you had in your deployment. For example, during this game I set up my two largest ships in a sort of "x" formation, lined up to slash through several groupings of islands with minimal course correction. This of course means a far more versatile and persistent threat than spending half the game trying to parallel park the chrysler building. Prussians are tough, I'll give them that. Rugged construction and shields is a worthy adversary to my retardant armor and cloud generators (plus it sounds infinitely more manly! *poof* cloouuuds!). I think in a basic knock-down drag-out I might have my hands full. Of course, my other opponent is playing FSA, so no help there, either. Probably just best to avoid direct confrontation altogether. Which brings me to why I went with France, after all my hemming and hawwing. When I read into the various factions, no other nation seemed built quite so much towards performing the dance. The jabs, feints, and rapier maneuvers (fitting, I guess). Russia breaks a bottle in your face, America blows you up from their armchair in the whitehouse, everyone has "their thing", but france... moves. Keeping you at arms length, chipping away, until you're finally ready for that coup de grace. Anyways, a million-and-one apologies for how insidiously long this turned out to be (and to think I was writing from memory!) and the lack of pictures. Now that I'm aware of some interest I'll be sure to snap some in our next game (Monday- My Fabulous Flying Frog Brigade vs the dreaded 'Murica - There can be only one!!!) It will be a "hot-point extraction" mission, which seems to suit my spry frenchmen just fine. I will be tasked with retrieving a high-value target from a location (under American assault) and making a hasty getaway, while the yanks will attempt to capture (or failing that, kill) said target as well. Here's the rub- The HVT is a noted antarctican scientist. Should the French get away with him, they may well be able to learn the location of a hidden sturginium refinery somewhere in the Canaries (that campaign thing I was talking about). Alternatively, should FSA be able to aquire this asset, returning them safely intact might go a long way towards bringing Antarctica (and all their yummy tech) to the negotiating table. We'll see how it goes! Pour le Roi et Pour la France! -So there ya have it. I'll attempt to throw together something a little more polished after next week's game for you all!
  7. I've got an opponent who's pretty fired up about using the Washington in naval engagements, simply for the versatility of rolling right over small islands and sandbars guns blazing! Very characterful (and a little cooler of a concept than my french skimmers, to be honest). Sure, from a min/max perspective it might come in slightly under par, but I think it makes up for it with pure awesome! And as for the "pain train"- ditto. It's just too flippin' fun! I mean, why not bring the White House and the Union Pacific? It's a party, right? These are pretty much the models that sold this particular player on FSA (and honestly DW in general, a little bit).
  8. The last few games we've played- 1000x3 naval, FSA vs PE vs RoF(me) -RoF First gone, FSA victory 1000 pts naval, PE vs CoA called a draw due to scenario objectives, but heavy points lead for CoA 1500 pts naval, RoF(me) vs PE Major victory pour la France! Scenario objective and points! Next up: FSA vs RoF rematch...*sharpens sabre*
  9. I believe the concept is that this is a somewhat central location tied directly to Spartan Games, making it a logical landing point for new players. For example, I ended up here after just about any "new guy" search related to DW, whereas in your sig above was the first I had really seen about a wiki (search engine optimization is a powerful thing, use it). Part of my offer to "curate" this list was also in order to limit this "unwieldyness", perhaps by transcribing the new entries (which I already am getting forwarded to my e-mail) in to a cohesive list in a singular post. I think it would make a good wiki page as well, though! Edit 7/28: Though I like the idea of a google doc, I return to my previous point about this being an extremely logical place for new players to congregate. Additionally, I don't know if you can tell, but there is a slight difference in format from person to person when they post this information. Forming it into something more cohesive may require some effort. For example (not to pick on anyone, here), extrapolating someone's username from a roll call post in which they simply state "me" as the player identity. Now imagine a list of 500 players that all have "me" listed, and a link to their gaming blog (or whatever people shill these days). Good repository of information, but not the greatest resource for a new player. Things a player can use (local clubs, players, retailers, organizers) should be presented simply, so that they may be easily navigated. Hell, I might use this list next time I go on vacation (my frenchmen fit in a carry-on) to find some "international incidents". In the meantime, care to add your name to the list, watchdog? -community is the thing that holds a game together, and helps it thrive. I want people who discover this game to be able to step right in the front door and see a thriving, living community, and think "this is something I need to play". The easiest way to do that is to make sure they know they are not alone. Take it from a player of many, many of another company's more "specialized" games- community is everything.
  10. List moved to post #3, nothing to see here, move along! *edited 7/28*
  11. ouch. Good to know about the stats thing... hopefully another shiny edition will be in the works after the next wave of goodies! I'm a very "tactile" person when it comes to my game books, and digital editions are always a stop-gap (and an inconvenient one, at that). Of course, searchable PDFs have been a blessing when trying to learn rulesets. Doesn't look as sharp on my shelf, though, that's for sure.
  12. The list, by Oont- *Updated 7/29* AUSTRALIA- Townsville (Queensland): Twin Cities Games Association. Please talk to Ken (darthken on this forum) Townsville/Cassowary Coast (Queensland): Dystopian Wars NQ. If in Townsville, please talk to Ken (darthken on this forum), if in the Cassowary Coast, please talk to Anthony (Nazduruk_Bugzappa on this forum) UNITED KINGDOM • Frome, Somerset. Myself (FSAHoops), jockjay and a couple others. Oswestry, Shropshire. Myself (Yaa Asantewaa) (KoB, EotBS, CoA, RoF, LoIS, HEC) USA Florida- Ocala: The Ocala Garrison Club (12 members playing DW most with multiple forces) POC- Ed B aka tibour(on this and most other forums) or BigB Virginia- Arlington: Game Vault-Fredericksburg/Eagle & Empire (Arlington, Va) game stores. CDR_G, (RoF, RC, FSA, LoIS, BW, AUSF, HEC, EIMC.) Washington- Edmonds: ooontrprzes & 2 others (RoF, EotBS, PE, FSA, CoA) Washington - Tri-Cities: The Insaniac (CF, PE, RoF) Washington, USA , Olympia .. Me (BaccusWyatt)
  13. AUSTRIA -Graz, Graz Area: Wolfen – FSA -Klagenfurt: Dr, F.G. Hobo and growing group of non-forum players – PE -Klagenfurt: Constable – FSA, KoB, PE, Chinese, friends with RF, CoA, PE -Lower Austria: Chaki – PE, FSA EotBS -Vienna: bluelabeldrinker – PE, RoF -Vienna: Sokratos, 1 forum player, 5 non-forum players – CoA, EotBS, All Other Nations AUSTRALIA -Adelaide: Bejebas, 5 others – All Nations Represented -Brisbane: PullysJr + 5 others -Bundaberg: PFE1, 6 others -Burnie: theonegunslinger + 2-3 others -Campbelltown: Daemonette666 – CoA, CoFA, RC, OE, RoF -Devonport: NoRecoil, 5 others -New Castle: 4 – KoB, PE, RF, FSA -North Queensland: Nazduruk_Bugzappa, 3-4 others -Penrith: SillyWbbit99, 3-4 others – Majority of Fleets, @ Tin Soldier Penrith -Toowoomba: Skullaxe, 3-4 other non-forum players -Victoria: Kaldor -Victoria: caradoc and 1 other -Victoria: Burzmali and 4 others -Victoria: Brad - FSA, DRANZ, CoFA, Black Wolf -Victoria: Nick - OE -Victoria: Darcy - PE -Victoria: Liam - KoB -Victoria: Steve - Cov, LoIS -Victoria: Gus - RoF -Busselton: C0rruptd -Mandurah: catalyst2, 6 others BELGIUM -Herentals: KoB, FSA -Oostende: J-rom – RoF -Oostende: Sjapie, 4 others – CoA, RoF, EoP, EotBS,KoB, FSA, RC -Tournai: HMS Triumph – KoB, Canada, RC, Ottomans, Invaders, East India Cie CANADA -AB, Calgary: Zac – Russian -AB, Calgary: ckpmax1108 - Russian Coalition, Eclipse Co. -BC, Kelowna: Npf6 – CoA -BC, Port Alberni: Woldflord68 – CoA -MB, Winnipeg: Nathan – PE -ON, Ottowa: Robock – PE, KoB -ON, Toronto: Biaga – RoF -ON, Toronto: Darkjedi203 – KoB, RC -ON, Toronto: Fireymonkeyboy – EotBS -ON, Toronto: JRufu - PE -ON, Toronto: MurderousPenguin – CoA -ON, Toronto: procchi, DoRAaNZ – Kob/PE/LoiS, HEIC/Merchants respectively -QC, Montreal: knolan007 – EotBS, CoA -QC, Québec: Hicks – PE (+ 2 others) CZECH REPUBLIC - Jablonné nad Orlicí (WarApple Gaming Club) - Watchdog (see below), Rybnik (FSA, KoB), Gardista (KoD), Pepe96 (CoA), Rauco (EotBS), Warthen (CoA), Kobainn (EotBS). Dawelangr (LoIS), Channer (RoF), Vrba (RoF), Rizek04 (PE) - Prague: (Ogri doupe Gaming Club - Watchdog (Australians, BW, EIMC, HEC, IR, KoB Naval + Aerial, OE, Mechant Fleet), Bratr (RC, KoD) + 5-6 other Players - Jihlava (Herna pod kotlem - Gaming Club) - ARNIE (LoIS), Amon (EotBS), Suny (PE), Misha (CoA), BCON (FSA) + 2 less active players (RoF and KoB) DENMARK -Copenhagen: EotBS + 5-6 others – FSA, CoA, RoF, PE KoB -Svendborg: Mostly FSA, other nations represented -Viborg 4 players - PE,RoF,EotBS FRANCE - Beauvais: Karun - Russian Coalition -Gif Sur Yvette: Urial – KoB, RoF -Haubourdin: HMS Triumph + ten others – KoB, Canada, RC, Ottomans, Invaders, East India Cie, PE, FSA, EotBS, CoA, RoF, Chinese, Australian, Italian -Lyon: Nucreum – CoA -Lyon: tartopom – EotBS -Lyon: Trollune – 10+ players, all factions -Marseille: Soltan – RoF -Marseille: Youenn + 3 others – RoF (CoA, EotBS, FSA) -Valence: Amiral X + 2 sons – RoF (FSA, EotBS), +5 others (CoA, FSA, KoB, RC) GERMANY -Bayreuth: Gaanger – EotBS, CoA -Berlin: Caine-HoA – CoA -Berlin: Hunger – EotBS, LoIS, CF -Berlin: Legion-Rancor – RoF, Invaders, LoIS, Ottomans -Burghausen: hahnc77 - PE, KoB, FSA, EOTBS, CoA, RC, Invaders, CF, KoD, LoIS (5 others: all Core Nations, + LoIS) -Frankfurt: RunRabbitJunk – KoB -Frankfurt: ThorinXV – PE -Freiburg: Naptain Cemo - CoA, RC -Karlsuhe/Pforzheim: PMOS1101 – 6 players with all Factions -Kaiserslautern/Mainz: EMMachine – all factions (except CoA/Invaders) -Kiel: EIErecose – RoF and 3 other players (PE, FSA, EotBS) -Mainz: crabking – EotBS, KoB -Mainz: Nightwalk – RoF -Mülheim und allgemein Ruhrgebiet: Rhunmaki and 7 other players (spieleclub) – all factions -Neuss: Bastian – KoB -Osnabrück: Vadous – FSA -Paderborn: Archangle – 7 players, all Factions -Tuebingen: the Prussian guy – PE -Speyer: Meterbrot – RoF -Bremerhaven: Jay-D - 8 players, all Factions LUXEMBOURG -Luxembourg City: Averlorn – FSA, 2 others (CoA, RC). Also other players at LGS INDONESIA -Jakarta: DasPotato – PE, KoB, and 7 others (all factions) ITALY -Brescia: Febbre – PE -Florence: Glados – CoA -Florence: Shaffer – PE, EotBS, FSA -Florence: TGK - RoF -Florence: Uncleleng – KoB, EotBS -Pisa: Tonyx - PE -Torino: Venter – RoF -Lodi: Glauco - LoIS MALAYSIA - Kuala Lumpur/Petaling Jaya: mudster – RoF NETHERLANDS -Apeldoorn: Valki – FSA -Den Bosch: Galvainn – RoF -Amsterdam: Jass – (in between factions, looking for other players) -Deventer/Zutphen: Matti - KoB, +1 playing PE -Eindhoven: Sky Captain – KoB, PE, 3 others -Groningen: Wandelaar – KoB, ANZ -Heerlen/Maastricht: ORick – KoB, FSA, PE, EotBS, CoA, RE, +5 other players in this area -Hengelo: Revenant – CoA, +4 others playing in Enschede -Oosterhout: Farcages - PE -Sint Oedenrode: Faust – PE + 10 other in the region (all nations represented) -Swalmen: Jelmer – RoF, RC (2 more players in Venray with PE and FSA) -Veghel: Iron Elemental – PE -Waalwijk: Galathon - KoB and CoA + 6 more people playing in Tilburg. -Utrecht: Mickey - fsa coa + other players NEW ZEALAND -Christchurch: Karchev23 – RoF -Christchurch: Sirius – PE -Dunedin: chicjen_pi – FSA, RoF, CoA -Dunedin: Deimos – EotBS, CoA -Dunedin: SirEmilCrane – KoB, PE with RoF, FSA at local club, + another 8-10 in area -Timaru: Bloodstalka - RC + 4-5 others POLAND -Katowice: softiron with 3 others non-forum PORTUGAL Location: - Lisbon- Pico (FSA, RoF, RC, KoB), another 5/6 in the area -Lisbon- Pirran (FSA, RoF, RC, KoB) SPAIN Location: -Barcelona;MgySgt.Reed (1250+,KoB) and 3 others ( 1250+ of FSA, PE, CoA) -Madrid; Abrilete - KoB (and a slowly growing group of players with all the factions, most non fourm members) -Ponferrada; bierzoman: 1500+ FSA, 1000+ CoA, 1500+ EoBS. SWEDEN Location: -Gothenburg: Serpent - KoB, EotBS (Gaming club also includes ~4 more players [CoA, PE, EotBS x2]) UK Location : England: -Beverley (East Yorks): Vanguard - KoB, RC -Bournemouth; Dr.Z Eotbs, FSA, Coa, PE, KoB -Bristol; Mr Evil - EOTBS -Bristol: Evil OK - EOTBS plus a few others. -Nr. Bristol; Lugosi - EotBS -Cambridge; Redmick - KoB / RC + at least 8 others -Canterbury; Rabenscharz - PE -Nr Chester:; Chancer - FSA, RoF, RC + at least 10 others at Deeside Defenders Wargames Club -Chilton; Spenno - FSA. RoF, CF + 8 Others at Worhamma Wargames Club, Sunderland -Christchurch; RiftsCommando - FSA. 4 other local players. -Exmouth; Mick A - FSA -Fareham: Thargor - KoB -Fareham: CaptBrucesea- EIMC, MN, KOB (Naval Only) -Glastonbury; PlayTeser - RoF, CoA, KoB, PE, FSA, EotBS -Gloucester; AsleepByDay KoB, Coa, Eotbs, PE -Gloucester; Zithith - KoB -Gosport (Hants); gb030104 - Britannia, CoA, RoF, Prussia -Gosport (Hants); podhead - Britannia. -Greenock, Meliadus KoB, PE -Harrogate - FSA, BrotherAlpharius. Also have friends who play KoB and CoA. -Harrogate - Embis, EotBS, FSA -Hitchin (Henlow): Wynxii - LoIS -Huntingdon - Smeagol; Every Faction over 12+ players - Huntingdon & District Wargames Society - Thursday Nights Games -Ilfracombe, Devon - Captain Kyle: FSA, KoB, all naval/air only. -Kirkby Thore, Cumbria - Sailion - RoF/RoB, Lols and KoD. -Lancaster -Druss KoB, PE, FSA, Russian (all land sea and air) -Lancaster and London - Izzinatah, Black Wolf, FSA, KoB, Ottomans + more, no Ground -London - Rigabear, CoA, RoI, no Ground -London - Vondracken, RoF, Russians, EotBS, PE, no Ground -Leicester - Sebenko, CoA, other Uni Gamesoc members with PE, EotBS, RC, KoB, RoF and FSA -Leicester - Castaras, EotBS -Leicester - Charley, FSA (only in town for Uni term time, otherwise NR Goole, East Yorks) -London (Crossgaming Club) - Lord Nat: KoB, FSA(sea/ air) + others with RoF, PE and more looking -Milton Keynes - Rasmus FSA, EotBS, LoIS + 4 others via MKWGS CoA, EotBS, PE, RoF -Merseyside - Kombine + 5/6 other players. -Newcastle Upon Tyne: KOB + other players at club. -Newbiggen (Northumberland): KOSB x 3, FSA x 4, PE x 3, EotBS x 1, CoA x 1, French x 2 -North Walsham (nr Norwich, Norfolk): KoB, EotBS -Nottingham : Deckard - CoA, RC -Orpington - Java - Kingdom of Britannia -Petersfield (Portsmouth): Azriall - EotBS -Plymouth - Adamsoco, CoA, PE, Jedrington - EotBS -Portsmouth; Jetengine - Brittania -Teesside; Cleal - KoB -Teesside, DeadSteve - Prussia -Potton/ Sandy (Beds); Munkerz - KoB, EotBS -Ross on Wye Neal b via Dice and Decks RoF -Sheffield; SHG Drachenfutter, Solar, NES, LikeAsir, Thamoz +20 on and off forum FB group: Outpost yacht club -Shropshire, Shrewsbury - Gatekeepers Wargamers - 6 factions and growing -Southampton - dethbidonut: KoB & EotBS -Southend-on-Sea, essex - inq101 and several others. - EotBS, RF. -Tamworth (as well as Birminhgam and Nottingham) - HandOfIron - Coa, FSA, KoB -Upton-Upon-Severn - TimSteve, RC and KoB non-land -West Midlands - Santrix via Dudley Darklords CoA x1 FSA x1 EotBS x1 PE x1 RoF x1 KoB x1 -west midlands - Althorin + 4 others via Birmingham Marauders all fleets non land -Worksop - Kalisix RoF -Isle of Wight -Welsh RoF Scotland: -Edinburgh; Delboy, Kabbage, Squire, Kingfig + 14 others (all Land and Sea fleets @ +2kpts) -Edinburgh; Borris, MiddleMeadow, CoreDave + 2 others - COA, EotBS, KoB, FSA, RoF -Glasgow; RandomJohn: FSA and RoF, Fawlkes: PE and RoF -Glasgow: Bit: KOB and EOBS -Glasgow & Ayrshire: Welshy - EoBS, FSA, KoB -Dundee (Elysium Wargames Society): Steve (Me), Mathew, Kev, Dave, Martyn + few others. PE, EOBS, etc Wales: -Bangor; LabRat101 - RC, PLC Northern Ireland: -Newry (Club is in Belfast though); DKoW (Plus 1 player. Know of 3 other players) - PE, KoB (demo force) -Lisburn (Play in Belfast); FullMetalChemist - KoB & KoD USA Location : -AK, Anchorage: Aedian (Rus, KoB) -CA, Los Angeles (San Fernado Valley): Admiral-General Louis – Russians, PLC, Ottoman’s & Growing -CA, Los Angeles (San Fernado Valley): jjc2sb – KoB, CoA, RA/FA -CA, Los Angeles (Long Beach): mekanik – FSA -CA, Modesto: Capt_Dunsel – FSA -CA, Modesto: Widow Maker – KoB (naval and air), DRANZ/CoFA -CA, Monterey: Eisengratz – Covenenat, Australians, Russian Coalition -CA, Sacramento: reticent_bassist +2-3 others – FSA, France, CoA, Prussia -CA, San Francisco: pancakeonions – FSA, EoBS, CoA (Ottoman Empire!) -CA, San Jose: Curiasse d’escradre – RoF -CO, Colorado Springs: Groups at Castle Games and Gifts (Mondays), and Gamer’s Haven (Thursdays) -CO, Denver: Landlubber – FSA, RoF -CO, Littleton: Darthkema – KoB and RC (very soon) -CO, Parker: Cap’n Nemo with RoF (There’s ~8 of us in the Denver area that I know of) -CT, Manchester: Mezegis, and about a dozen non-forum players at The Battle Standard -FL, Daytona Beach: Doomed to RepeatIt – RoF -FL, Ocala: BigB and others – KoB (PE & FR Shortly), with others using EotBS, CoA, FSA -FL, West Palm Beach: kturock – EotBS, PE, KB, soon with FSA and LoIS -FL, Orlando: centurion and one other - PE and FSA (starter fleets include RoF, CoA, and KoB) -GA, Atlanta: SouthernCygnar – KoB, PE, FSA, EotBS -GA, Atlanta: McKinstry – PE, KoB, Aussie -IA, Cedar Rapids: Audun54 – KoB and 5 others (2x PE, 2x CoA, EotBS) -ID, Idaho Falls: d’Eon and 1-3 others – CoA, RoF, PE, EotBS, RC -IL, Chicago: Pistolwhip – Wiling to travel around Plainfield, Elk Grove, Schaumburg and area -IL, Grays Lake: ckosacranoid – SA Mercs -IN, Blookmington: northerndragons – EotBS, PE, RC, CoA, KoB -IN, Fort Wayne: Slovok – KoB, PE, RoF -IN, Indianapolis: naptown wendigo – Prussia -KS, Lenexa: Tergara – RoF -KY, Bowling Green: Garthim RC and 4 others (Rof, EotBS, CoA, FSA, Chinese Federation) -MA, Amesbury: Hugeonic – KoB -MA, Boston: Адмирал флота, MajorMcNicol – FSA & RC, RC & Independent Merc Company respectively -MD, Frederick: dedonta – RoF, KoB, PE, EotBS, FSA -MI, Port Huron: carlkay58, DirectorWily – CoA, EotBS respectively -MO, Columbia: diarianordo - RC -MO, Kansas City: bearsoldier - EotBS, FSA -MT, Missoula: Akinra – FSA, EotBS -MT, Missoula: illuminus23 – RoF -NC, Boone: Razorwing – EotBS, FSA -NC, New Bern: Kilted Cleric -NE, Lincoln: Ravenwatch – RoF, Prussia, KoB -NV, Las Vegas: Commodore Panda – EotBS, KoB -NV, Las Vegas: mortaine – CoA, EotBS, RoF (Also know about 10 others in town) -NY, Albany area: Chimerologist -NY, New York: Redeye – CoA -NY, Rochester: Lord Nobody – EotBS, KoB -OH, Cincinnati: Cervantes3773 – EotBS -OH, Columbus: Fallen - Italians, Prussia, KoB/Aussie, Russians(minor); also Fallen's Friend Who Refuses To Join The Forums - EotBS -OH, Dayton: denyasis – Will Proxy Any, still deciding what to buy (Prolly EotBS or PE) -OH, Kent: dpratt00 – RoF -OK, Oklahoma City: Skullh4t – Prussia, CoA -OK, Guymon (panhandle) - FSA, EotBS -OR, Portland: Baelspar – EotBS & others (local group @ cogcollective.org) -OR, Portland: Brother Glacius – EotBS, RoF, PE, KoB -OR, Oregon City: Cambrius and two others – KoB, DoC, RC (FSA and EotBS, CoA for the others) -PA, Easton: Toymaker – FSA, RoF -PA, Harrisburg: EvilSockMonkeyZed – FSA, PE -PA, Philadelphia: Unseelied – EotBS -TN, Knoxville: King Drew – PE -TX, Austin: morty_piper – Prussia, with bits of KoB -TX, Dallas/Plano: Groups at Madness Games and Comics (email arrangement), Generation X (email arrangement), and Texas Toy Soldier (email arrangement) – Thesock, Spellbound, Roadkizzle and 8 others – 2 EotBS, FSA, and a ton of CoA -TX, Lubbock: DarkArchebald – StormCrow Games (Friday Night) Dystopian Wars Growing -TX, San Antonio: Natwist, Reacher, plus 8 others – Every nation represented -VA, Fredericksburg: CDR_G – FSA, RC, RoF, Australian, Merchants -VA, Woodbridge: don_mondo – EotBS, plus two others playing CoA and KoB -WA, Edmonds: ooontrprzes and 2 others- RoF/KoD, EotBS, PE, FSA, CoA -WA, Olympia: Dirty Bob – PE, FSA @ Olympic Cards & Comics -WA, Seattle: smguy – EotBS, PE -WA, Spokane Valley: Silth, The Gamers Heaven (Large group on Tuesdays) – RoF -WI, Appleton: Valthonis – RoF, FSA, EotBS -WI, Madison: Scooter – PE, EotBS, Tuesday @ Dragons Lair -WI, Madison: Zing – EotBS
  14. Thank you everyone! You've been a huge help.
  15. So, a little help is needed regarding a situation that came up yesterday (our 3rd game of DW, loving it enough I've already requisitioned most of the french military!). The question I have is: Am I only allowed to use AA as a response to an attacking aerial unit? Let's say at the start of a squadron's activation my victi- I mean, opponent (in their haste to bomb saint marshmallow), leaves a group of TFTs (or whatever they're called now in 2.0), or (and this is actually what happened) a squadron of Jager airships. Am I allowed to activate a nearby unit and paste him with AA, or is my best bet to get the heck out of dodge? As I said, we're all fairly new here, so any help would be greatly appreciated. There's next to no exposure for DW in my immediate area, and demo games go smoother when I as the game "ambassador" have a firm grasp of things.
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