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  1. Hi, the Dindrenzi Claymore / Falchion carrier only has the option to add 1 Decurion escort carrier, rather than the 2 it should have. thanks
  2. My group played a 2v2 game last weekend (800 points per player), it worked quite well: • Both players on each side have their own TAC's, and may both play a TAC each per game turn. Each player may buy back a TAC in the end phase. • One roll for initiative (and deployment rolls etc) per side, adding the highest Fleet Tactics value • One battle-log per side, +/- 20. Normal rules apply here, and as both sides have an admiral the battle log bonus for destroying each opponent admiral vessel is up for grabs • Activations alternate each side, but the order of activations are decided between the two players on that side. So player 1 on side A can activate twice before player 2 on side A activates their first squadron, etc.
  3. Ah, didn't realise there were others in the game as I'd not heard of them or come across them Thanks, I guess this can be closed then
  4. As the title suggests, I'd like find an answer to whether the new Dindrenzi Decurion Escort Carrier, when taken as an accompaniment, combines or links it's Point Defence with the parent ship? P.67 of the rulebook, under Weapon Systems (Allocating Defensive Fire): My default opinion is that, as it does not have the designation of ESCORT, it cannot combine but it can link. Also, the fact that escorts are typically Small size rather than Medium Capital somewhat supports this in my mind. Edit: I didn't realise there were other Escort Carriers in the game. Thanks
  5. Hello, I'm looking for any scrap / broken / miscast ships or parts that anyone wants to get rid of? I want to make some debris fields for an upcoming campaign. Please send me a PM if you do! Thanks
  6. Yeah possibly, for me I wasn't sure whether that would be a part of the sender header information or included in their sign off. And in terms of location, how granular would it be? Would it include the ship / planet / station name? Some examples: LOCATION: De Vian Sector LOCATION: De Vian Sector / DNS Dutiful LOCATION: De Vian Sector / Carnagian Belt / DNS Dutiful LOCATION: Carnagian Belt / DNS Dutiful LOCATION: DNS Dutiful I'm leaning towards 3 as this gives the most information, but who knows.
  7. Hello, We've got a campaign coming up and I'm writing some fluff for my fleet for it, I was wondering if there's a standard communications layout described anywhere? At the moment I'm working with an email-esque header, but wanted to check are any examples in the background: DATE: REF: FROM: TO: SUBJECT: Which brings me to my next question; what is the date-writing convention, and is the standard 12-month / 365-day calendar still used? Thanks
  8. Also to add a bit of partisan influence to your decision - while there are plenty of sci-fi / fantasy 28mm skirmish games like Warmachine about, Firestorm is unique in that it's the best current game where you control honking great spaceships duking it out with massed broadsides. (RIP Battlefleet Gothic, long live Firestorm Armada!)
  9. I play the games for fun, and I like the look of different height pegs. Assuming that I'd do that for any advantage is incorrect. I understand there's the issue of a tournament environment being competitive (I've been there and don't attend them anymore because of it) and therefore you want the rules to be watertight, but the actual rules are purposefully ambiguous. Spartan don't see there being any need to stifle the creative side of the game because of some minor infractions in rules-lawyering. Where does it stop? Should dice be given out at a tournament to ensure the players don't bring loaded dice? Do the tournament organisers need to test said dice before handing them out to ensure the dice are properly weighted? Basically everyone just needs to get over it. If you're gonna cut the stands to gain an advantage, good for you, well done. If you come up against someone who does this, deal with it and show them you're a better player anyway by beating them.
  10. +1 for hawk widgets. You may need to slightly trim down the tops of your pegs to make them fit in the widgets if they're too tight (happened with some of my flight pegs but not all)
  11. I've just bought a copy of the v1 rulebook on eBay so it'll be interesting to see what's in there. BRB, do you have a link to those old blog posts? If they're no longer available, do you know whether they've been archived on the Wayback Machine archive?
  12. Nice work, will be keeping an eye on this thread for future developments
  13. First off, probably missed this somewhere but do we know what year Firestorm is set in (either roughly or actually)? - *edit: stupid question, should have looked harder - 3725 Secondly I just wanted to open up a discussion on the background of the setting. A big part of the game for me and my group of friends (Varaken, Tibberg and Eternal Ocean) is in the narrative, and we've now got something of an ongoing story at the moment (you can check some of it on Varaken's Firestorm blog here). Like many people we've come from WFB and 40k, where there is a great balance of a highly detailed and rich universe but with enough scope for you to make your own ideas fit within the world. With Firestorm being based in an intergalactic future it definitely has this kind of scope but of course there is not as much detail as the aforementioned systems. What kind of background information would you like to see developed for the Firestorm world? I think interviews with the games designers discussing where their influences for the different factions have come from would be a good base for fans to then start developing their own ideas whilst keeping true to the universe as it is expanded upon.
  14. Corsica Grandis Defence Fleet; Admiral's Record (entered by Master of the Log Cpl. Pouzet): We followed the co-ordinates given by Bilitas towards the Laurel System, in search of the boy Draykon Rense. We had assumed the Aquan foe had captured him, for they would not be foolish enough to let such a treasured prize slip. Upon nearing our destination we were met by an Aquan fleet blockading our route. These ships did not meet the profile descriptions for the fleet we were expecting, and so Admiral Doumerc delivered a vox-comms message to request an audience with the Admiral of The Endless Wave, knowing that said ship was not present and hoping that bloodshed could be spared to allow our passing. Their response was silence. The majority of our vessels assumed the 'Mailed Fist' formation while Sentinel Squadron probed from our starboard flank. The Aquans would not engage in a straight fight, instead working their way towards us under the cover of asteroid fields and gas clouds. They had chosen the battlefield that would suit them most and nullify our armaments. Admiral Doumerc regarded this as "a shrewd tactic", one that he recognised and "admired". While we hurt our enemy it was The Legion d'Honneur who felt the most pain. The Terquai ships, allied with the Aqauns, proved formidable, our weapons for the most part unable to breach their armoured flanks. Never before had I seen such a fusillade unleashed as that which destroyed the Colossus in one terrible broadside; a ship of legend from the Age of Liberation, lost in an instant. It appeared as though the loss of Colossus informed Admiral Doumerc's decision to order a fleet-wide Fold Space Withdrawal, though it was plain to see that for many of our sister vessels it was too late. It was now imperative that The Ogre, the relic and beacon of hope that it is, escape while it's crew still drew breath. The drives finished charging and we jumped, just as the logistics section of the bridge was destroyed with a vicious attack from the enemy flagship which would have surely sealed our fate. Admiral Doumerc was seriously injured in the attack, his lower left arm crushed by a console uprooted by the impact. We evacuated all crew from the bridge while the Hazard Team combated the fire. We had managed to escape with The Ogre barely intact, but without any knowledge of where we had emerged and no idea as to the fate of the rest of the fleet. We drifted for days in this region of space toward what we could see as the nearest star system. The logistical servers were damaged beyond repair and all we could do was to continuously relay our distress beacons across all frequencies; Dindrenzi, Zenian, even resorting to Commonwealth frequencies. When we were finally alerted to an incoming signal it was with a feeling of trepidation, but by the grace of Dramos it became apparent that we found ourselves in the Ba'Kash-controlled Iaris System. The Ba'Kash had sent scouts and salvage crews to the site of the battle with the Aquans. It became apparent that our enemy had left as soon as they had disabled all of our remaining ships, seemingly too preoccupied (or otherwise gracious in victory) so that they did not take prisoners nor undertake any barbaric deeds of execution. The rest of the fleet had transmitted beacons not only for rescue but also to find the whereabouts of The Ogre, fearful that it had not survived the fold space transit, where upon the Ba'Kash learning of our arrival had responded with affirmation and set about the rescue operation. The Ogre was eventually rejoined with what remained of The Legion d'Honneur, where they moored in Ba'Kash shipyards for 10 months to undergo extensive repairs and refits. The Colossus was, as feared, completely destroyed, the catastrophic explosion taking Captain Sarrut and all her crew in an instant. We mourned their losses and for those of Boar, Sentinel and August Squadrons who had not returned. Admiral Doumerc issued a requisition order for all nearby Corsican fleets to send crew, ships and munitions to replenish what we had lost and bring us back to fighting strength. A response came from Commodore Losier of the Corsican 9th Storm Zone Fleet, who while currently engaged with Terrans in the Olympus Cluster understood the gravity of ensuring The Ogre had a full complement of accompanying ships. Again, his actions for the glory of our people is duly noted. Our fleet had barely left the docks of Iaris before we were at battle stations once more. We were met by Sorylians, suspected to be Outriders for we believed them to have been gathering intelligence on the Ba'Kash territory, led by a ship on record as the Equinox Transcendent. Multiple incoming vox-comms alerts chimed, no doubt the fleet Captains requesting the order to engage and enact vengeance for what had befallen us 10 months previous, yet Admiral Doumerc once more offered a peaceful resolution to the enemy. Yet once more, the reply was silence. Boar Squadron did great damage to the enemy flagship which The Bane of Tyrants duly finished off, while The Ogre viciously unleashed it's newly forged weapons batteries to devastating effect across the field. The day was ours with minimal casualties, the Admiral's strategy falling into place perfectly and leaving only one enemy ship operational; to return to it's masters bearing the news and scars of defeat. With a great cheer of vented fury from all aboard The Ogre's bridge, Admiral Doumerc opened the comms channels to address his fleet with the following message: "Soldiers; there is not much more to say than that you have all acted with great courage and shown your strength of arms. It has been a relief for us all to avenge the losses we sustained and to right the wrongs of our humbling defeat, and today I am thankful to say that I have fought with you. Today, the Legion has regained it's honour." A status report has been sent to Fleet Marshall Bilitas. For now, we set course to join forces with Commodore Losier and the 9th in the Olympus Cluster.
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