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  1. Hello! I've felt like opening a thread to talk about the new stats of Directorate and Works Raptor. To begin I'm going to compare them to the old stats. I'm waiting for your opinions, I hope there'll be a productive discussion. FIrst the big guys: WRAITH LEVIATHAN -1 SH (4) -1 Ranged CQB (14) Loses Independent Targeting ACCOSTER BATTLE ROBOT (NEMESIS?) -20 Pts (265) -1 TV (4 or 9) +8 Ranged CQB (14) +3 AD Pacemaker Missiles at the best range (12) Pacemaker Missiles gain 5" of range (25") -4 Melee CQB (8) Pacemaker Missiles loses right arc Loses Independent Targeting ARBITER HEAVY CYBER OPS COMMAND BARGE +1 TV (8) -1 First DR (11+11+10) -2 AD Plasma Surge (18) Cyberattack Booster loses 4” of range (8)
  2. Informer Light Tanks sucks Derek, everybody prefers Anarchist Ligh Tanks! Thanks for all Derek, you give us hope about the future of PF.
  3. Hi! @Spartan Linde the Adepticon has passed and there is no news of the beta group. We are waiting news!
  4. I remind you that render was shown in a moment when the atmosphere in the forum was very tense because of Spartan's lies. They basically showed it so we would shut up, like they are doing now whit these spaceships.
  5. It's not announced either Facebook or in the blog, so if you expect the campaign to progress and people to play it would be a good idea to announce it.
  6. Spartan is just giving us empty words but nothing in reality. Where is the FA Tournament Pack announced for June of 2016? Where is the new PF Allied Helix announced for 2016? Where are all the promises that you made bud did not fulfill?
  7. Hi all! Here te final classification of our last Firestorm Armada tournament! Remember that for the points we use the @Ryjak scoring format: Draw: 5 points Marginal Success/Marginal Loss: 7/4 points Major Triumph/Major Failure: 9/2 points Landslide Victory/Crushing Defeat: 11/0 points
  8. Hi all! I announce another tournament in Valencia, Spain. The tournament is held on October 16, 1000 points of full painted fleets and three rounds will be played, missions will be chosen randomly from the rulebook before each round. For the classification we will use the @Ryjak points format. At this moment we have 16 players confirmed!
  9. http://www.spartangames.co.uk/flashpoint-firestorm
  10. I agree with you. Planetfall needs urgent changes in cover rules and changes in terrain rules. How is it possible that a Tracked/Wheeled vehicle does not pass through a forest or a river? Other modern vehicles with the same characteristics are able to through forests and rivers... I think that improve these rules make the game more tactic.
  11. Hi all! I open this topic for show my usual Dindrenzi lists. My first 1000 point list Tier 1 Praetorian Battleship 245 +3WC Remove Ablative Plating High Energy Kinetic Weapons SRS Interceptor x3 Support Shuttle x2 Accompaniment Retarius Escort x3 45 Tier 2 Gladius Gunship x3 270 Secutor Cruiser x3 160 Secutor Cruiser x3 160 Tier 3 Sgian Corvette x2 40 Sgian Corvette x2 40 I'm looking forward to reading your opinions!
  12. The tournament kit is not avaliable. I sent an email to Spartan Games and here is the response: Spartan Games reported about the Halo Ground Command dropships delay but not about the product delay in FA and PF. Are we less important?
  13. In the Spartan Shop the Firestorm Armada Tournament Kit was announced for june and we are already on august 31. Are there any news about this? We have a tournament in october and we would like to know if it will be available.
  14. Players: Manu_S / EltharionPoints Value: 1000Scenario: Capture the StationFactions & Allies: Directorate + Works Raptor / SoryliansBattle Log Scores: 11 / 0
  15. Manu_S

    Kurgan's Fleets

    Your fleets are awesome, nice work!
  16. The effects on Targeted Strike/Boarding Assault Table are critical effects from the Critical Hit Table.
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