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  1. Has anyone else had rotten luck with spartans delivery times this year? I'm currently approaching 2 weeks since my last order was placed, was 6 weeks in April for my harlebred which was coming with another few boxes. I can imagine they are busy but would be nice to get some of the order before the xmas break, I don't remember it being this bad last year, after the halo gw debacle I went off Spartan but thought I'd give it one last shot, not impressed again
  2. Well those stats are putting my lizards on the shelf, really like the ships & stats for oso, the paint scheme looks a bit pooey
  3. Yep those escort carriers are the first in my list, the colour scheme will not get repeated much
  4. Please don't make it more complicated, slower, more detailed, more universal Mars , if a squadron has special rules just put it with the fleet guide. Would like to see scenery rules tweaked, make asteroids just impeded, ships easier to pass through if travelling at half speed, more scenarios, Srs changing, bombers lose pd, like torps yo be a little more effective, my 2cents
  5. Thought as much, thought it seems unfair to give a bl point thanks for the responses
  6. Do escorts give up battle log? It states a capital accompaniment, is this an accompaniment that's a capital ship like cruiser or even a 15 point escort
  7. 6 ad kinetics at rb2 is a bit op I would say, knock it down to 4 I would say, keeping the broadside, or changing to beams even, kinetics fit the fluff better, experienced engineers free on all fits well or drop cruisers to 50 points. Problem with retractable playing is it doesn't help with trying to close with the enemy
  8. Thank you, you've saved me posting the exact same post. I've played them for 2 years and have barely won a game. It's one thing to have a decent size swuad but at 60 points base and 10 points for experienced engineers and another 10 for a shield puts you into heavy cruiser points for most races. A net list going around for directorate I've played against using multiple cloaks & special forces, how do I counter that, in order to hit them I'm 16" away, oops I'm boarded, playing against dindrenzi I limp into range & the gun racks are basically trading the same dice, also have a decent ap. Aquatic just keep you at range and run away, also have large squad sizes, their beams mean they're re rolling 1s. I just don't see the point of them. I've never lost with aquans though
  9. We always play a good amount of terrain, however he keeps his fleet together, I have tried splitting forces to outflank but half a fleet will not do enough damage to win a game, the frigates can do enough damage to cr a cruiser easily. He will also bring in reserves on my back line to further split my force or take shots at my rear . Best result I've had was shunting in the battleship and taking his with boarding, his face was a picture. This can't be used as a reliable tactic due to reserve entry, scatter etc. After that he will always bring escorts
  10. does the kurak alliance book work like any other and they are all natural allies, ie got to take say full hawker with a 50% allocation that can be used with other kurak allies?
  11. Are the xelocian natural allies with anyone? I wan to bring the dread as an ally but can't at 25%
  12. As Dansg's main sorylian opponent his summation was spot on. I can't buy a win against him. The fleet as a whole needs to be tougher or a lot faster. They just can't take the hit and hit back with any force when they get into range. Weapon shielding would help for free but the cruisers are about 10 points over costed. I've never really gotten off a double broadside due to my opponent playing castle dindrenzi or terrain bein in the way
  13. My thoughts exactly Dan, I'm itching to get my entire fleet on the table and not take a week to play
  14. Just list building and wondered if anyone has tried running the system wars admiral with 4 battle cruisers at 900 points. Was thinking of running the assault ones up the board with the hastas shunting in t2 for either a 17 ad broadside or 14 ap boarding action. Should be enough to take most battleships if they've been whittled down a little. Is it a fools errand or possibly a good list
  15. I would like to see a counter in all fleets to counter the others, the sorylians have trouble against the aquans due to the average pd and little srs counters, they should be good at an assault but getting hold of them is a pain in the backside. If we take escort carriers from history they only carried a small complement of craft. I think 2 is a bit low, 3 is probably a sweet spot but limit to fighters only, helps prevent bomber spam that really does need a nerf bat
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