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  1. I used to think the Illustrious was a waste of points in 2.0. Too expensive with too little firepower. But in 2.5 it's suddenly become (probably by accident) very useful, especially paired with the Magnate 2. Now it can go stratospheric (the guns were rubbish anyway so no loss), moving slowly across the board dropping a barrier of mines (just as good from stratospheric), replacing SAS as they die and potentially area bombing anyone navigating through the mines, trying to close with your Magnate. All of this while being nigh on impregnable due to High DR/CR and shields and being hit only on 6s. I used the two in a recent game and it was massively effective. I think the Tourbillion is still better but difference is less than it used to be as it doesn't have mines, so loses more by going high.
  2. This interpretation makes most sense to me. The area effect suggests blanketing an area with ordnance, like carpet bombing, so hard to see why modifiers for size or height would make any difference.
  3. Thanks Gents, I'll try a few things to keep the damage down in the first couple of turns and see how it goes.
  4. Actually should have written 1/3 AD statistically. Difficult target means only 5s and 6s hit, 1 in 3, then stealth means have to re-roll those dice and still only hit on 5s and 6s! In Dystopian wars people on the forum compained about the French with cloud gen as being OP, but that only gave the same effect as difficult target. This is far more powerful isn't it? Can see you how you could tune your fleet to reduce the damage on the way in, but gonna have to be really lucky notto have some big holes by the time you get to 20" of the untouched fleet of Works Raptors... Clearly they don't win all the tournaments, so what am I missing here?
  5. Thanks for the help. Wow - so Works Raptor will get two turns (possibly more) to shoot at me with full AD torps from each squadron, whilst probably immune to my return fire at less than 1/3AD... ouch!
  6. Hi, Just started FSA after playing Dystopian wars for a couple of years. One of the bigger differences seems to be the MARs that cause you to reroll all your successes like Stealth systems and Torpedo spook - D Wars doesn't have that mechanic. I'm a bit confused about the wording though. The statement "Only ONE dice is re-rolled for any 6’s scored" seems to suggest that you keep every 6 after the first. So for Torpedo spook if I rolled 6 PD and got say two 2s, a 4, a 5 and two 6's, I would keep one 6 (which would explode) and then reroll the 4, the 5 and the other 6. Is that the way it works? Sorry if been asked before, but couldn't find it elsewhere on the forum. I play Terrans, but expect to p;lay Works Raptors next so will be relevant to both sides.
  7. Yup, to each their own. Thought you were looking for suggestions, but whatever....
  8. First of all, you've overcharged yourself with the Besuchter sqns... only 170 pts each. I'd recommend Armenius' over stoltz. Very fast, hard hitting (often out of both arcs because of their speed) and 2AP each makes them a steal at 30pts each. Also they take advantage of any lightning rods you manage to stick in his ships:-) I happen to like the Reivers - yes they're a bit fragile, but being cruisers they still need some serious attention to destroy, and in the meantime are getting 3 attacks each (or linked) as well as decent boarding. It's good to give the opponent bad choices to make... spend significant power on a 165 pt Sqn instead of more "worthwhile" targets or let them get close with 1 turret, 2 broadsides and boarding each. I also think the Gewittewolke is good value as it can keep up with the rest of your fleet better than the Imperium and has lots of firepower that is very hard to stop.... and it has good boarding capability, all for 125 pts. Therefore, replace Stoltz, Hussars and Imperium with Gewittewolke, 2 Sqn of Reiver and 1 Sqn of Armenius. Well that's what I'd do anyway... have fun!
  9. ...and that's the bigger problem than SAS spam, in my view it's more that the carriers with battleship firepower and resilience should cost about 50 pts or so more than that nation's battleship, or have less firepower to reflect the benefit of the SAS. Torbillion actually costs less than the battleship, therefore too cheap.
  10. ... also the toubillion is one of the carriers with Battleship guns that I mentioned needed tweaking for points. I play French, but have to admit they're a bit cheap for the firepower they pack.
  11. Probably did, but maybe you just out played them! Also the new Kob BB and probably the PE one as well are a bit nastier. Area bombardment 11 will start to remove squadrons fast.
  12. While I never found this to be a big problem (except where carriers are still armed as well as battleships, where points might need to tweak), I think Spartan may have solved the perceived issue by giving everyone access to bombards.... By all means feel free to move your SAS up, I'll just stay here blasting holes in your fleet whilst you're busy. I think activation spammers may start to rethink :-)
  13. I'm hoping it's an issue with the way they've cut and paste the render into the kickstarter site rather than the actual model, but looks a bit short, fat and top heavy for my tastes. But... if those are really Magenta turrets (which is what they look like) then it will be a bit of a beast! I'm assuming you can't swap out turrets for heat lances as for Magenta :-)
  14. Thanks. I'm due back in UK mid Jan, so hoping to get along for the event. I'll keep an eye out for updates. What's the closing date for entry? ... or can I just turn up on the day?
  15. Hi Ishibei, i don't have a facebook account. Where do you meet?
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