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  1. Been stripping models over the course of this Labor Day weekend and can confirm that Simple Green works just fine!
  2. I never thought about using an airbrush for that. I'll definitely have to give it a try. I have a few models that using a brush on might risk damaging the detail and this'll probably be the best approach I have for those!
  3. Roger. Normally whenever I'm stripping models, particularly resin of any type, I try and keep the range between lukewarm and warm. Usually not too hot, unless something needs to be bent back in shape. I remember having to do it to one of the Resolutes I got in my first Hawker set -- his bow was bent up and made him look a little too excited to be there, if you get what I mean!
  4. Definitely necro-posting, but I stumbled on this thread when trying to find more information about the Overseers. Personally, I like the Overseers. I never foresaw them, necessarily, as becoming a huge mover-and-shaker kind of force in the lore of the Firestorm universe but more along the lines of something like the Progenitors in the Homeworld series. It was obvious that, in Homeworld, the Progenitors were long dead and gone but a crapload of their technology (almost all of it automated) still existed in plenty of places in the galaxy. This made Progenitor tech both very dangerous and also very valuable. At least that's my two cents on that matter; I'm not sure if anyone had the same viewpoint or not!
  5. Man, dude, I primarily main Hawker and I never go without nukes. It makes my models hella expensive, but when I get my Resolutes in range, they are stupid devastating. I remember one of the games I had with my Dindrenzi friend and I was just nuking frigate squads off the board, it's ridiculous. Definitely going to take nukes in my lists, no doubt!
  6. RSN and Dindrenzi, actually. It's a mix of both, but I think RSN is similar enough to having fixed forward firing arcs that I can sort of model the strategy around fighting just Dindrenzi. I played RSN back in the day, but I honestly haven't touched them in so long I don't remember what their primary focus was anymore.
  7. Hey, guys, I'm looking to get some quick feedback on choosing between a couple of things at the Patrol Fleet level for my Terrans. It's been about year or so since I've played he game, so any feedback would be greatly appreciated! The core components of my 750 point list are a Razorthorn, a squad of three Teuton cruisers, and a squad of four Missionaries. What I'm having trouble deciding between is either taking an Ares carrier (if I remember SRS was pretty potent) with twelve wings of bombers and a single cruiser escort or a Marshal battlecruiser and another squad of Armsmen frigates. Browsing through the forums, the consensus I saw is that the battlecruiser was probably not the best choice at the Patrol level since you could only take one, but the point reduction between the carrier and the battlecruiser would allow me to take another full squad of frigates. Any particular opinions?
  8. @Toxic_Rat and @Polaris, thanks guys! I appreciate it! The Razorthorn actually has the old paint scheme I was using, without the blue. When I was going back on my scheme, I figured I needed something to contrast a little and threw the blue on there. I'll have to figure out how to incorporate it on the Razorthorn. Ironically, I actually came into a brand new 1.0 Terran Box through pure luck. I might use the Razorthorn I currently own as a testbed and then finalize the paint scheme on the new one I have on the way! @Bessemer, it feels pretty darn good to be back, honestly. A lot of catching up to do in the upcoming months, but after playing other fleet games (and while they are enjoyable and fun in their own way) none of them lived up to the same kind of fun I got out of Firestorm. I'm really looking forward to the new release which we'll hopefully being seeing next year! In the meantime I'll be painting, fleshing out my lore so more, and finally coming up with some kind of naming convention for my ships...
  9. Finally getting my Terrans painted after leaving them in a box for nearly a year. All WIPs, of course, but progress is progress!
  10. Yeah, I've used the Simple Green on other resin models from other companies before. I know sometimes that resin formulas differ between companies and I wasn't sure if the classic Spartan Games models were susceptible to certain cleaners!
  11. Yeah, man, or the Enforcement Fleets. I was a huge fan of the Dindrenzi Scutas (if not gameplay, I loved their look) as well as the Terran box. The Horizon assault cruisers and Solar carrier are models that I'd really want to see re-printed.
  12. Sweet. I'll have to give that a looks see, I appreciate the suggestion!
  13. Lol, great way of putting it. Despite how much I want them to start releasing stuff for Firestorm, I equally also appreciate them taking their time. The last thing I'd want would be bad quality models or something that was rushed into production.
  14. Greetings everyone! As I briefly mentioned in another thread, my friends and I are coming back to Firestorm both in anticipation of a re-release next year and because we're really dying for a fun fleet game. It's been about two or three years since I painted some of my minis and looking back at my old paint scheme, I'm not particularly too happy with how they came out. I've stripped plastic models using a Simple Green bath and some hot water, but I wanted to see if that was also a safe method to use on Spartan's resin. If not, what other options should I look at?
  15. Late to the party, lol, but I'm really hoping that the Xelocian molds (or their master files) survived the changeover. Their redesign had me drooling, but at the time of their release I could not afford purchasing anything... The Taskforce stuff and Enforcement Fleets had some really cool models as well. I also have a lot of regret not purchasing the Terran Charter Fleet when it was released because I loved the design of the Solar Class. It's unfortunate to hear that some of the material is unusable based on their condition.
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