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  1. That's mainly because I haven't put my results in the war log. If I did, I think I would drag the Aquan average down some
  2. One thought was to change targeted strikes so they used the same table as crits, but a TS allowed you to choose one of the 4-9 entries instead of rolling for it. The cost would be that you only ever cause 1 HP worth of damage after declaring a TS. The table would need to be altered, because being able to choose 'main drive failure' could be devastating to certain races *cough* dindrenzi *cough* A well designed scenario (my opinion) would be one that has an objective, where whoever achieves that objective wins the game. At the moment this isn't present in any of the scenarios as far as I can tell. If battlelog could only be scored by meeting objectives, but to meet those objectives would require conflict, then you're onto a winner. Take for example "hold the waypoints". It's perfectly feasible to ignore all waypoints and kill the opposition and win the game on BL. There's no real incentive to defend your own waypoint because holding back a squadron near your own deployment for 1BL per turn is a less attractive option than using that same squadron to get into the thick of things and net more BL through the game.
  3. True, escorts are overpriced for the benefits, perhaps with the exception of those escorts that have weapons to add to the AD pool. Yes, they are easy to snipe but while your opponent is targeting them, they're not targeting the T1 they are escorting and they're not so easy to torpedo early game due to difficult target and the PD coverage that the squadron will likely give. Without wanting to repeat myself, changing the functionality of escorts so they provide repair/medical assistance in the way that support shuttle SRS' do now would make them more viable. That said, this is a wishlist for V3.0 and my first post here was a suggested fix for SRS which isn't really in the spirit of the thread. So here's my wishlist. 1. No changes to the movement/turn limit mechanic. To me this is a fundamental part of the game that provides a large proportion of the strategy and player skill, and the primary reason I play FSA. If new players are daunted or put off by it they are missing the point and probably ought to play a different game. 2. For Carriers to become more viable, instead of poor second cousins to other T1's. My ideal wish would be for all dedicated carriers to have quick launch and deck crews as standard, and for deck crews to work 100% of the time, not 50%. 3. For mines to remain but for drive-by minings to be discouraged. To my mind they should act as area denial rather than a direct weapon. 4. For targeted strikes to become more viable and a strategic tool that is worth using, still with a downside but not enough to render them next to useless. 5. For bombers to remain but for their attacks to be easier to repel. 6. Interceptor PD mountain to be toned down to fit in line with other PD options. 7. Grav weapons to be changed to a primary weapon, so they degrade with HP/CP loss and can't shoot through all types of terrain unimpeded (Mr Ian Duff). I'm fine for them to bypass PD and shields. 8. Crit table/damage markers to be simplified and normalised. Security in disarray won't hurt most players and is a softball, Main Drive Failure can be devastating.Decompression and Fire do the same thing. 9. More scenarios where the objective is more important than the amount of damage you do to your opponent. I think I've said this before, but a lot of the time you can ignore the scenario and go for all out destruction and still win the game. That's all I can think of for now.
  4. SRS Bombers can easily be neutered/nerfed by applying any 'driven off' results immediately. Bombers that are driven off are not destroyed but take no part in the current bombing run. It would make taking out PD networks more of a tactical decision, requiring targeted strikes to become more of a thing. Any yes, I agree that targeted strikes need looking at. Example: 6 bombers make a run and are hit by a 7PD roll of 6,5,5,2,2,1,1. One Bomber is destroyed, 2 are driven off and 3 remain to press their attack for 9AD. After the run is complete, the token RTB's with 5 wings. Interceptor PD mountain is a problem that definitely needs solving. My personal solution would be this (and likely to be wildly unpopular):- - SRS have new stats, one stat (DF) is common to all types, but some have a second stat is specific to each SRS type. - The common stat is (DF), dogfighting. This is the number of AD used when dogfighting with other SRS. Fighters and Interceptors: 3, Bombers and Assault Craft: 1. Each result of 5 or more destroys 1 wing. - Bombers have (AC), Attack Capital - works the same as AD currently, and is only used when making a bombing run against non SRS ships - Interceptors have (PD) as before, but only 1 each. No other SRS type can add PD. They retain their ability to move to intercept incoming bombers and assault boats. They can move to intercept fighters too, but fighters have their own special rule (see below). - Fighters do not get a second stat, but they are able to initiate a fighter sweep against other SRS (and will be the only SRS type that can initiate dogfights), and when they do they apply the results of their roll BEFORE the defending player counts up their attack dice. This would work the same as an attack run with a range of 18" but specifically to target SRS tokens. Like a surprise attack mechanic and creates a definite role for fighters that isn't currently present in the game. - Assault Craft second stat is AP as before, but with no PD. - Support shuttles are removed from the game and their repair function is replaced by escorts, making escorts a more attractive option. Escorts will retain their ability to add PD to the ship they are supporting. All theory-craft, in no way backed up by hard play testing and very probably would benefit from streamlining/number balancing. Edit: Actually, I would probably give Fighters (AC)1, so they can be used to strike T3's in late game emergencies
  5. Thanks for organising and running the tournament Chris, everything went smoothly - will definitely be back next year. 1000 points definitely made it feel less laid back than the previous year. 3 of my 5 games went to time, and I didn't have much time in between to recollect. That said, I have to admit there was more variety in the lists I faced. Favourite scenario was the final one (total domination?), and least favorite was the collect resources scenario. Duff and I drew in that game even though he totally mauled me, and were it not for the fact I'd grabbed 6BL in resources he would have won the game (his BL was capped from the halfway point onwards). favourite cinematic moment (no surprise to anyone who has already heard about it, sorry Elliot)... Destroying Elliot's battleship with a double crit, rolling 1-1 on the crit table and the resulting explosion double-critting all 3 of his otherwise-untouched cruisers. Game over man. What made it worse was I had clustered all my cruisers and corvettes in the centre of the table and his last action was to hit them with a nuclear torpedo (with spook). He targetted the cruiser squadron as their PD was slightly less due to losses and scored something like 12 hits. I failed badly with my PD roll and reduced it by 1, but then the the solitary shield roll came out as a string of exploding 6's than completely negated the attack. Fortunately he took it in good spirits
  6. Thanks guys. One more just in time for Reading Warfare... Sulis Heavy Cruiser. Still not quite happy with the gem but time is no longer on my side
  7. Slow this progress is.... Manta Battle Carrier
  8. One for the Aquan players. MINE COUNTERS.pdf
  9. Sad as I am to say it but I'm not sure I'll be running Stingrays in the upcoming tournament. They're great but take a huge chunk of points up, and I have new models I want to try out. No spoilers here
  10. Thanks Azrael - I need to get painting again for the upcoming tournament at Reading Warfare. Just not yet completely decided on my list! So many choices in 1000 points...
  11. Sorry, late to the part here but not been around for a while. I ran a precision strike/sniper systems list at this years Grand Tournament, and finished in second place. The destroyers were awesome throughout the entire weekend. You can read about it HERE
  12. I'm so hyped for this! Last year's event was an absolute blast and one of the highlights of the year for me. Great people, great event and a legendary curry night on the Saturday. So pleased I bought a ticket yesterday - sounds like I almost missed out! Age of who?
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