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  1. So.. I activate a unit with a nexus designator. Shoot at the sky drop marker. 2 hits lower the Micro Dice by two permanently. Opponent activates a unit. I go, activating sky dropping unit. Roll for deviation. Place them. Movement phase is over. CQB and main ordnance happen for that unit. Correct?
  2. Do you attempt to zero in EACH time you want to Sky Drop a unit at the same Sky Drop marker? Or does the first attempt lower the Micro Dice permanently? Also, do you drop the unit at the time of rolling for Scatter, or wait for another activation to place the models?
  3. With the recent addition of the Leviathans to Orbats, I was wondering why the Sorylian's Orbat was updated. I've noticed the following changes.. but there may be more. Sorylian Forces may spend up to 4 Command Points in a single Bid Action. ..now reads.. Sorylian Forces may spend up to 4 Logistics Points in a single Bid Action. Huk'ka dropped in price from 240 to 225 Bor'ka Cruising speed lowered from 8" to 6" Sor'ka raised in price from 120 to 140 Bol'vak raised in price from 105 to 120 Kul'vok raised in price from 55 to 60
  4. Perfect answer! Hence why I asked for thoughts, and not just a clarification! I hadn't thought about distance. Thanks for all the replies!
  5. To me, this is a case of more rules, with little to no benefit. The simple method would be as many have stated.. Target squadron, determine which target models can be seen by AT LEAST one attacking model (remembering that models in the same squadron don't block one another from being possible targets), determine which attacking models can see AT LEAST one target model, determine target priority, shoot, etc. Any other rules would make this process lengthier and more apt for arguments, and give no real benefit to strategy or gameplay.
  6. Clearly though, they are not doing the job.. seeing how you're 1-5 with the Directorate! Just teasing! Thanks for the logic. That clarifies the value (and strategy) of Cyber Warfare units for me.
  7. Thank you for the clarification! However, I was looking more for thoughts on the (now clarified with Delboy's response) rules. Is there currently anything in game, that would validate the weapons on the Desolator NOT having the exact same MARS? It cannot split its fire without the Independent MAR, and I'm not aware of any way to give that MAR to the Desolator. I'm unable to come up with any reason to NOT combine those weapons, without having multiple targets. If the answer is that there MAY be something in the future, blah blah, then I have no choice but to accept that response, but otherwise I cannot come up with any logic supporting the absence of TERROR on both weapons. All that being said, I am able to make sense of most MAR combinations, fluff-wise insomuch as firing the Plasma weapon at the same time as the Terror weapon doesn't make the Terror weapon LESS terrifying!
  8. The Activation Token rule change also affects one of the Directorate TAC Cards (don't have it in front of me) which adds +1 to your Cyberwarfare roll. This would mean you have a 33% chance to roll a 6, and only a 16% chance to roll 2-5. This originally made sense with Double Activation tokens being the most brutal of all Cyber Warfare effects, but now it makes using that TAC card FAR less attractive if the target has already activated.
  9. While it makes no mention of this in the rulebook, it seemed logical that when the Desolator combines its weapons, it loses the Terror MAR, since both weapons DON'T have that in common. After thinking on it, the logic comes in part from the concept that if firing from two models in a squadron, one at ER from a target and the other in LR, the entire attack is considered LR. Thoughts?
  10. No idea how we missed it. Thanks a bunch!
  11. Cannot find a thing about what happens to infantry embarked on a transport, when the transport is destroyed. Do they survive? How do they deploy if they survive? Disorder test? Shocked to find nothing on this, and no questions on the forums.
  12. "An Artillery Strike may be called in by a Model with a Nexus Designator instead of firing at a friendly Drop Site this turn" What?!? Given that it later states "An Artillery Strike uses all the rules for Designation and Deviation explained previously" and the rules for Designation indicate specifically "2. Perform a Firing Action with a Nexus Designator at the Drop Site..", I am AGAIN baffled by the writing in a Spartan Rulebook. Please tell me I'm just overlooking something.. (even though the rest of the Artillery/Sky Drop rules are equally confusing).
  13. Why would the Heavy Infantry be LoS Class Light, and the Light Infantry be LoS Class Armoured??
  14. While I would expect some basic Units to be listed in the Rulebook (as seen in the Firestorm Armada book) for context when reading the rules, I can understand not having stats for models that aren't released. That being said.. when examining the VERY small market share Spartan has in New England (where I've been told it is better than average), one would think Spartan would want to OVER achieve as much as possible. While I've always loved and owned all of the Spartan games myself, they aren't helping me sell this as a viable game locally with constant delays and frustrating inconsistencies like above. Sorry Spartan, you're not even close to being good enough or popular enough to almost always upset the Community the way you do.
  15. For anyone with the Starter.. does it come with stats/Orbats for the models IN the starter? Or in the expansion Helixes?
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