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  1. There are some experimental stats left by Spartan before they fell along with the rest of Canucks. So ablative armour, rugged 2, shield 3, very heavy broadsides and decent mortar with area effect, and as you say decent ramming. Full Canuck list here https://drive.google.com/open?id=15IvT5_H2h_BoJqelSAMowoxBCNqtmKDA
  2. You should do a new Kanawa board. Something in Argentina/Chile, with a mix of Japanese and South American terrain.
  3. At last we can discover the real villains of Wild West Exodus, the ones really pulling the strings. The vast PIGEON conspiracy will soon be unmasked!
  4. RuleBritannia

    My legions chaps

    Kingdom of Britannia
  5. Not been too much more in the latest update, just some LoS and the disorder checks. I am just wondering, since this is looking close to the end, how the patronage and army list building is likely to look?
  6. I think there are two separate issues there. One is the discontinuity. Warcradle have every right to go we have bought this now, we own it, we can throw whatever we want in the bin and make it our own. However, the time taken to relay this and the way its been handled can be off putting and confusing to those already invested in Spartan's settings and just want more fancy boats, and the treatment of the 'classics' range as quite ad hoc and this only being explained later has perhaps shown some room for improving communication. As I've said before I don't get why Warcradle is so ashamed of Spartan's games since they bought them, and now selling them and want to create games based upon the same settings and ideas even if they want to shift the fluff and aesthetic. While I would have preferred more continuity because I don't want to lose the feel and desire to expand an extant force , perhaps a better articulation of the position might be helpful, especially with a lot of talk of some radical shifts in FSA rules. Secondly, the question of content and timelines and handling the hype. Because there isn't communication on this its very hard to judge. While of course Warcradle has every right to withhold information because they are running the show, the lack of timeline and deliberately going dark on information because they don't enjoy fans taking an interest and a critical lens on the project does seem like a lost opportunity for engagement rather than necessary to keep the product popular. But, to be fair, at an early stage things might still be being played around and give a different impression of the end product.
  7. An update via facebook. So there will be some news later this year. Although there was an interesting declaration that the release of Spartan models wasn't counted as Firestorm as they weren't for Warcradle's version.
  8. I think we all want to be positive, but it would be damned sight easier if Warcradle could get a bit more positive about their Spartan heritage, their Dystopian wars and Firestorm ranges, and they realised that the community, even when critical, wants to help. Its been nearly two years, we just want some more fancy boats, and with the long timescale things are taking we need to make sure the community is involved and engaged,
  9. I'm sure any incorrect statement would be swiftly corrected. Warcradle do seem more facebook centric, which is fine unless you are banished from the official facebook groups due to an excess of passion for the setting. But official announcements of the expanding ranges would get more publicity.
  10. I don't get why this isn't advertised?
  11. Your Lordship, there is a thriving community and 2.5. We'll get 3.0 when its ready, but its the very patient Uncharted Seas fans I feel sorry for.
  12. Lord Nat that sounds a cool idea! Imagine just getting an article where the designer gushes about the new design and shows how she or he painted it. It would really start building some excitement. Delboy's threads as a designer were fantastic for that, talking about the model and rules development in tandem. I get its a big job, and I get that changing a system that people are passionate about builds a bit of negativity, but the best way to combat that fatigue and build positive energy is to get something to be positive about.
  13. As Lord Nat said, videos aren't very helpful to the slightly older skewing wargamer community. And I was talking about impressions, rightly or wrongly that are being given, with LWX and Bill and Ted getting renders and even a finished model released while DWars has had nothing in months. This is the same problem people had with Spartan where certain systems would get a lot of love, particularly if new, and other systems languished. Getting the balance and message right on the right channels isn't easy, I'm just noting that this was a gap in the messaging that it would great to see resolved to get people more excited.
  14. I do remember a lot more updates, renders and blogposts that were at least monthly talking about DWars up to its release and built hype. If we are only six months away from launch, and the Beta is nearly done and models coming on stream it would be good to get people excited. Especially with two new games making people wonder if DWars is, rightly or wrongly, being put on a backburner.
  15. We got some renders and sketches at previous shows, seems a pity not to get anything new at GenCon.
  16. Things seem to have gone very very very quiet. The latest show report had no new DWars models and the Beta hasn't been updated in months. Are we likely to get much info shortly?
  17. The beautiful brown speckling reminds me of Moya from Farscape. The windows are really, really good. It's an amazing fleet.
  18. In the old days of 2.5 it was rugged... good times.
  19. Maybe keep them as light turrets and keep the Salvos separate for maximum targeting madness. Everything should have piercing, and possibly some ablative armour to represent the redundancy of the two vessels.
  20. Heavy Torp frontage, Guardian shield, torps, broadsides and light gunnery salvo on the sides.
  21. No problem. I think its an issue those of us with larger collections are very interested in having answered, and I can't wait for Warcradle to get something official out to reassure us all.
  22. Thank you! Not going to lie, heard it second hand and hoped for more detail! Various is rather vague...
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