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  1. My apologies for the time taken, but Richard asked for the full list so I spent the time to do my research and check sources and came up with 20 things that Warcradle should apologise for to existing fans to make things better and understand how they could of and can improve. 1. Purchasing Spartan games without a plan 2. Not explaining to fans the loss of masters and extant CAD design and hence requiring redesign 3. Rather than explaining to fans the loss of material, blaming fans for the needs of a redesign 4. Blaming fans for the fall of Spartan rather than the reality of the owners own problems and the nature of the Halo licence 5. A lack of honesty on plans for the game with early statements suggesting a continuation of the extant game with a shakeup of factions which did not come to pass 6. Reliance on fans to update Orbats but no thanks or credit shown publicly 7. Blaming fans for negative reactions to Warcradle designs rather than accepting criticism was helpful when designs later changed based on fan feedback 8. Statements with unrealistic timescales which suggested releases at least a year ago 9. Failure to create a vision for Dystopian Wars and Dystopian Age 10. The problematic absorption of Dystopian Wars into the WWX setting with its attendant racism, sexism, fantastical elements and more unrealistic models being at odds with Spartan’s vision of a gilded age based on class warfare 11. The unwillingness to make the extant game compatible with the new ones, especially with the change of scale for the armoured game 12. Unwillingness to thank fans for pointing out the problematic and racist tropes involved in the Chi Vampire and Celestial Empire leading to the change of both 13. Unwillingness to promote the game 14. Unwillingness to promote the Classics range especially as a collection of Spartan models 15. Mishandling the sale of the Classics range for which fans were blamed 16. Mishandling of social media leading to unnecessary antagonism 17. Antagonism rather than conciliation as a rule 18. Release of material for Firestorm Armada and Uncharted Seas without explaining how many years in advance of product it was 19. Planned release of product without full unit sizes and cut down material that makes it harder for the player to collect the range 20. Accusing critics of being mentally ill
  2. I think old players would be more than willing to buy updated models, additional fleets and lost Spartan renders and to special order Spartan models. I think it seems to me so much more silly to take an arrogant view that Spartan's vision is somehow tainted or bad and must be thrown in the bin due to the failure of Halo and the problems of management. The complete willingness of Wayland to misspeak and not apologise, to reject existing fans who were initially interested, and to take so long to be honest in intentions is rather concerning. Its much easier to show loyalty to a company and brand that shows extant fans with respect. Instead the attitude here seems to be its the fans fault that Dystopian Wars failed so they don't deserve things which is ass backwards way to treat customers with a record of buying the things you want to sell.
  3. I don't think we ever did Pok, but certainly the Kickstarter killed them more by being too successful then not arriving at demands so it suggests there is and was a market for a steampunk boat game from steampunk boat fans, rather than there being a mysterious new source of people who want to play a steampunk boat game but only if it has nothing whatsoever to do with Spartan Games.
  4. Why would alienating existing fans by making the setting and models people already have incompatible make something more popular and successful? And why would fans of a weird Wild West Skirmish be a better market for steampunk boats then people that already buy Steampunk boats. But I'm no businesstician. People seem to have big back orders on this very thread of large amounts of Dystopian Wars models they want to buy, while second hand groups seem to do a brisk sale. If the market is as bad as you say why would people even buy your version with less variety, no fanbase, and a very slow release? More importantly, does this mean that no more Spartan models will be produced or sold by your good selves?
  5. Wayland has managed things rather poorly in my opinion after putting the effort in to market the first few waves the rest were released without fanfare and in one case with bad pricing that probably lost Wayland a load of money. The desire to expunge the Spartan version of the game that was popular seems utterly foolish and part of what led to Spartan's decline, but that's just me. While I appreciate that there was been more attempts to build on material, the new version has been purposefully designed to not match Spartan's vision making it harder to port fans over and now that last link has been cut. Seems like cutting off your profitable nose to spite your less popular WWX face. Overread's idea is rather better, but would have required more work. I do think spending the time to win over existing fans with stockpiled reserves of certain factions and possibly link them to the new releases to bulk out very small ranges currently announced and show that the two ranges are compatible. But that wouldn't fit with Wayland's vision for an entirely new game that rejects both existing fans and seeks the unknown quantity of new fans that somehow are fans of steampunk battleships but haven't heard of Dystopian fans or thought it is was too sensible.
  6. Sounds more like they don't need the competition. I'd much prefer to see old designs without models like the Knights Templar or the EIMC interceptor or even the Seesaw Canadian armoured carrier to complete or expand my existing fleets then a new setting and new designs that don't fit at all.
  7. Pity Warcradle won't go modern GW and help finish off the classics range. I'd love to get my hands on more planned but unfinished models like the EIMC interceptor. Now that the games are different scales but classic has a bigger fanbase imagine getting a SUSA fleet or a proper Belgian version of the skimmers or the Ark Royal superheavy ship or even a completed version of Bronze Typhoon to buy.
  8. The distinguished competition TTCombat are doing a Stellaris game.
  9. Very elegant Paraxanthine. Great looking page.
  10. Have you tried the facebook group for Firestorm? They've been doing the work on collecting the images of various ships.
  11. The train tracks are an impressive technical achievement but they detract from the sense of Prussians as sleek modernised hunters and make them look lumbering.
  12. Somewhat disappointed with the Chonky Prussian, the less cluttered Chinese ships look better apart from the radiators rather than stacks, and the fact that the battleship has no command deck, and the turrets remain near universally awfully.
  13. It doesn't help that Warcradle only bothers to put up pictures on Facebook forums these days. If they don't care about these forums they are a bit of a waste of time.
  14. The preference seems to be facebook where they seem to feel more in control.
  15. The alliance books are fantastic. Mine are currently being lent out, but I'll try and get them back and send you the amazing fleet details.
  16. So more like Wookiepedia's legend canon divisions? That could work with the tabs, for example here https://starwars.fandom.com/wiki/Mitth'raw'nuruodo
  17. It is what it is. A little bit of constructive criticism is good for the soul, and a reminder that fans exist as more than just overexcited wallets but have needs and requirements is useful for any company.
  18. Warcradle said early on existing fans weren't enough to support the game hence everything being redesigned and rewritten. I think it's a bad decision, the existing fans kept Spartan going and would buy stuff to expand fleets but making models that don't fit and radically different lore puts off your banked existing fans without necessarily getting you new fans. The WWX Facebook page and Warcradle's own Dystopian wars page are still much smaller than Spartan's.
  19. What did you say that was so controversial?
  20. I think there is no harm in completing a Spartan canon wiki and then creating a new Wiki from scratch for the next edition as it sounds like the fluff changes are massive, with Earth being destroyed at the very least.
  21. We are getting a very cut down version of DWars early next year. There will be much reduced starter sets with Battleship, two cruisers out of three needed for a squadron and four frigates out of five needed for a squadron and will only initially have British and Americans with redesigned models that are much bigger than Spartan's and with a different aesthetic making cross play more difficult. However, despite only three ship classes there will be alternate turrets so you can play your way.
  22. Warcradle do have some major problems with selling Spartan models, these real classics and the customers that want them deserve more respect.
  23. I don't think age has any bearing since the fantastic Dystopian Wars range has been trashed entirely for something with entirely different look.
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