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  1. One more question on the new stat cards. The American battleship is the same speed as the cruisers and only two inches slower than the frigates. Is this intentional?
  2. That doesn't deal with my point that faction bleed doesn't help with differentation and that out ofvthe block Spartan had clear and unuque visions for factions.
  3. It is very easy to justify it in fluff, but in crunch terms I still worry Warcradle is thinking like a designer of skirmish games, not as a designer of a battlefleet game. The main advantage of having a slightly fantastical setting is that unlike a historical setting where everyone would end up pretty much the same but but different quality of training and material, an alt history setting can stress the divergence between fleets, with the element of weapon specialism and unique classes. These unique boats to be harsh should wait until the theme and wider fleets are settled in design, like some of Spartan's wackier alliance fleets. At this point we need a strong throughline that suggests what makes these fleets unique. From what I can see the British battleship in sketches has 3 hard points facing forward which can be turrets or rockets and can have forward facing torpedoes. The American battleship has 3 hardpoints facing forwards which can be turrets or rockets and forward facing torpedoes. The turrets, rockets and torpedoes even have the same stats, and the main difference seems to be the look of the turrets and boats. This is certainly more historically accurate, but a lot more dull. Therefore what you get is your 'unique fleet' but the faction providing only an aesthetic detail, rather than under Spartan where your play style differed a lot based on your choice of faction, since it determined weapon types, ideal range, hard point layout, boarding ability etc. This is more important in a fleet game compared to a skirmish game, since a skirmish game gives models extra rules in terms of deployment and army building, that fleets don't tend to have. That's my opinion anyway.
  4. Now that is the clarification I need. So I don't like that the Yanks get Torps, Its faction bleed, as is the unique model, which looks at this point very competitively pointed and a bit of a must have. What I liked about classic DWars is how different fleets had different strategies because they had limitations. I know this is something that Warcradle feel differently about, but I worry it will dilute the feel of each fleet even if you as an individual get more choice of how your fleet may look. Also I must admit the Torpedo tubes on the prow still look like cowcatchers to me.
  5. Thanks I hate it. But seriously this is a good approach and I hope Warcradle continues with it. The artwork is nice bar the absolutely ridiculous way the iceberg gen is represented. However the revealed stats show painful amounts of faction bleed and where the heck are the American torps being released? Also if its supposed to be the Philadelphia in reference to the so-called Philadelphia experiment wouldn't it be an experimental portal gen? But its great that Warcradle gets this stuff out pre-release so we can discuss it genteelly, this is all early experimental stuff since models aren't even finalised. I really don't like Arc Weapons/Tesla weapons going beyond the Prussians and Torps rather than Rockets feels very unamerican and reduces the Kingdom's specialness.
  6. Great naval gaming forum. http://www.manbattlestations.com/forum/index.php?topic=1734.0
  7. Man battle stations has some updated stat sheets and rules, worth taking a look.
  8. Its up to you to judge it from the Beta. I had a go at the new system, about six months ago and it really dampened my enthusiasm to get round to carrier options.
  9. There seem to be a couple of ways to play them. You can either attack a target within twenty inches and the SAS/TFT/SRS stack nicely for your convenience and attack in the endphase, and give you bonuses for assaulting. Or you can Long Range Sortie . Instead of placing its SRS tokens in the Play Area, a Carrier model may place them on its own unit card. These SRS tokens are said to be on a Long-Range Sortie. They remain on the Unit Card until the Operations Phase of the following turn when they are stacked in base contact with one or more models in the Play Area. A Carrier may not Launch SRS tokens in the same Activation that it has a Long-Range Sortie on its card. However you can't dogfighting or AA them.
  10. A lighter version of the Whale Launcher for Dystopian Wars, this mobile fish artillery will tip the scales by more than the finnest of marlins.
  11. Just think how much worse it is for the Uncharted Seas fans!
  12. Makes it a lot easier to decide how cool your jets are when you have some idea of the art direction, fluff, and timescale, so news is good news.
  13. Overread, with the greatest respect I see two speed bumps. Its harder sustaining the same energy for two games and shortly three games so I wouldn't expect a random DWars box monthly, although I would be delighted if that happened. Secondly we have only seen fpur out of eight beginner fleets for DWars abd the beta will still be used in shows in November and still needs fleet construction rules. I don't doubt your enthusiasm for new DWars I just don't want you to get exhausted by waiting from misplaced optimism. Better to say next year and then be pleasantly surprised if wrong.
  14. Heres to faster growth and making sure those of us with larger fleets get some support.
  15. There was some less fun rumours for us old lags I have heard, confirmation that only some of the old models will get count as rules for DWars. I was hoping for some more sketches, and to see the CoA cruisers and frigates in more detail.
  16. Having a whale of a time? I'd hate for you to be blue about this.
  17. The Enlightened have taken several different routes in the fluff. Part of Warcradle's plan has to make models modular that reflect the narratives of the factions, so I hope the two will be connected in the eventual model production, and this seems an ideal way to do so.
  18. Its not an old argument, its something that has been said when the original sketch was released, and has been said again now by other people. I hope its modular, could be cool to have a boarding craft full of angry iron men.
  19. I mean that's okay for the friends of Carpathian who are keen on upgrading the weakwilled into becoming involuntary unpaid Cyborg staff members, but fits less with Sturgeon's idealists.
  20. Some interesting pictures from Gencon
  21. Been reading up on Mina Miller, and she seems pretty badass as a bright, charitable lady who made a real difference to people's lives in America, compared to a ballerina turned into a braindead assassin. Maybe rename her too, along with Edison to Edeson? https://falconerelectronics.com/mina-miller-edison-edisons-wife/
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