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    Classic model rules

    I can't access the Sturginium Lounge, but there has been chatter I've heard about a booklet with stats for Spartan's awesome range of boats, robots and airships. Is there any official statement on how much of the range is covered and how?
  2. RuleBritannia

    Classic model rules

    Thank you! Not going to lie, heard it second hand and hoped for more detail! Various is rather vague...
  3. RuleBritannia

    new rules set

    They still have Dystopian Legions sorry Lost World Entrancodus to sort out, along with actually releasing Dystopian wars.
  4. RuleBritannia

    Neil Googe Joins Warcradle Studios!

    What a talent. Love to hear about his vision for the Dystopian age, how he perceives the influences of history, technology, Victorian science fiction and steampunk on how he designs.
  5. RuleBritannia

    smack talk

  6. RuleBritannia

    Warcradle Studios Salute 2019 Round-up!

    I don't like what they did to the Colonel MacDonald to turn him into the diseased 130 year old Benedict Arnold. Why does the techno snake ned an african woman in a cage as a handmaid? That seems a brave choice. I'm curious about the medics healing science gun.
  7. RuleBritannia

    custom kedorian fleet

    They look hauntingly familiar, though it might be the goa'uld colour scheme.
  8. RuleBritannia

    New profiles for Dystopian Legion Troops in LWX?

    To be brutally honest I hate the videos. as a way of taking in information. It takes ages to understand anything, things are rather vague and changeable and as a style they don't appeal to me. I am therefore running off blogs and second hand accounts and stuff mentioned earlier. If you have the enthusiasm to clarify how it works that would be great.
  9. RuleBritannia

    New profiles for Dystopian Legion Troops in LWX?

    I would prefer a squad based game that is a level up from WWX, allowing interplay of models, but something that is a bit more unique in focus, allowing a closer to Legions feel but including some of the WWX synergy stuff. I miss the unit activation style and fancy dice ideas from legions, being one of the dozen or so that liked that game, but have some expanded forces or options would tempt me.
  10. RuleBritannia

    New profiles for Dystopian Legion Troops in LWX?

    Not scale in terms of model size but rules wise. Larger detachments with commanders not just sone angry dude blasting away at each other.
  11. RuleBritannia

    New profiles for Dystopian Legion Troops in LWX?

    I thought it was going to be a different larger scale system?
  12. There is a lot to be hopeful in for a successor to Dystopian Legions proud heritage. Here are my first thoughts. A better name. This game isn't just about expanding the Wild West, its about playing in the popular Dystopian wars setting. The name should reflect the global scale and proud Dystopian wars heritage. A more steampunk feel. Wild West Exodus does what it does, and does it to the best of its abilities but this game is different. Its not about gangs fighting over the wild west, but instead explorers, adventurers and the worlds militaries. They should have scientists, steampunk heroes into the unknown and against dastardly fiends. Slightly more high Victorian feel, proper uniforms, practical and impractical steampunk vehicles emerging from Legions and Dystopian wars. Rather than the magic if WWX and its hex, this should be the realm of Sturgeon's science, the Bravery of Teutonic Knights, the indomitable thin red line of Britannian troops. The opportunity for larger games. As a descendant of both WWX and Legions I'd love a rules set that allows not just heroic skirmishes but small scale battles between platoons.
  13. Dear all, I really like a lot of the sound of the Lost worlds game. It brings back a lot of cool look and feel Dystopian Legions in an interesting setting. However, I write in defence of Antarctica and ask Warcradle to shift the Lost World expansion from the continent to the much cooler (haha) setting of Hooke's Reach from the Pacific Cyclone. Hooke's Reach is a mysterious island that appeared as the war began., covered in ancient technology, weird confusing terrain . This means no need at all to change the background material of all 8 great power blocs getting involved, or the flora and fauna. However, what it does allow is the development of Sturgeon's nation of Antarctica to act as a counterbalance and independent power that contrasts the rapacious and warlike other powers and in particular a foil to Carpathian's Science as a corrupting form of power to say that science is a tool, and can be used to help mankind, and that it is mankind's folly not the corruption of being a scientist. Light and shade. Also the Covenant in Antarctica has some really cool stuff like underground cities, egalitarianism, spies and awesome commandos that contrast nicely to Carpathian's cruder methods.
  14. RuleBritannia

    The Lost World - In Defence of Antarctica

    I've seen some more information from a chat Stuart had online. Again hearsay and not written down and therefore lacking some clarity, but it seems to suggest that the Covenant in Antarctica are defending the place. I mean that's better that they exist, but not clarified in the pitch post, and doesn't stop the presence of better developed fauna and flora mystery on Hooke's reach without having everything suddenly and weirdly mega evolving.
  15. RuleBritannia

    The Lost World - In Defence of Antarctica

    The problem I have Hannibal is that this makes it less important. It becomes a wasteland to be fought over rather than the base of operations, scientific wonderland and Academic Utopia of Sturgeon's vision of the Covenant. You can make Hooke's reach the Wasteland and keep Sturgeon's dream alive. I want to see the setting being expanded rather shrunk in it's vision. Also makes it easier to explain where all the weirdness comes from its a lost island rather than suddenly appearing.
  16. RuleBritannia

    A Spartan Video on how to play V3.0 when the rules are set

    Just feel sorry for DWars land fans and UCS fans who had their hopes raised with art but are going to be a bit of a way off. I wouldn't rush out and get anything sorted just yet. The DWars Beta still needs to get units differentiation sorted, legacy stats for existing models, actual models in a shape they are happy to release, fluff that is acceptable top both DWars and WWX, Army building tested, convince us about proprietary dice. Firestorm also has the added problem that WC want to do something radical by adding in some gravity and 3D mechanics that would mean more than polishing or simplifying Spartan's rules set ala DWars.
  17. RuleBritannia

    Re-stat/houserule candidates

    I really, really like the sound of that. Good way to differentiate fleets and weapon systems.
  18. RuleBritannia

    Re-stat/houserule candidates

    I think the three dice colours is a pretty elegant solution, simpler in the long run than WC's proprietary dice that just seems so confusing to me for DWars so far, in that you don't have the same aim (ie high good) and lose the exploding fun on the defensive. Hopefully it will grow on me, but that flexibility of to hit values, and other ways of limiting defensive dice or weapon effectiveness without needing to buy new dice or having to work out in my head what it means is useful now I am getting old.
  19. RuleBritannia


    Did he do a wicked olly straight into some gnarly kick flips before being knocked over by a tank?
  20. RuleBritannia


    Can I just say it looks like the poor chap is in pain after he fell off his alien blood powered skateboard. Its all right having knee pads and elbow pads, but if you aren't going to wear a proper helmet its still very dangerous!
  21. So far we have the new stats in beta. I haven't had the patience or the spreadsheets to compare the stats, so just looking at mars and equipment. Please forgive the slightly tongue in cheek faction names. Britpop have guardian shields, Trident gens (sonar gens), Lionhearted crew (stoic crew), better repairs, ace pilots on carriers, and potentially ramming rules on larges if the new models are to be believed. Pan-Asian cuisine has aggressive crew on the Chinese and Koreans, elite crew on the Japanese, reroll aerial attack dice generator, portal generator (go into reserve and turn up at random board edge), Koreans also get ace pilots. Covenant of Evilarctica has +1 to getting gens to work, wave lurker, mimic gen, extra aa gen, making gens harder to turn on gen, skimming gen, portal gen and lasers on battleships and dread only so far. The Imperium of Mankind has elite crew, tesla weaponry, ace pilots, Iceberg gen, Storm gen. Southern Europeans have conscripted crew, everybody within 5 inches can link aa mar, heat lance and no special gens. The Turks and their Scientologist backers get elite crew and +1 to gen activation, and skimming gen, but no skimming boats yet. The Ruskies get stoic crew equivalent, capital ships are -1 to hit from aerial attacks, long range piercing rail guns, +3aa gens and iceberg gens. The UNION has veteran engineers, and vessels below large have sharp turn, and no unique gens. The things I would shuffle round for a bit more uniqueness personally. Give the Russians Conscripts, Polish get aggressive. French and Italians get either elite crew or aggressive, Spanish and SUSA get conscripts. Maybe the Chinese have aggressive too. Make the shroud gen French and Turks only. The Brits seem to have quite a few mars already and ramming is more their subs things and something I would prefer on the Russians to fit their traditional close quarters feel. I definitely personally miss the factions different gunnery since design of boats and hardpoint placement seems less of a factor. Can anyone point to how the stats differ the factions?
  22. RuleBritannia

    Model availability

    Metal bits is promising. I would love a bits service of some of the old fashioned turrets, would improve various models.
  23. RuleBritannia

    January 2019 Warcradle Q&A - Video and Blog

    Thanks for the transcript but I notice it seems to miss out a couple of tidbits I caught. 1. A mention of a WWX expansion into the rest of the Dystopian world seemingly called Beyond the Wild West and 2. That the answer to my question was that weapon systems would have the same stats regardless of faction, while the rest of the answer made the point of other forms of differentiation would be used.
  24. RuleBritannia

    Factional differentiation so far in the Beta

    What Spartan had was vessels in the same class with similar stats such as HP, DR, CR but with different numbers, positions, types, loadouts, and generators. So a British battleship with its 4 turrets two rear and two front with a specialism band three to two plays differently to a Danish Battleship with 3 turrets, two forward facing with a band one specialism. This can still happen in sone ways with different load outs but it seems within factions, with similar numbers of hardpoints and positioning beyond backwards and forwards mattering less you can play each faction your way with your unique fleet but without each faction feeling as unique. So there are pros, with player choice more important, fleets balanced against each other, a gun is a gun is a gun. But the flipside of that is the risk of samey strong meta fleets between factions, and the loss of unique close range and long range specialists. For me its more interesting to face tesla prussians one week, long range laser CoA the next etc. As you say its the beta and there may be more unique weapon systems. I'm just noting that personally I think that saying factions not having their own take on how a turret or a broadside functions and instead having the same one across factions is an interesting game design choice especially when you are streamlining the number of factions making it simpler so you only need 8 approaches.
  25. RuleBritannia

    My hopes for beyond the wild west

    Unarmoured clash?

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