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  1. RuleBritannia

    Notes from Stuart, part 2

    It still rankles a little that the couldn't be done by expanding the existing fluff, but I can understand wanting to reshape things. I would very much enjoy content to wow and gorge on no matter what the seasoning.
  2. RuleBritannia

    Notes from Stuart, part 2

    I think the way round that could be limited full scale operations, like the old boxed set scenarios or the planned Flashpoint campaigns seeing large scale open warfare, but not constant military action. Even if the fluff that was conflict was restricted mainly to the Storm Zone.
  3. RuleBritannia

    Notes from Stuart, part 2

    From what I've been picking up on the DWars front the setting has been moved from a world war to a heated cold war. Tension between the major powers but plausibly deniable skirmishes with clear missions that with the exception of limited (e.g. the old Campaign books) outbreaks of fighting, remains small scale and limited. I imagine that the same thing would happen with Firestorm.
  4. RuleBritannia

    Notes from Stuart, part 2

    Its a pity that expand and update means a ground up reworking, as we have seen with DWars, for those who like some continuity, but at least effort is being put into the fluff.
  5. RuleBritannia

    Official Kurak Alliance Thread: Hawker Industries

    I think that Warcradle has shown a certain ruthlessness in its refashioning of the Dystopian Universe, that isn't looking for continuity, only what they deem a better setting. They have no love for the Spartan megablocks, and I believe have stated are looking to have something similar to six to eight factions seen in DWars, and so may have a mercenary/directorate faction.
  6. RuleBritannia

    Model availability

    So do the bases have any new utility in terms of 3D play etc?
  7. RuleBritannia

    Future FA rules

    Shoulder pads and big mobile phones
  8. Just thinking through the suggestion that Warcradle is releasing new versions of the beta with stats fortnightly. Would it be worth a blog post here or on the main page listing the changes, the logic behind them and the feedback that is being sought.
  9. RuleBritannia

    Firestorm SpecOps designs

    Do you have a blog or anything? I know a few groups that would love to better look at your work.
  10. RuleBritannia

    Firestorm SpecOps designs

    A pity that whatever Dystopian Empires were dreamt up are probably lost now, but at least we get to see your designs. I do appreciate the diverse designs.
  11. RuleBritannia

    Firestorm SpecOps designs

    Any missing legions or Dystopian Empires bits you might have designed would be fascinating to see too.
  12. RuleBritannia

    Firestorm SpecOps designs

    Ultimately its a game, something to have fun with. It's a real pity that your vision didn't get a chance to exist in model form.
  13. RuleBritannia

    Firestorm SpecOps designs

    This in particular I fell love with
  14. RuleBritannia


  15. RuleBritannia

    Future FA rules

    I think there are some things like the new DWars models that have been shown at a distance but not explained in universe that would build excitement and are coming shortly. That could provide a model, as well as early feedback. Similarly the beta and decisions made.

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