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  1. The fate of mobile airfields and other big things

    So it basically is the same except all the models we have now have too small doors and we can no longer use our air models and floaty skimmer boats in the same game? I mean you aren't desperately selling the merits of the size change here as immensely necessary here right now apart from aesthetic choice that Infantry units look better as little men rather blocks and terrain is a bit easier to source. I hope you can instead reassure us with a different reason.
  2. The fate of mobile airfields and other big things

    The render for mediums so far seems they the remain the same physical size but rendered with bigger doors making older models count as but will look awkward. Overall seems a brave decision, but seems based on a limited take up of land, that less people will be affected. I would like to know if landships will be usuable still. I would prefer, I am brutually honest, a new game like Empires with new models in its own scale doing its own thing, full of the WWX buggies they want for the more skirmishy Dystopian age setting and alternate rules set based on DWars for a massed game sometime in the future or else allow a fan conversion.
  3. Prussian Imperium future

    The question will be scale. Will they preserve the naval model, and have a scaled up land version, or keep the land version and have a scaled down naval version, or have the dread bot as the naval version? Or some combination therein.
  4. Support Aircraft in the Dystopian Age

    The pflict is a medium, did you mean the Jager and Speerwulf?
  5. Less Dice Rolls, More Game

    We have seen from WC a willingness to remove some of granularity and I am not convinced that simplifying is always the best answer. We need to look at the right level of granularity, and shields are different from ablative, are different to PD, are different to stealth. Having a variety of systems of defence allows different focuses and strategy, and getting to roll dice, even just a couple allows a sense of interaction.
  6. Carriers and TFTs in 3rd Edition

    So will there be bombers in DWars like the heavy bombers released? Or will bombers only be tokens/AC?
  7. Carriers and TFTs in 3rd Edition

    Could be the classic bombers go AC only, possibly the heavy bombers too.
  8. Carriers and TFTs in 3rd Edition

    What's the plane on the lift Hyde?
  9. Carriers and TFTs in 3rd Edition

    WC would be extremely brave to throw out all fan opinion and the stuff Spartan did that worked just for the sake of something new for newnesses sake. The core exploding dice mechanic offers a robustness that interacts well, whilst offering lots of ways to granularly reduce it. TFTs are a good way to model planes.
  10. 1.05 WWX Exodus rulebook fluff

    Classic DWars fluff was about nations in competition, commanders attempting to outwit and out fight one, and acting in the best interests of their nation as they saw it, and things having unexpected consequences. Adding in a lot more of that, and down playing the giant galactic conspiracies and doom would be nice. As you say the Lawmen and outlaws represent this best as people able to act on their own interest rather than conned or brainwashed servants of alien masters.
  11. 1.05 WWX Exodus rulebook fluff

    The more I go over the fluff the more frustrating it is that nobody except Carpathian seems to have any real agency. The Aboriginal people of the world are directed by this great Spirit, the peoples of Asian by their Vampire mind control overlords, Western Nations by the dark council and Order, and both of those bodies directed by Alien intelligences. This is pretty problematic in forging the narrative and giving a meaning to your dudes actions. I do hope this gets changed.
  12. 1.05 WWX Exodus rulebook fluff

    I sometimes forget people haven't seen Dad's army. I was imagining a home guard unit, so yes, sounds great, maybe less move but experience and superior scouting ability sounds good.
  13. 1.05 WWX Exodus rulebook fluff

    Dad's gunslingers or Expendables style one last job?
  14. 1.05 WWX Exodus rulebook fluff

    The old Covenant of Antarctica and their O-Space Portals might be perfect for that.
  15. 1.05 WWX Exodus rulebook fluff

    The DWars universe has three points of deviation from our world that define its fluff. In the English Civil War Cromwell kicks off industrialisation so traflgar was fought wuth ironclads. Secondly the death of Napoleon in 1804 led to a Prussian dominated Europe. Thirdly Sturgeon's discovery of the Vault and with it the generator technology in 1850. There are lots of other changes but most stem from those three events.

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