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  1. I think there is a difference from plainness from necessity, and not overly adorning vessels so they look both warlike, realistic, and gives the design shape time to breathe. Look at things like more recent 40k where overdoing in fiddly detail disrupts the shape and beauty of iconic designs, and how the less adorned Primaris designs have more detail but not more adornment that makes them feel fresh. One of things that puts me off WWX and some of the British designs isn't the model per se, the basic designs are fine, but its the fact that Warcradle at times don't know when the step back and go, this is fine, this gives both an iconic design, beautiful curves, and a chance for the player to put their mark on the model, a chance to craft their dudes, and also means that even with the vagaries of Chinese plastic manufacture detail won't be lost, but will be stronger. I think especially with the British, the risk is the over adorning makes the vessels look like something out of 40K rather than High Victorian.
  2. One of the interesting things to come out of Thursday's Warcradle Blog post is the shift in the background from Britain from just another jingoistic power to being the baddies of the setting. The hint were there from early on, both the characterisation of the 'Crown' in the Wild West Exodus pre-Dystopian Age as a corrupt and venal collapsing power meant to have never got over 1776. The Dystopian Age version kept the Crown name, and as you can see below the first British ship was given a command deck from a Star Wars Star Destroyer. The revealed commander for the Lost World Exodus game was Benedict Arnold. The Omens weren't great for the continuation of the British as a more grey faction. The update blog and conversation with Stuart has confirmed this new antagonistic role. Britain is the evil bad guy hiring mercenaries, is full of injustice and run by evil corporations. Its collapsing, venal, and hinted to be racist. Everyone hates it for its greed, and its collapse is a good thing for the world. What do people think? Would you want to play bad guy Brits?
  3. That is a stunning fleet. I am in awe of the Camo on the TFTs, as a technical feat its stunning. The whole fleet just looks fantastic. What is your technique for getting the glow right?
  4. Those are stunning. Yelloelw is a devil to paint, how did you get them looking so great?
  5. They are going to be staggering releases they can stagger the updated stats. Either way leaving a generation behind seems foolish and somewhat arrogant after the time taken.
  6. I don't think that not releasing rules would split the community worse since you'd have a lot of fans with a ruleset and fluff that's a big adjustment and then making their fleets unplayable would produce a natural jumping off point to stick to 2.5 or 2.0 and grumble worse then they are already, If there is a current gap in WC's range then they should aim to fill it once the moulds have dried up.
  7. I understand that Outlaw and Warcradle aren't trying to build a Historical or Alt-Historical game but to my mind its tended to draw upon more recent cultural references and 'steampunkify' them, or some more Americanised references that don't make that much sense for the setting. I'm not suggesting these references need to be removed, but the setting would be enriched by delving more into both contemporary Victoriana and Victorian Science Fiction. For example the British Infantry of LWX draw a lot from the 18th century of the American Revolutionary war but with a Pith Helmet, rather than say Zulu or the Crimean. It would fit the setting better and also evoke popular culture of the Film Zulu or similar. In terms of characters I'm surprised that Warcradle have steered away from a consulting detective or explorer detachment. Quartermain is out of IP as a big game hunter. HG Wells Food of the Gods would be great as an excuse to have giants which would be different. With the Vault being Alien a Barsoom or the Cosmic trilogy of CS Lewis themed lists would be fun with some very different looking aliens. Also a Selenite war force. Jules Verne provides examples beyond the Nautilus of adventurers from Phileas Fogg, and the hollow earth that does seem to inspire Warcradle's vision for the Antarctic.
  8. This is a good debate, and an interesting question of if and how the Albion should be updated, and its battlefield role. I would love to see a command version with some support abilities, and I do need to give mine a try.
  9. Then you really aren't going to be keen on Warcradle's stated vision for the game.
  10. Agreed. My biggest concern was that we got two cruisers when as a you have max unit size of three. But I do think its important a starter boxed set allows a player to start, so preferably a nice round minimum play set, tokens for newbies and a reference stat sheet or cards. It's all very saying you don't need all that if you have been playing since the year dot, but Warcradle have stressed again and again and again they want new fans, hence they should make it as easy as possible to get involved.
  11. I don't mind card tokens, since they are cheap and easy to replace. I just wanted the game accessible, and for a beginner box to feel like a full fleet, so I hope the starter fleet is Spartan sized, and I hope that the options that Warcradle tout for these different options are included, so both Classic Battleship and 'funky' version be it, electro-shock therapy from the FSA or whale torture from the Covenant.
  12. I'd love a side by side comparison. You forget Pok that the Spartan boxes came with tokens, movement templates and dice, which warcradle is hiving off to its gubbins boxes and two medium bombers.
  13. Further update from someone who saw Stuart today 'Looks like v3 will be coming out early next year, with Crown and Union coming out first. Other forces will be coming out on a monthly basis with a battle force first, and then smaller ships available the following month.' So that's some great news, but at second hand. Also the contact was told by Stuart that the attached picture represented the British starter set. I hope that's just the model types and not the exact box set, because seven models seems a bit limited, and there are some upgrade sprues for differing patterns of each model otherwise it might be a little underwhelming, especially compared to more generous Spartan sets with all the tokens, full complement of cruisers, battlecruiser, corvettes, and light carrier.
  14. I'll give warcradle this, the round command deck looks way better on the blimp than the ships. I don't link the weird bottom prong though, breaks up the Zeppelin shape more than I like. The female officer is actually pretty great too. Pity about the matrix rejects.
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