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  1. Can I just say that if there is one thing WC must do it is proper blogposts with the videos. The only way to look at the stuff you were trying to promote as screenshots off of Alex Mann's blog, which I hope @Alex Mann will forgive me saying, doesn't have the reach of tabletop fix. Also writing stuff as blogposts makes it much accessible and easier to share.
  2. I will try to be as fair as I can here, and reduce the snark. There is one big comms mistake WC has made. There have been previews in video only, or via sketches shown solely on a facebook group that show WC can manage models that fit the original setting, and show a respect for its style whilst still fitting the desire for higher detailed models. The planes for example for Armoured clash, or the Non Union tanks with the exception of an awkward Lion's head. It is frustrating are that these promising designs that might build support for WC's vision aren't released into the ether. Yes you'll lose control of the narrative and have to trust people, but it also means free publicity and generates excitement, such as the release of images for UCS did. We might be more forgiving of the language of the clean slate if we knew we would get models that would fit with existing collections, or at least some idea of what comes after. It shows that there is a vision for this game that reflects what has gone before it, without the gap that the language of the clean slate creates.
  3. I don't think the Napoleonic war, history's most fabulous conflict, saw that much showboating. And the fractal detailing looks pretty tough to file off where it is hidden in every recess, but we will see.
  4. Remember these are meant to be weapons of war, sleek, elegant and efficient, not pleasure steamers. Also less room too differentiate from the showier fleets like the Italians and the League of Crimson, and the serious boys mass producing waves of warships. The Sigil spam also makes lend lease and converting allied fleets more difficult.
  5. Model availability

    Looks like FSA models won't be released until next year, but a book instead.
  6. Dystopian Wars V2.51FR

    It's an interesting approach, which seems to have stressed damage output. Love to hear your notes on these decisions.
  7. Model availability

    Firestorm models?
  8. Introducing Nakano Gozen

    You know what I miss from legions (apart from shirts that went up to the neck on female models), the idea that commanders commanded, and weren't combat monsters. You would have a few that were more combat orientated like the Tesla fist Prussian commander, but they were primarily about getting their troops to do things. The Japanese had very cool duelling sidekicks to deal with enemy commanders. I get as skirmish game WWX needs to feel different, but is something that warmachine sometimes manages along with Wyrd, and fit with the more military feel of legions.
  9. The Sorylians shall rise again!

    This has been the worst trade deal in the history of trade deals, maybe ever.
  10. And this will change yet again as it is amalgamated with the DWars fluff, and how Dr Caparthian relates to the Covenant of Antarctica. I really don't like the conspiracy feel of the dark council and the hex hivemind, considering the late 19th Illuminati and protocols of Zion context that make global conspiracies a bit poor taste looking at this historical period, as well as removing the quality of agency from characters that involvement of the hex and mind control involves. The tropes of a mad scientist willing to pus the boundaries of morality for selfish reasons is fine, but only if that is contrasted by the Covenant of Antarctica as a force for a perceived positive progress (this Science was meant to help mankind etc.), and Carpathian as free from alien influence provides that contrast in its arrogance, and a version of the great traitor Markov Helsinki.
  11. The new Armoured Clash

    The biggest problems with the size change remain 1. the difficulties of shifting existing models 2. the doubling up of aerial models when they are used in the same game. How is detail going to change when all WC have shown so far is aesthetic changes to existing models with bigger doors. Why couldn't a different rules system with existing models? Why make people buy their floating boats all over again? Why remove DWars unique synergy to make it more like existing games in a pretty well-filled niche? It would be pleasant to have it sold to us beyond 1. WC knows best, 2. Its a market that already sells, to get the positive, creative vision.
  12. The new Armoured Clash

    I don't know, WC has stepped back from some dodgy decisions regarding Fluff, so a concerted effort might make them roll back on what is regarded as a poor or at least odd decision on armoured clash, which would save cash, face and allow that sweet sweet land and naval synergy with enough cajoling.
  13. Subfaction: Kingdom of Greatbavaria

    They are called Beam turrets as they off the side or beam of the ship. But otherwise your corrections are a definite improvement.
  14. Subfaction: Kingdom of Greatbavaria

    My first attempt at the Blimp stat Prussian Empire Neuschwanstein class Points 200 Sky fortress Crew Type : Elite Massive Aerial capital model Minimum Move: 2" Turning Template: 45-Degrees Turn Limit: 1" Squadron Size: 1 RB 1 2 3 4 DR CR MV HP Lion Cannon (P) ~ 12 9 7 6 10 6" 10 Beam Turret (P) 11 9 6 3 AP AA CC IR Tesla Bombs (6) 6 ~ ~ ~ 12 7 5 5 MARS Area bombardment (Tesla Bombs 1, Lion Cannon 1), Carrier (6 1x5 Wing), Fuel Reserves, Specialised Defences (3), Strategic value 50, Terrifying (12"). Options: This Model has an Internal Tesla (8") Generator Weapon Arcs FOUR beam Turret (P) have a 180-degree port or starboard Fire Arc The Lion Cannon (P) has a 90-degree Forward Fire Arc THREETesla Bomb Bays (T) have a 2" Range and 360-degree Fire Arc 2

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