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  1. It doesn't help that Warcradle only bothers to put up pictures on Facebook forums these days. If they don't care about these forums they are a bit of a waste of time.
  2. The preference seems to be facebook where they seem to feel more in control.
  3. The alliance books are fantastic. Mine are currently being lent out, but I'll try and get them back and send you the amazing fleet details.
  4. So more like Wookiepedia's legend canon divisions? That could work with the tabs, for example here https://starwars.fandom.com/wiki/Mitth'raw'nuruodo
  5. It is what it is. A little bit of constructive criticism is good for the soul, and a reminder that fans exist as more than just overexcited wallets but have needs and requirements is useful for any company.
  6. Warcradle said early on existing fans weren't enough to support the game hence everything being redesigned and rewritten. I think it's a bad decision, the existing fans kept Spartan going and would buy stuff to expand fleets but making models that don't fit and radically different lore puts off your banked existing fans without necessarily getting you new fans. The WWX Facebook page and Warcradle's own Dystopian wars page are still much smaller than Spartan's.
  7. What did you say that was so controversial?
  8. I think there is no harm in completing a Spartan canon wiki and then creating a new Wiki from scratch for the next edition as it sounds like the fluff changes are massive, with Earth being destroyed at the very least.
  9. We are getting a very cut down version of DWars early next year. There will be much reduced starter sets with Battleship, two cruisers out of three needed for a squadron and four frigates out of five needed for a squadron and will only initially have British and Americans with redesigned models that are much bigger than Spartan's and with a different aesthetic making cross play more difficult. However, despite only three ship classes there will be alternate turrets so you can play your way.
  10. Warcradle do have some major problems with selling Spartan models, these real classics and the customers that want them deserve more respect.
  11. I don't think age has any bearing since the fantastic Dystopian Wars range has been trashed entirely for something with entirely different look.
  12. They have got around ten games systems they are supporting now. Seems UCS will be back of the Queue so I think you may have a point especially as they are still buying new games like Bill and Ted and Cthulhu wars that are more in their wheelhouse.
  13. There are two issues, limited access to moulds and whether Warcradle cares that much for Spartan's range since it is some ways a competitor for Warcradle's somewhat different vision.
  14. Some good points Overread, but 1. It kind of does considering the amount of demand the Spartan models seem to be having with people spending hundreds of pounds or dollars on finishing collections, and shows there is support for continuing Spartan's vision. It also doesn't explain why Warcradle won't tell us when stuff isn't available rather then they are waiting for a chance to give the moulds another go. 2. Again let us know when the mould goes down. We understand its a crapshoot, we just need honesty. 3. They are doing metal bits now. This isn't a complaint about the range of models, just that Warcradle won't tell us if models are gone for good or new ones will be cast later.
  15. I think Warcradle from comments don't care for Spartan Dystopian wars and see its models and fans as disposable and not worth caring about compared to their vision.
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