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  1. RuleBritannia

    Warcradle Classics?

    Would be nice to one of those about progress on the Beta, why certain things are done, and what the plan is to also help enthuse us. I know it was mentioned but never quite came off.
  2. So far we have the new stats in beta. I haven't had the patience or the spreadsheets to compare the stats, so just looking at mars and equipment. Please forgive the slightly tongue in cheek faction names. Britpop have guardian shields, Trident gens (sonar gens), Lionhearted crew (stoic crew), better repairs, ace pilots on carriers, and potentially ramming rules on larges if the new models are to be believed. Pan-Asian cuisine has aggressive crew on the Chinese and Koreans, elite crew on the Japanese, reroll aerial attack dice generator, portal generator (go into reserve and turn up at random board edge), Koreans also get ace pilots. Covenant of Evilarctica has +1 to getting gens to work, wave lurker, mimic gen, extra aa gen, making gens harder to turn on gen, skimming gen, portal gen and lasers on battleships and dread only so far. The Imperium of Mankind has elite crew, tesla weaponry, ace pilots, Iceberg gen, Storm gen. Southern Europeans have conscripted crew, everybody within 5 inches can link aa mar, heat lance and no special gens. The Turks and their Scientologist backers get elite crew and +1 to gen activation, and skimming gen, but no skimming boats yet. The Ruskies get stoic crew equivalent, capital ships are -1 to hit from aerial attacks, long range piercing rail guns, +3aa gens and iceberg gens. The UNION has veteran engineers, and vessels below large have sharp turn, and no unique gens. The things I would shuffle round for a bit more uniqueness personally. Give the Russians Conscripts, Polish get aggressive. French and Italians get either elite crew or aggressive, Spanish and SUSA get conscripts. Maybe the Chinese have aggressive too. Make the shroud gen French and Turks only. The Brits seem to have quite a few mars already and ramming is more their subs things and something I would prefer on the Russians to fit their traditional close quarters feel. I definitely personally miss the factions different gunnery since design of boats and hardpoint placement seems less of a factor. Can anyone point to how the stats differ the factions?
  3. RuleBritannia

    Warcradle Classics?

    I would love a blog post hyping their designs rather than hiding them under a bushel. They are getting close and people were excited by the improvements. The lack of content is what is leaving fan communities rather dead which also slows down beta feedback.
  4. RuleBritannia

    Revealed British ship from Pax - shared on facebook

    Well in the language of WWX that's a gosh darned pity as they really built some buzz and some suggestions for refinement from the fans.
  5. RuleBritannia

    Revealed British ship from Pax - shared on facebook

    Always be Federated states and British in my heart. Any chance of someone in the mighty citadel of Warcradle getting some better shots of these fine ships?
  6. RuleBritannia

    Revealed British ship from Pax - shared on facebook

    Here you go Overread. Someone also found some Yankees, which look better than some early sculpts with no bunting or cow catcher and a quite utilitarian and effective warship look.
  7. Some improved stuff. The turrets look better for sure.
  8. RuleBritannia

    The Beta Lives!

    I like a lot of changes lately. The return to at least blue defensive dice (although I would prefer red) and keeping generators on (mostly) seems a much better move, although some of the gens seem a bit under powered. The Armour/Citadel divide still seems a faff compared to the old critical system, and does an explosive hit turn off gens? Boarding seems to have shifted to overpowered defenders. But the return to linking within squadrons seems a really good move that stresses the strengths of squadrons.
  9. RuleBritannia

    The Beta Lives!

    The tendency which I would prefer to stick with is smalls have limited defences, which is countered more by the fact they are fast and so hard to hit with all weapons, smaller pools but more models, speed and low range as a rule, which is then shifted by faction and ship design and weapon layout.
  10. RuleBritannia

    The Beta Lives!

    If its ship reliant then it means that a small ship is just better at dodging which seems accurate and encourages small duelling, makes smalls a vital part of your force both defensively and offensively. The unlimited rerolls of current sustained fire also seems rather overpowered compared to the limited number of rerolls used by Spartan. Either you are going to have a very expensive weapon or ship or a overpowered vessel.
  11. RuleBritannia

    The Beta Lives!

    I think new devastating needs looking at for that. 3 and 6 explode, while 4 and 5 hit, which can be reduced to 3 and 6 exploding and 5 hitting against obscured models. Also main weapons do have -1 to hit against smalls, but might be easier to make that a small model rule than a large weapon rule.
  12. RuleBritannia

    Where to look up 2nd edition fluff?

    There was a fan wiki for DWars that was handy. Maybe @Burson_Carpathian and the other members of the dark council could set up one for the Dystopian Age.
  13. RuleBritannia

    Notes from Stuart, part 2

    It still rankles a little that the couldn't be done by expanding the existing fluff, but I can understand wanting to reshape things. I would very much enjoy content to wow and gorge on no matter what the seasoning.
  14. RuleBritannia

    Notes from Stuart, part 2

    I think the way round that could be limited full scale operations, like the old boxed set scenarios or the planned Flashpoint campaigns seeing large scale open warfare, but not constant military action. Even if the fluff that was conflict was restricted mainly to the Storm Zone.
  15. RuleBritannia

    Notes from Stuart, part 2

    From what I've been picking up on the DWars front the setting has been moved from a world war to a heated cold war. Tension between the major powers but plausibly deniable skirmishes with clear missions that with the exception of limited (e.g. the old Campaign books) outbreaks of fighting, remains small scale and limited. I imagine that the same thing would happen with Firestorm.

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