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  1. RuleBritannia

    January 2019 Warcradle Q&A - Video and Blog

    Thanks for the transcript but I notice it seems to miss out a couple of tidbits I caught. 1. A mention of a WWX expansion into the rest of the Dystopian world seemingly called Beyond the Wild West and 2. That the answer to my question was that weapon systems would have the same stats regardless of faction, while the rest of the answer made the point of other forms of differentiation would be used.
  2. RuleBritannia

    Factional differentiation so far in the Beta

    What Spartan had was vessels in the same class with similar stats such as HP, DR, CR but with different numbers, positions, types, loadouts, and generators. So a British battleship with its 4 turrets two rear and two front with a specialism band three to two plays differently to a Danish Battleship with 3 turrets, two forward facing with a band one specialism. This can still happen in sone ways with different load outs but it seems within factions, with similar numbers of hardpoints and positioning beyond backwards and forwards mattering less you can play each faction your way with your unique fleet but without each faction feeling as unique. So there are pros, with player choice more important, fleets balanced against each other, a gun is a gun is a gun. But the flipside of that is the risk of samey strong meta fleets between factions, and the loss of unique close range and long range specialists. For me its more interesting to face tesla prussians one week, long range laser CoA the next etc. As you say its the beta and there may be more unique weapon systems. I'm just noting that personally I think that saying factions not having their own take on how a turret or a broadside functions and instead having the same one across factions is an interesting game design choice especially when you are streamlining the number of factions making it simpler so you only need 8 approaches.
  3. RuleBritannia

    My hopes for beyond the wild west

    Unarmoured clash?
  4. There is a lot to be hopeful in for a successor to Dystopian Legions proud heritage. Here are my first thoughts. A better name. This game isn't just about expanding the Wild West, its about playing in the popular Dystopian wars setting. The name should reflect the global scale and proud Dystopian wars heritage. A more steampunk feel. Wild West Exodus does what it does, and does it to the best of its abilities but this game is different. Its not about gangs fighting over the wild west, but instead explorers, adventurers and the worlds militaries. They should have scientists, steampunk heroes into the unknown and against dastardly fiends. Slightly more high Victorian feel, proper uniforms, practical and impractical steampunk vehicles emerging from Legions and Dystopian wars. Rather than the magic if WWX and its hex, this should be the realm of Sturgeon's science, the Bravery of Teutonic Knights, the indomitable thin red line of Britannian troops. The opportunity for larger games. As a descendant of both WWX and Legions I'd love a rules set that allows not just heroic skirmishes but small scale battles between platoons.
  5. RuleBritannia

    Factional differentiation so far in the Beta

    Back to the header of this post, the differences still don't seem as profound as the many differences between 16 factions of late Spartan between 8 factions. I hope that more profound differences will be found, but currently there doesn't seem to be the differences in fighting style that the differences inbroadsidend broadside stats allowed. The pro of its easy game to get into might be ourmtweighedby the con of each game feeling kind of similar without factions feeling as unique.
  6. RuleBritannia

    Factional differentiation so far in the Beta

    But it really weakens the differentation between all the factions. Everyones turrets will act the same and everyone seems to have access to torps, guns, broadsides, rockets, mortars. There are no short, medium or long specialists. I'm not saying that the current approach can't work, just that for me it leads to a shallower game that undermines the stronger factional differences that made classic Dwars more tactical and made it more fun to play different factions.
  7. RuleBritannia

    Factional differentiation so far in the Beta

    So all factions will have the same weapons stats. Not a fan but it is what it is.
  8. RuleBritannia

    Warrior Nation

    I hope the cyborg monsters are only Burson. Doesn't strike me as a Sturgeon move. A Darwinist faction could work as part if the enlightened.
  9. RuleBritannia

    Warrior Nation

    I think the 15mm spin off would presumably be the place for Kaiju, but the lamented scale shift means less room for fitting them in classic Dwars.
  10. RuleBritannia

    Warrior Nation

    Giant animals were the purvey of Darwin in classic DWars fluff, with an island of science monsters.
  11. RuleBritannia

    Your Questions Answered - December 2018

    Interesting question about the Wendigo. As the setting develops can't wait to find out how much ordinary people know about the fantasy/weird science elements.
  12. RuleBritannia

    Factional differentiation so far in the Beta

    There still seem to be a variety of things to explore ruleswise. List construction and patrons along with fleet lists abd points.
  13. RuleBritannia

    Spoiler Alert! #2

    I for one welcome our new Dalek overlords.
  14. RuleBritannia

    Factional differentiation so far in the Beta

    Heat lances on latin ships, rail guns on Ruskies as per my original post. Not sure what difference that makes to medium and small vessels as of yet. I get this is the beta, and this stresses player choice of fleet, but the factional bleed reduces at this point the character of every fleet. Its possibly more historical but less gamey.
  15. RuleBritannia

    Factional differentiation so far in the Beta

    I would ideally like both, giving different weapon stats between factions to give different play styles, with certain factions specialising in each band with turret and torpedo fire. I would also like different weapon mars that help give them a different feel. Also weapon placement, which the current rules require measuring from the centre of the vessel rather than the weapon systems making the different patterns of vessels and design less important.

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