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  1. RuleBritannia

    Warcradle classic Dystopian age releases wishlist

    No scale difference for Classic Spartan releases.
  2. RuleBritannia

    Warcradle classic Dystopian age releases wishlist

    You must have some preference for things that would you would like released, moulds not withstanding?
  3. RuleBritannia

    New Q&A Announced: June 22nd!

    Thanks Sam, you did a great job on the last one!
  4. RuleBritannia

    New Q&A Announced: June 22nd!

    Are you going to do another blog version to go with it? I know its more work, but made the pictures more available so they were much more shared, and made the things said more accessible so that people got more excited!
  5. Since the release of the classics range seems mere months away I have a few things I'd like to see and I'm sure everyone else does too, so giving an impression of the high demand stuff might be helpful. The most obvious is the KS expansion packs, being cool models with limited availability whose moulds should still be intact. I have a few legions requests too, like to see some if the KoB heroes, who are just cool models, especially Not Flasheart and his sidekick Betty, who I very much wanted as a fun female model that looked like a decent officer without going full cheesecake. The rest are more speculative, but there were some unreleased models whose renders existed I very much wanted. The knights templar looked spectacular, as did the EIMC medium interceptor shown.
  6. RuleBritannia

    Ships from the UK Expo shot!

    At the moment there seems to be a new pattern of KoB battleship that would work only as a replacement for the Raj battleship, and a cruiser that doesn't quite match up. So it depends how modular they will be, or how large the classics range are.
  7. RuleBritannia

    Ships from the UK Expo shot!

    Can we inquire if these are proof of concept for plastics or resin? Just interesting to see how modular models might be to allow continuity and diversity.
  8. RuleBritannia

    Ships from the UK Expo shot!

    Certainly interesting that while the other models can be kind of matched up to existing patterns, the larger vessel has three turrets ala the Battlecruiser but has forward facing torpedoes and a broadside, and size wise seems closer to a battleship. The smalls with two turrets and broadsides seems like the heavy destroyer no change there then in load out. The cruiser pattern has forward facing torpedoes, which is common to British mediums, and two turret hard points, and a broadside. While this is similar to early versions of the Tribal cruiser which had two turrets, forward facing torpedoes and side torpedoes, and could be used to provide a version of the Agincourt, with forward gun turret and rear torpedo turret, or the support cruiser with turret and sonar gen, as it seems to be one resin model rather than the speculated plastic and no means as far as I can tell to replace the broadsides with torpedo broadsides it seems harder to directly port over the existing models. However, this could just be a resin master, with the real thing having the alternative broadsides and therefore allowing a continuity of models and rules that would ease over the process of change.
  9. RuleBritannia

    Ships from the UK Expo shot!

    The debate online has been if these represent a possible version of the Agincourt, although with additional broadsides.
  10. RuleBritannia

    Dystopian Wars/Dystopian Age Wiki revitalisation.

    Easier to get the Spartan fluff and material up where there is a gap and need, and worry about WC's plans when they emerge.
  11. RuleBritannia

    Dystopian Wars/Dystopian Age Wiki revitalisation.

    Could you add a link to the wiki please? I think I remember it, a great resource, and love to see it updated.
  12. RuleBritannia

    Model Identification

    Apollo class support carriers. You'll find them in the assets list I think.
  13. RuleBritannia

    Prussian Imperium future

    It's all a conspiracy by big (small) magnet!
  14. RuleBritannia

    May 4th 2018 Q&A: Blog & Video

    Thank you for the blog. Made the content more accessible and easier to dissect and share.

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