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    MPSwift got a reaction from Pathogen in How about a gallery for each faction?   
    Pin the faction galleries to the top of the Hobby section so they're easy to locate?
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    MPSwift got a reaction from August Doumerc in Fan Fiction? Anyone creating stories for their fleets?   
    There's a few over on my blog; my Terrans and August Doumerc's Dindrenzi both have some background material on them there. Looking to add to it over the coming months based on various games and campaigns we'll be playing.
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    MPSwift got a reaction from Pathogen in Dindrenzi Mass SRS List?   
    I was looking over the new ships and how they might fit into a Dindrenzi fleet and came up with the following. A bit of a departure from the standard "Gun and Run" fleets we usually see and can in no way attest to it's effectiveness but could be a bit of fun and certainly something unexpected!
    Tier 1:
    Legion Assault Carrier: +3 AP, Remove Planetfall, Deck Crews, 6 wing Bomber Token, 1 Support Shuttle
    Praetorian Battleship: +2 AP, +3 Wings, Launch Tubes, Assault Blitz, Deck Crews, HEK, 5 wing Bomber Token. Decurion Escort Carrier: 2 wing Interceptor Token, Fore Torpedoes
    Falchion Carrier: +2 Wings, Deck Crews, 6 Wing Bomber Token, 2 wings Interceptors. Decurion Escort Carrier: 2 wing Interceptors (merge with the 2 from Falchion for a 4 wing token).
    Tier 2:
    3x Trident Destroyers: HEK, Scout/Hidden Killer as you choose.
    Tier 3:
    3x Threax
    3x Thraex
    3x Pugio
    Gives you 17 Bombers all with Deck Crews, 6 interceptors and 1 support shuttle. Might be able to cut some upgrades to squeeze a decurion onto the Legion for an extra 2 wings of interceptors if you tried hard enough.
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    MPSwift reacted to slimeball in Fan Fiction? Anyone creating stories for their fleets?   
    There is some really good (and really bad) fan fiction and fluff about, if it's done well it's really good to read and adds a lot of character to a fleet.
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    MPSwift reacted to S.Neil in Firestorm Armada 3.0 headed our way?   
    Hi All,
    Always interesting to see the reaction to something I write, such as mentioning FA 3.0. The easiest way to describe the 3.0 book is a tidy up and a chance to update background materials, brand new imagery (we've made a lot more models since the 2.0 book came out) and deliver any new addendums to the 2.0 core engine. So instead of just reprinting the 2.0 book, which we are going to run out of, we are taking the opportunity to look things over, evaluate if we need to tweak/improve anything. The guiding hand on this will be our gamer testers and this isn't about rebooting 2,0. It would be foolish of us not to look at the 2.0 game engine as we move towards a reprint.
    To Pok - I'm not trying to make you sigh heavily. This is a functional evaluation of the 2.0 book prior to a reprint.
    Spartan Neil
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    MPSwift reacted to Spellduckwrong in Firestorm Armada 3.0 headed our way?   
    Aquans in general need looking at in my opinion. They are a bit too far on the strong side for my tastes.
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    MPSwift reacted to CorroPredo in Leviathans How Big? When?!?   
    If you don't like them-don't buy them. Seems pretty simple to me. If you feel 'cheated' because your opponent has one-don't play him. But just because YOU don't like them is no reason to dissuade (that's right I said it. And I looked it up) Spartan from making them for those of us who would like to see them.
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    MPSwift reacted to azrael in First game with the Terrans   
    That's pretty much how I see the reserve tacs too. As a slow ships race drives to max can be very helpful.
    The repair card can be really helpful sometimes if you have no repair shuttles in your fleet
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    MPSwift reacted to DanSG-19 in First game with the Terrans   
    I generally use Drives to Max, Power to Shields and Focused Repair. I may swap out Repair for Intel Gathered, but that depends on what I feel like doing at the time. 
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    MPSwift got a reaction from Fluffhunter in First game with the Terrans   
    Also, for TACs I'm thinking Intel, Power to Shields and Temporary Solutions. I considered Perfect Timing or Legacy but PT seems a bit unnecessary as I should get most of what I want in by/on Turn 3 which is when I'd realistically want it and Legacy runs the risk of playing it then not making your reserve rolls. I'd rather play the safer Intel then if my reserves come in I have options about what to activate first.
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    MPSwift reacted to Spellduckwrong in Dindrenzi Conference on Superiority and Sustained Dominance   
    Good job, Malchek!
    I have also had my Retribution flub a few rolls in the past. No matter how good the salesdrone makes it seem, never ever buy discounted Directorate surplus ammunition. There is a reason they don't feel they can get full price for it.
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    MPSwift reacted to Ryjak in How to deal with dindrenzi?   
    Clearly, your opponent needs to get on the forum and get some counter-advice now. Those battleships had no business being on the table at that point.
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    MPSwift reacted to slimeball in How to deal with dindrenzi?   
    I also love my battlecruiser squadron possibly too much considering their railure rate lol
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    MPSwift got a reaction from WestAustralian in Today In Firestorm...   
    TIF I actually put paint to model in the first time in months and got my Terran patrol fleet up to gaming standard ready for receipt of my new ships (Terran Patrol Box) next week!
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    MPSwift reacted to knightperson in Retribution DN question   
    Also, beware of corrosion against the Dindrenzi large ships, even dreadnoughts. I know a Relthoza player (okay I admit it, it's me) who likes to run two battleships and three heavy cruisers, all with corrosive ammo, at 1000 points. Once the corrosion tokens start stacking up, a target doesn't last very long! 
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    MPSwift got a reaction from Anulovlos in SCA 253, A little corner in a big war   
    This is just incredible levels of detail, absolutely love it. Only had a chance to skim read most of it (am at work... shhh) but will dig into the detail of it later on as from what I have seen you've done a great job. For what it's worth on the rank structure (a while back in the conversation I know!) I see the Terran rank structure much more closely tied to the RN than the USN and have used that as a basis for the commanders of my fleet. My fleet that I'm writing up the fluff for at the moment was led by a Commodore during its days as a Patrol fleet but he will likely be bumped up to RAdm for Battle Fleet level engagements and VAdm when the fleet reaches Grand Fleet status. The justification behind it being that at each fleet level I would see the number of available ships to each fleet being considerably more than those that take the field, much like you've described with your spreadsheet detailing secondary ships of the line that can be pulled into squadrons to replace losses or stand in while ships are undergoing refit and repair.
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    MPSwift reacted to azrael in First game with the Terrans   
    Looks good to me Admiral
    I love shunting in heavy cruisers !
    Shoot the enemies biggest asset right up the aft lol
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    MPSwift got a reaction from N2OJoe in Firestorm Armada science questions   
    I'm a bit late to this party but think I have a decent metaphor that might help with understanding of the FSD principle. Imagine a sniper aiming at a target that is stationary relative to the motion of the Earth. In this scenario the bullet is the ship, the sniper is her captain, and the target is the star system they want to hit. Now, hypothetically there is a straight line between the sniper and the target but they are both travelling through space courtesy of the motion of the Earth, causing what is known as the Coriolis Effect; i.e. that target you are aiming at won't be in the same place by the time the bullet reaches it as the Earth has moved. A sniper has to account for this, leading the target subject to it's relative position. If you consider the gravitational effects of planets, stars etc. as the wind factor to the shot as well then there is an added complication.
    In the same way, a ship travelling by FSD must anticipate where a target system will be when it reaches it. The FSD waypoints and other navigational aids could provide calculations that effectively lead the target, telling the ship where it will be once accounting for the Coriolis Effect (except infinitely more complicated as things are moving in 4 dimensions, 3D + time) and the 'wind'  as defined above. The further a ship has to travel, the more severe this effect will be, making accurate FSD travel more complicated the further away the target is.
    You can easily expand this metaphor to account for the limited range on FSD systems; i.e. no bullet can travel forever, no matter how much propellent you pack into it gravity/friction/impacts will eventually bring it to a stop. It may be possible to create the "infinite bullet" some day but the technology is considerably out of reach for now.
    Sorry if this drags the conversation back to a previously covered topic but it occurred to me at work today and thought I'd share.
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    MPSwift reacted to quiet01 in Weapon Shielding & Degradation?   
    The rule clearly states; only the higher of the two penalties is applied. So in your example the CP penalty is the higher of the two penalties.
    This is being way over thought....
    There is too much rules LAWYERING taking place....
    I always have more fun Playing the game and not the rules....
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    MPSwift reacted to Cannor in Speculation and Conjecture: Illosians.   
    Well, the more that weapons degrade, the bigger the risk of switching shields into weapons (do you really want to trade defensive systems for firepower if the ship is weakened?). As for FCO, if a weapons system is disabled in a particular arc then the amount of shields you put into it wouldn't matter, because you still wouldn't be able to fire in that arc.
    I think trading shields for firepower would be a nice mechanic for the Illosians, like they're "gambling" with technology to get the edge in battle. Perhaps the Aquan trait for low CR could be continued (given that the Aquans did create them in the first place) to further highlight the risk of giving up shields for guns.
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    MPSwift reacted to Eternal Ocean in WAR LOG 3725   
    Players: Eternal Ocean vs Tibberg
    Points: 800
    Factions: Aquans vs Ba'kash
    Battle log: 10/ -10
    Scenario: boarder clash
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    MPSwift got a reaction from Sailion in Directorate Company Index (fluff list)   
    No idea if I'll ever actually do the fleet as I still have a ton of Dindrenzi and Terrans to get through but, if I ever do:


    Company: Excalibur Industries

    CEO: Alexander Smythe

    Corporate Colours: Black hulls with gunmetal sections and red trim

    Corporate Logo: Winged Sword

    Homeworld: Orbital R&D Facility around [REDACTED]

    Corporate Motto: Strike first, make it last.

    Corporate Interests: Weapons development and test


    Excalibur Industries started life as a small scale weapons developer and dealer supporting minor elements of the colonial fleets that first settled the Outer Reach; arming settlers, police and peacekeeping forces across a range of fleets and systems though never in huge numbers. As the colonisation period and subsequent settling came to a close, so did a lot of E.I.'s orders bringing the company dangerously close to folding. It was only by the vision of the current CEO's father, Alfred Smythe, that the company remained afloat. Taking a huge risk with the company's dwindling resources, Smythe contracted the recently resurgent Daksha Drive Yards to build a small, but highly advanced fleet of warships that focused on stripping a ship of it's crew while leaving much of the superstructure undamaged. With the intended prize being left defenseless but still functional, the Excalibur Industries Retrieval Experts (E.I.R.E) would then be deployed through assault craft and boarding tubes to capture the enemy vessel to retrieve it for salvage. This tactic held three considerable boons to E.I.; firstly, the sale of the salvage and prisoners collected in this manner more than made up for the initial investment in warships, secondly it allowed E.I. to test it's latest weaponry designs in the field, equipping their marines and security staff with the latest in anti-personnel weapons to give them an edge in combat, and thirdly any weapons technology they happened to capture in the process was fed back into the R&D loop to further increase the company's capability and technological edge.


    Under the leadership of Alfred's son, Alexander, the company has continued to grow and, while still a relatively small company in terms of the wider Directorate, has begun to attract larger attention from across the Outer Reach. It is rumoured that the RSN wishes to purchase a trial batch of their new boarding shotguns (the Scattershot XVII - otherwise known as The Shredder to those who use it for well deserved reasons) with which to equip their assault crews. Should this deal come to fruition it could mark the beginning of a time of great prosperity and advancement for the company, allowing them to expand into new areas of R&D and increase the size of their Testing Fleet.


    Current Fleet Roster:


    Anarchist Class Battleship (The Black Knight)

    Annihilation Class Gunship Squadron (The Broken Blade and Shattered Shield)

    Turmoil Class R&D Cruiser Squadron (The Scythe of Sorrow and Ardent Arrow)

    Hostility Class Drone Squadron (Squire Squadron)

    Liquidator Class Frigate Squadron (Castellan Squadron)


    Awaiting CAPEX approval:

    Eliminator Class Battleship (The Sable Spear)

    Abraxas Class Cruiser Squadron (Names pending approval by Board of Directors)

    Liquidator Class Frigate Squadron (Redoubt Squadron)

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    MPSwift got a reaction from WestAustralian in RSN Allies Advice for Dindrenzi   
    Ah nice. To be fair the RSN are a good looking faction and the other ships are pretty solid. You can make the battleship movement 9" with turn limit 1"! Mental.
    And the frigates can be a nasty surprise shunting in at RB2.
    And yeah.... 9PD from 3 ships is pretty harsh haha.
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    MPSwift reacted to Hive in Thoughts on an 800 point Difficult target list   
    You may wanna make some room to swap the Chimeras for Snappers. They may be a better option for dealing with enemy smalls.
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    MPSwift got a reaction from WestAustralian in RSN Allies Advice for Dindrenzi   
    I played against a mate's Dindrenzi a couple weeks ago with my Terrans so I understand your pain!
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