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  1. All about the absolutely shameless plugs but yeah there's some cracking fluff in the Terran section
  2. There's a few over on my blog; my Terrans and August Doumerc's Dindrenzi both have some background material on them there. Looking to add to it over the coming months based on various games and campaigns we'll be playing.
  3. Pin the faction galleries to the top of the Hobby section so they're easy to locate?
  4. True. Could just change out the bombers on the carrier for more interceptors, would cover the worst of it then.
  5. Yeah 1200 points. If you went fighters instead of bombers that might mitigate the lack of interceptors to a point. 17 of them isn't a small amount of PD, just doesn't have the 8" intercept range. I went with bombers purely because it would be an unexpected move to have a Dindrenzi list that gets up in your face early. Still have the initial T1/2 railgun shots from the bit T1s but after that they're actually a bit more comfortable than normal being in amongst it. Like I say, it's a purely theoretical list to see what kind of unusual combinations you can get using the new TF ships. Could lose all of the assault based upgrades from the Praetorian, HEK from the destroyers and the fore torpedo upgrade from the Praetorian escort and that would almost give you enough for a Decurion on the Legion so could swap out the support shuttle and take 3 more interceptors there. Would give you 3 interceptor tokens of 2, 3 and 4 wings. If you reserve the T3s for a flanking move and the destroyers stay at range they only have to cover the big T1s so should be enough coverage?
  6. I was looking over the new ships and how they might fit into a Dindrenzi fleet and came up with the following. A bit of a departure from the standard "Gun and Run" fleets we usually see and can in no way attest to it's effectiveness but could be a bit of fun and certainly something unexpected! Tier 1: Legion Assault Carrier: +3 AP, Remove Planetfall, Deck Crews, 6 wing Bomber Token, 1 Support Shuttle Praetorian Battleship: +2 AP, +3 Wings, Launch Tubes, Assault Blitz, Deck Crews, HEK, 5 wing Bomber Token. Decurion Escort Carrier: 2 wing Interceptor Token, Fore Torpedoes Falchion Carrier: +2 Wings, Deck Crews, 6 Wing Bomber Token, 2 wings Interceptors. Decurion Escort Carrier: 2 wing Interceptors (merge with the 2 from Falchion for a 4 wing token). Tier 2: 3x Trident Destroyers: HEK, Scout/Hidden Killer as you choose. Tier 3: 3x Threax 3x Thraex 3x Pugio Gives you 17 Bombers all with Deck Crews, 6 interceptors and 1 support shuttle. Might be able to cut some upgrades to squeeze a decurion onto the Legion for an extra 2 wings of interceptors if you tried hard enough. Thoughts?
  7. Fair point. Would be better to have the Hauberks and Apollo arriving together if possible, should pretty much delete a T1/T2 squadron between them. Perhaps PT, Intel and PtS? PtS as need turns 1 and 2 to weather the storm, PT turn 3, Intel turn 4 to try and get the jump on the enemy when most things should be in their best positions? Hopefully beyond T4 the game should be mostly sewn up with things like reduced strength cruiser squadrons/frigates looking to jump away.
  8. I've got a slightly mixed naming convention for my Terrans; T1s (and heavy cruisers though that is partly coincidence with the squadron name) follow the Royal Navy example of taking the first letter of the class name and finding something suitable for it (e.g. Daring, Dragon etc.) while T2 and T3 squadrons take the letter of their squadron name instead. I might alter this as the fleet takes loses in the future but for now I'm happy with it. Originally the Hauberks and the Teutons used names of famous generals or admirals but I've added in some mythological elements as well: NTSC Triumphant (Tyrant Class) NTSC Acheron (Apollo Class) Hammer Squadron: NTSC Horatio, Hardrada, Hannibal, Herakles, Hermes, Hephaestus (Hauberk Class - only have 3 models but the first three kind of ate it in the last game and needed to come up with some replacements!) Anvil Squadron: NTSC Africanus, Aruga, Alexander, Agrippa, Agamemnon, Artorius (Teuton Class) Sword Squadron: NTSC Sword, Sabre, Scimitar, Strike (Armsmen Class Frigates) Dagger Squadron: NTSC Dagger, Dirk, Dart, Dervish (Armsmen Class Frigates) I have named captains for all of the above as well which I'll not derail the thread by adding but can be found on the blog in the signature
  9. I've used it before quite extensively (usually with my Dindrenzi) but the more I think about it the less I see it as a requirement. Terrans we do better in the mid-late game, particularly our shunt bombs, when the enemy has already committed and can less easily engage in a turning fight so getting your reserves in on turn 2 isn't so key, in fact you might want them to be a bit later (T3/4) depending on how much of a battering the rest of your fleet is taking. With that being the case I think I'd rather take a TAC with more universal worth and risk the 50/50 on Turn 3 and spend a battle log point if I need to and get them in that way. Assuming I've deployed well with terrain cover I should be able to hang on until T4 which, short of some abysmal rolling, should see my reserves arrive. The risk is that the reserves come in piecemeal and get pulled apart before they can really do a lot but part of that is model placement anyway.
  10. Also, for TACs I'm thinking Intel, Power to Shields and Temporary Solutions. I considered Perfect Timing or Legacy but PT seems a bit unnecessary as I should get most of what I want in by/on Turn 3 which is when I'd realistically want it and Legacy runs the risk of playing it then not making your reserve rolls. I'd rather play the safer Intel then if my reserves come in I have options about what to activate first. Thoughts?
  11. That's pretty rapid for 5 games of FSA! Though at 5 rounds a game possibly not too bad. Congratulations on the 4-1 record as well, very impressive!
  12. Fair, I'm planning on using the Tyrant as my flagship with the Apollo taking on a beat stick role.
  13. Dindrenzi: Retribution Class Dreadnought Nausicaa Class Battleship Praetorian Class Battleship 2 Cataphact Class Battlecruisers 3 Murmillo Class Heavy Cruisers 6 Secutor Class Cruisers 12 Thraex Class Frigates 4 Sgian Class Corvettes 3 Retarius Class Escorts Terrans: Tyrant Class Battleship Apollo Class Battleship 3 Hauberk Class Heavy Cruisers 6 Teuton Class Cruisers 8 Armsmen Class Frigates Directorate: Anarchist Class Battleship 2 Turmoil Class R&D Cruisers 2 Annihilation Class Gunships 4 Chimera Class Frigates
  14. I'd caution against taking a lone Battlecruiser in 1200 points, I'd say the squadron of heavies is probably going to offer you more at that point. As ljacks says they're a glass cannon so a single on is unlikely to make as much of a dent before it gets taken out as a full squadron of heavies. They can do the same role, flank them in and leave a trail of mines before gun racking something small and rail gunning something big! Depending on your points I'd either drop one of the cruiser squadrons and take a second Battlecruiser or drop the battlecruiser and a unit of frigates for the heavies and if you have the models add an accompaniment to the Praetorian for a PD boost. Just my opinion though!
  15. TIF I actually put paint to model in the first time in months and got my Terran patrol fleet up to gaming standard ready for receipt of my new ships (Terran Patrol Box) next week!
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