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  1. Anybody know how many gifts we have received so far? For the life of me I can't remember if I've got four. I signed up at the start. Would I be due a renewal?
  2. Just seen the latest cc gifts, lovely job
  3. What is the connection with the kickstarter and Corinthian club? Do we get an exclusive model too?
  4. Are we a month late on the freebie announcement? Just seen the feburary releases and wanted to tie the order up with the gift
  5. Just happened for the second time, added the code , made sure it was in the order and sent it. Now it's missing , I wouldn't mind if I ordered stuff all the time or the p&p was less but as it is I'm probably going to wait for the next quarter
  6. Aw I would have backed it. Never got into legions as it looked too much like a skirmish game. I liked the thought of a company level game with some mad vehicles
  7. Bugger never mind, just looked back on an old invoice for last quarter and it does appear. I must have not added it
  8. When you add an item for the Corinthian club does the code you used appear in the invoice or confirmation email. I was sure I'd added the code but it's not showing and the order has turned up without the goodies?
  9. That's exactly what I've done,cheers. That's been bugging me for ages
  10. Hi all Scenario three in the Operation Shadow hunter seems to contradict the main rule book in that it says it's necessary for a small vessel to board a large vessel, but the rule book says this cannot happen. Has this been errata'd? Which is correct?
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