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  1. kdetro

    RSN fleet

    Looking great. I really like the color combo.
  2. Has anyone else noticed a problem with getting data files right now?
  3. The OSO gunship bio hazard upgrade for the torpedoes is supposed to be 5 points each instead of the 10 each in the file. Thanks again for all the great work.
  4. I just got in my new Omnidyne fleet, and I am playing around with some lists. I wanted to get everyone's opinion on how heavy in the cyber warfare department I should go? With the new ships we have a bit more flexibility now.
  5. Thanks for the colors, they are looking good.
  6. What paint colors did you use to make this scheme? I think I might try something similar for my FSA Omnidyne.
  7. I might have been wrong about the mixed squadrons. Sorry
  8. It is the trial mixed squadron rules for everyone. They are asking us to use them.
  9. Neil sent me the same email for the tier information. He also said he would be looking into the update to the Marauder pdf.
  10. The new OSO Omnidyne ships have their rules up in the download section. Just not sure what tier the light cruisers are supposed to be since they are tier 3 for the core factions.
  11. The only issue right now is the fleet list doesn't have the light cruiser or escort carrier type in the available ships. The big six have the light cruisers as tier 3 ships.
  12. I can, when I asked about the Xelocian escort Neil emailed me back in less than 4 hours.
  13. I emailed this weekend and they have added the half rings to the store for 1 quid each.
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