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  1. Hello again, These ships are easier to magnetize and require fewer magnets all told. The frigates need none, and the battleship is pretty obvious, though I also magnetized the tower and funnels just because. It's the Cruisers that take some additional care but if done right they are so well made that you will be able to get the bows and sterns to hold together without glue. First things first, make sure you set the deck pieces fully into their respective slots in the bow and stern, as well as setting the mid-hull pieces flush against the forward deck pieces, these will be critical in getting these ships to fit together later. Do not glue the sterns nor the bridge towers to the rest of the ships, trust me it works great. Follow the pictures attached to see the placement of the magnets: One in each turret mount One in the rear of the bridge tower mounting ring. You will need to drill the hole a little forward of where it sends to being due to the shape of the Tower insides. One on the upper inside of the tower mounting ring, but rear of the recessed rectangle the front of the tower sits in. Once you have the tower magnets set this will all click into place (pun fully intended). The last few go into the towers themselves: Because the towers are hollow you will have to mount the magnets in unusual places. Take your time that the glue sets fully on each one before you let them go and all will be well. (tower pic forthcoming). With all of these in place either of the two forward sections of these cruisers can be attached to either stern section with no glue needed, if you made sure there were no gaps betweem the decks and the hulls, you will have no problems. With the Fore and Aft joined the tower can be slotted into the central ring and the magnets will hold it in place. If you want to swap out one cruiser into another, simply pull off the tower, and gently lift the aft section with a thumb on tower ring, the piece will come right out. Now reverse the process with the other aft section. You are now ready to go sail out and sink enemies of the Tsar. Good Hunting
  2. Not sure which side of the pond you are on, but I picked up my copy of the Prometheus starter at my FLGS (Atlanta). The old ships are still allowed, being treated as equivalent to one particular type of new ship or other. The bottom of the ORBAT will tell you what those are. Right now you only have Bears and Penguins to look at but it's a start. Thr Rulebook itself doesn't seem to be available in PDF. I don't know how much they changed from the playtest rules, if you somehow find one of those. I have seen they are releasing a 'Rules and Gubbins set' that should have all you need to run the game with the Classic Dystopian Wars units. One note however, assembly of the cruisers from both sides is a massive pain, see my post on Magnets and Modularity.
  3. Hello all, I have been assembling my 3.0 fleet from the Promentheus set and am working out how I will go about making these ships fully modular. Magnetizing everything like I did for 2ed is nowhere near as simple as it was before (drill hole, add glue, place magnet). I had the idea of using sprue pieces to make an internal frame or spine on which to mount magnets. This has worked fairly well, though it takes more time, and the ugly parts are hidden under the hull. I ordered 2x1mm magnets to make some of these work in the tighter areas. You will notice on the pics that many of the magnets are colored blue, this is sharpie markings to ensure I get the correct pole in the right direction. I keep one turret on my work area to act as a guide, all magnets I use get attached to that guide first and the side facing me gets marked with a sharpie. That way as I go to mount each magnet the markes side always goes down towards the play surface. In doing this I don't have to worry about which part belongs to which ship, so long as it is in the right area it will stick. On to the work: The first are fairly simple, the small and large 'eyeball' turrets have a magnet sunk into the bottom where they were attached to the sprue. The other pieces are the same concept except for the removable rear turret mount which required two magnets one to hold the mount under the back of the upper hull and the other at the bottom of the mount to both hold the turret and hold to the sprue placed underneath it. Second is the frigate, a simple piece of sprue angled at the front to fit under the bow and notched in the back to fit against the interior of the tail plane. The magnet is mounted under the sprue by drilling away a hole just deep enough to hold the magnet and not scrape the play surface. The cruiser is the real trick, the body needed 5 magnets, 4 underneath and 1 on top, with either one long spine made of sprue or two small cross pieces under the turrets. Thats fairly easy, it's the add ons of the upper hull that are annoying, each of the clam shell pieces requires three magnets to sit properly (I tried fewer, only 3 worked) fortunately the rounded pieces that attach to the front of that shell can be glued to that shell so more magnets arent needed. The pics are attached, hopefully they are clear enough to help any of you intrepid (or like me stubborn) enough to modularize your ships. Next up the Russians (I pray they are easier).
  4. If I can piggy-back off your though Rule, can I get some places where I can get info about the game other than here? I don't Facebook (noone should anymore) so where am I to keep up with our game?
  5. So a new game system? A cleaner, quicker, less fiddly game system, I hope, yes? I am all for anything that makes the game faster play and more appealing to new players. I would have an easier time getting my game group to play 'SAW: the home game' than sit down for a joyous 5 hours of explodey resin goodness. (and they would never have to buy anything, I have a massive collection) yet still few will play... Makes me wish I had all the bugs worked out of my D20 conversion. It runs at least twice as fast since an entire attack rolls on a single d20 instead of a bucket of d6s. But anyway, bring it on, I am very much curious about the new version and I can't wait to play v3. Except that there is no Union, in my world, they still lost. But, if the 'American' force was from the Republic of Texas, that would be a different story.
  6. Sircan, you make additional models for ships? You might be my new best friend!! I lost out big on the failed Kickstarter (cough $800+ cough) but the biggest hurt was not getting new ship designs, you might have just fixed that for me. I don't have a 3D printer and the one guy I know who has one is not exactly reliable. Are you able to make those too or can I get the file and go pester that guy? Also, did you help design the KS ships? Asuo, I wonder what other ships failed the cut, you have any intel on any of those? Also, I will never be able to wrap my head around this Union business, the South won in this version, that was one of the really intriguing aspects of this game, alternate outcomes.
  7. Changes to the physical design of the ship. As in modifying the existing Lexi to remake her into the Atlanta. Literally an arts and crafts project. I would also have said the stats of the ship, but someone else already did that.
  8. Awesome thank you! I want to make this into an actual ship for my fleet and needed to make sure I have the weapons right. Thinking a slightly smaller Lexington with bigger secondaries and a permanent rocket launcher. Or, bring a dedicated AA platform maybe ditch the rockets for a AA turret similar to the Mississippi mk2. I wonder if WC would be as accepting of my ship/game modifications as Spartan used to be?
  9. I am trying to find anything on a ship I saw once, it was an FSA light cruiser called the Atlanta. I don't remember the stats other than it seemed to have been built as an AA platform. It was probably on an experimental Orbat or something, but I have gone through all my saved files and cannot find it. Would anyone be able to point me in the right direction?
  10. Staring mournfully at the possible loss of our nation, flag and identity, this old soldier stands, ready to fight but confused as to whether he still has a nation to fight for. (in my best Doc Holliday, proper Georgian) "Would someone kindly inform me of the tale by which this has come to pass, and speak of this Wild Exodus to the West everyone has been carrying on about. More importantly, how does that affect our beloved Federated States of this here America?"
  11. Out of the life raft and back onboard, glad to see some familiar faces around here already. What was this I heard about Rum?
  12. Glad to see my game survived, I have a Lot of fleets, and really didn't want to lose that investment. I was backing the Rear Admiral KS when the old tub sank, so it loseing that stake hit me hard. But anyway, back to the game: Which games produced by Warcradle Studios do you play? Dystopian wars with all three elements, air, land, and sea. I think this is Armored Core now/again, and I am waiting to see how that works out. I also play older Fantasy Ships game that was once supported by the same company, not sure if War-Daddy bought them or not, so I won't use the name, but it was something about Waters without Charts. (hope it was bought, loved that game) How long have you been playing these games? About 4 years I found it a little late in the run, but at the time I could still find the ships at my FLGS. Where do you play? My house mostly, I am in the Atlanta area and have entirely too many things to carry about. So my dedicated game room hosts the world spanning campaign that my friends and I have been playing. Which fleets and armies do you own? Which fleets and armies do you plan to add to your collection? Federated States of America - Air, Land, & Sea. Just about everything with multiples, can field easily 5 navies, 4 armies and 2 air fleets, with these guys, love my 'Feds. (very worried about changes to these guys) Prussian Empire - Air, Land, & Sea. Again, just about everything with multiples, can field easily 4 navies, 5 armies and 3 air fleets, love my Prussians Britannia - Air, Land, & Sea most things with multiples, can field 3 navies, 2 armies and 3 air fleets I like the Brits. Empire of the Blazing Sun - Air, Land, & Sea most things with multiples, can field 3 navies, 3 armies and 2 air fleets. the EOtBS are the quintessential bad guys at my table. France - Air, Land, & Sea Everything in many multiples, can field 5 navies, 6 armies and 3 air fleets I dont even like the French units, but Ebay was kind to me so here they are. Antarcticans- Air, Land, & Sea you guessed it, multiples, can field 5 navies, 5 armies and 1 fat air fleet, I even have custom dice for them, everyone loves the Machinegun Penguins. Russia - Air, Land, & Sea, can field 4 navies, 6 armies and 1 janky air fleet. The Ruskies are the other big bad in my world. Just like they were in WWII they are their own side. Italians (New Roman Empire imw) - Air, & Sea can field 3 navies, and 1 nasty air fleet I love these guys. Also they have an army in my world, made of proxy pieces I modded for the job, even made their own stats too. Black wolf- enough to field a decent fleet with air support, or a murder squad of 3 super submarines (so patently unfair the concept was banned) Also haves: East India ships, Merchantmen, Buildings, Fortresses, Airstrip, Harbor and probably other things I forget... What is your favourite Warcradle Studios model? The FSA battleships are my favorite, the Liberty and Mississippi were awesome, would love to see a new Dreadnought built along their lines. I thought the Battlecruisers were great all around, though they needed a bit of strengthening to really stand in, but loved the models for just about all of them, the Annapolis being my favorite of course. The airships also deserve some love, a great many designs were fantastic, but so little used because the rules made them complicated. Anything else you would like to tell the Warcradle Studios Community? Please in the name of all that is holy, focus on making the rules smooth and intuitive. I would dearly love to see a game that does not require us to reference obscurely written rules which force you to flip back and forth to referece other rules. Seriously, I love this game. But playing it is literally reminiscent of researching case law (for legal cases), we probably dont want to limit this game to Juris Doctorates. I appreciate you asking for my opinion on this. Best if luck with the new properties.
  13. Do you mean the Firestorm Armada site? then no, I don't see enough Trolls. I kid... but really though, really don't go in there it's bad. If you mean the Free States of America, then yeah, anywhere I go it will probably have a mention of the 'Muricans , even though I actually play all the major powers, plus Italians.
  14. Check out Facebook, it has a Dystopian Wars Trading hub page. You can post for some parts on there. 

  15. After I got screwed in an EBay deal I have a Enterprise, Indy, and 3 Lexies with no Turrets nor drop-ons. These alternate ideas may be a life saver in putting those ships to sea, with alternate turrets. BTW I really like the Ozzie triple turrets, those look awesome.
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