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  1. https://discord.gg/DYthQ7 This is the "unofficial Discord server" thats running atm, mostly focused on WWX
  2. Good morning everybody-peeps. I've been eyeing up the new ice maiden and been sorely tempted to pick one up. With that and my russian Ice mines and some scenery that Im looking to make. I've looked for ice painting tutorials but cant find any that would work on this 'scale'. Any tips or tricks on painting ice looking structures?
  3. The novgorod breaks down to 2x10 4x6 or 8x4
  4. I was looking at getting some ships o dont have and looking at the stats when I saw the "heavy" frigate 30 points each same as the novgorod. 1 squad of novogords puts out 2x10ad at RB2 With 1 more DR you get redoubtable on a 2hp ship with a cr of 5. But you only put out 1x15 ad at rb2. Does anyone run the nikel over the novogod? If so why and how did it perform?
  5. Not really a good idea to ram with the russian subs, more surface, shoot and hope to dave dave dave lol
  6. lol, well played sir, i was posting from my phone so autocorect got me there
  7. So a few things I wanna discuss here. My list idea is for a sniper fleet. 2x magadan 2x3 Chany 1x3 pesets 2x4 rostov 2x kitchen Total points : 1410 I feel like this has very good firepower at all rangebands and the pack tactics across the board combined with piercing would mean reasonable rb3 and 4 firepower. I'm open to suggestions and discussion. The weakness is the massive lack of as and tft support. I think that the damage output should out weigh this weakness. Lastly. Am i the only one who uses the submerged model as a 2nd model. I have diving tokens to display when surfaces and when not. With my opponents consent ofc. The issue is with the pesets you can't do this because of the old echo gen clear templates.
  8. When firing a fixed channel weapon and working out AD. does it follow normal rules as far as need to see 2 of the 3 points on a ship or else its half AD? Havnt got my rule books for 2.5 yet
  9. Mimics are before you move and if im not wrong so is the iceberg so im not 100% sure this is viable all the time but its not a bad idea. It's going to take a lot of reworking and I'm gonna have to buy some different models but its not the end of the world.
  10. I used to take 2 borodinos and 1 kostrama to stop my fleet getting blown apart turn 1 and 2. Now ill probably end up taking 2 kostrama and a moskova because they generally gice the best options offensively and defensively. Seems like unintentional token spam
  11. The mines are limited munitions 2
  12. I'm sure i read somewhere that icebergs all detonated like mines butt it appears its only 2 in a dread? I also sure they hinted at high payload but thats missing. As I read it now I can no longer actually make icebergs i just deploy a mine with a weird shape. I hope this is a WIP. I want either exploding icebergs or screening icebergs but apparently we got neither Mimicking an ice generator does not allow you to deploy more icebergs and the ice generator thst we can get is a massive nerf from the old one. How can I get shields into my army cheaply is what I'm gon a end up looking at now because icebergs felt the nerf bat
  13. I know not all of the models in the top tier pledge are avaliable to purchase. My question is. Are all of the stats going to be avaliable? Would love to see all of the models that people choose to design and the stars for them
  14. Thanks for the input. I want to avoid comparing it to any previous orbat and only use other major nations as the comparison. And yeh I am a little negative about the corvette because of my personal feelings towards limited munition and ships with no weapons as such. I see that they have a great use but they just feel meh
  15. Before you read on please understand that this is a work in progress and I have come here for some help. I'm sure there is basic spelling and grammar mistakes and I apologise but I have issues with words sometimes haha I've started writing a review of the russian coalition to help a friend produce a series of videos for his youtube channel. So below is what I've got so far. I'm by no means an experienced writer so feedback and edits welcome. So I will be exploring a few things in this ORBAT review. From the perspective of new players I will be looking at what will make the best purchase and upgrades for your money in my opinion and a general breakdown of the advantages and drawbacks of each type of ship. I will only be comparing the base ships here and not including any upgrades when I compare it to other ships in class. So let’s start with advice to new players. I would recommend with any army that you start with the Naval Battle Group. At the time of recording the box gives you a tasty starter force consisting of; A Borodino Battleship, A Dudinka Assault Carrier, An Azov Battlecruiser, 3 Suvorov Cruisers, 4 Novgorod frigates and 5 Kazimov Corvettes. Before upgrades this force works out to 915 points with the ability to make it 995 after upgrades. This box sets you back £45 direct from spartan. The fleet is a solid core to build on with just about everything you need in your core Russian fleet. Taking a closer look at the large ships in this box we start with the flag ship of most russian fleets, The Borodino battleship. Pushing out a huge quantity of firepower at close range from its 3 huge turrets and a reasonable broadsides. The thing that makes it the core of russian forces is it’s massive pounding it takes to take this ship down. With a damage rating (DR) of 6 and a Crit rating (CR) of 10 it stands middle of the pack compared to other battleships on its basic armour stats. The thing that makes it shine are its Ablative armour +2 pushing these up to 8 and 12 respectively, brushing the stats of some dreadnoughts. With a respectable 9HP it’s going to take a huge pounding to kill this thing. As for countermeasures these are the lowest in class for Ack Ack and Concussion charges. While the Ack Ack is slightly better than average at killing support aircraft it is the lowest base stat in its class. At 195 points it’s the most expensive of all of the battleships but you can see why. Moving onto the Dudinka Assault Carrier. This ship does not fall short when it comes to firepower. With its fore cannons it starts off a line of Russian ships that put out a reasonable amount of firepower at all range bands. Combine this with a pair of heavy mortars and a reasonable broadside it allows you to effectively punish ships at range band 3. Something that other parts of the russian fleet really struggle with. Coming in with a base DR of 6 and CR of 8 it falls in line with the other assault carriers then add on top the Ablative Armour and you get a more than reasonable 8/10 with 8HP. At a base 170 points this ship gives this fleet box some good range band 3 firepower that it otherwise can be found lacking in. Just like the Borodino it has lowest in class AA and CC, while it comes with a rocket and torpedo jammer as standard to help balance this it is still vulnerable to Support Aircraft attacks. With a carrier value of 6 it gives you access to some of the fantastic options available to russian players with their Support Aircaft Wings. Having 16” range on their fighters, recons and torpedo bombers allows you to choose which target you wish to engage with very little in the way of drawbacks. Coming in at 170 points it’s the 2nd most expensive assault carrier in the core nations, but the most expensive non-dreadnought carrier! As a summary of the large ships that you get in the Naval Battle Group. You get some of the toughest in class ships with the ability to push out above average damage at medium to close range. While being a little more expensive than their counterparts in the other core nations I think you can easily justify the points when you take into consideration their armour stats. Moving onto the medium ships that you get in the Naval Battle group we first find ourselves at the Azov Battlecruiser. With two of the same turrets that you find on the Borodino and only slightly lower damage output from its broadsides you have a very formidable battlecruiser. With a base DR/CR of 5/7 it follows the tradition of being the same base armour stats as other ships in it’s class prior to having the Ablative armour added on, where it turns into 7/9 respectively, with 6HP you have a huge amount of survivability in a small package. Moving a basic 8” with a 2” sturginium boost on a 5+ makes it possibly one of the more maneuverable ships in the Russian fleet, with huge firepower for its size. The Azov differs from other ships in the Russian line, it’s AA and CC are similar to other ships in its class and it has a much more average assault point value. Coming in at 120 point’s it’s also middle of the pack when it comes to other core nations battlecruiser points. The Suvorov class cruiser comes in at 70 points each for a good close range brawler ship. With its base armour stats coming in at an average 4/7 with 5HP when you add the ablative armour you get a fairly resilient set of stats for a cheap medium model. It displays the same drawbacks that all russian ships have with a lowly 2 AA and CC it’s the worst in class but it makes up for it with a torpedo and rocket jammer. While vulnerable to support aircraft it remains resilient to rocket and torpedo attacks. A base movement of 7” also means that you need to try and use forward planning and a good deployment to allow these cruisers to get into a position where you’ll be able to use their close range firepower. I cannot fault the Suvorov and think they have a place in all RC fleets. The Russian Coalition smalls are some of my favourite in the game. For 30 each you can pick up a Novgorod. With a maximum squad of 4 this gives you the ability to throw 2 10AD attacks out to RB2 and in RB1 each little ship gets a 7AD primary weapon attack! They are the slowest frigates in the game by a fair margin but with no minimum move and a 360 turn arc they are the most maneuverable and can get through gaps in your fleet to get off some great volleys. Following on the russian tradition you have the lowest AA and CC in class but without the generators available to the medium and up ships you are very vulnerable to rockets and torpedoes. The ship that breaks all the rules and that I was never a fan of until recently is the last ship in the naval battle box and that is the Kazimov corvette. With the best in class AA and CC. By russian standards this little ship has cruiser level defences. The speed this ship has allows it a very respectable threat range. The drawback of all this is that it has no weapon. The only offensive power this ship has is in boarding. With 2 reckless AP per ship and terror tactics 1 it can be enough to overwhelm most ships. For 20 points I think this ship is fantastic but the lack of gunnery attacks has always had me favouring Novgords
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