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  1. I echo Hive's comments. As a relthoza player this does impact play style to a certain extent. I did use Banes and Nidis' to shield other ships with interceptors. I am not as sure they're worth taking especially now with the new taskforce ships.
  2. I use the assault carrier as a floating brick for my admiral, that grants stealth to the new torp frigates. No one wants to get close because they have a hard time hurting the carrier, and they can't stay far due to 14ADx1 or 8ADx2 or 6ADx3 torp salvos - Depending on my target. It's not impossible to deal with obviously, but it's not too easy either.
  3. Hey everyone at Spartan - Neil mentioned 2-3 days after the 15th as a target date, the statistics would be finalized. Are you still working on that? I checked the files in the download section and noted they haven't been updated. Thanks, just curious. Worms
  4. Thank you Spartan for posting the FA statistics. I am thrilled. So I thought I'd present some thoughts on the Relthoza ships. Virulence Class Gunship At first glance I believe the points cost is appropriate, maybe a touch high but I haven't played them yet. I expect them to be used as a long distance attack squadron with their fixed fore BEAMS (/cheer). Assuming theyre long range, you can keep them uncloaked and rely on stealth so you can shoot at max AD. I like that depending on your style, you can pick up a higher shunt matrix and forgo the stealth. This dovetails in with the torpedos in that they're more powerful at close range. I am sad that the beams don't get corrosive but you can't have it all. They are subject to a double crit, but if played right and staying in the aft of the enemy thats not as big of an issue. Though mines will still wreck their day. All in all, I like it. I'll have to see how they play. Iramon Class Light Cruiser For Relthoza, 10' mv cruiser is good. Most ships in the Relthoza arsenal are pretty slow. This will help bringing in their fixed fore guns. I see that as usual the damage dice for range band 3 drops off SIGNIFICANTLY as is usual for the race. However with the ability to shunt you should be able to stay in RB2 most of the time. Of course if you shunt too short or far, you won't be able to use the fixed fore weapons. The ships can take corrosive on their primaries, which is nice. Erigone class Light Frigate The movement is nice at 12 inches. It's also 3 DR/5 CR, so it's a little more durable. It's also got firing arcs where you shoot multiple targets. All in all, I like the ships. One thing that Relthoza suffered from in the past is fixed fore with broadsides. Combined with the slowness of the ships it was unusual to line up shots with the fixed fore and the broadsides. These new ships have fixed fore and a torpedo arc that overlap, meaning they have a better chance to have two shots. Also, with more shunting ability with these ships relthoza might be a little more survivable staying in area's where they won't get shot up as bad. In the past with the slow movement, once you dropped cloak, if you didn't gut the other fleet immediately, your pants were down. Thoughts? Worms
  5. Thanks for the reply DanSG-19, I am on this website daily looking for updates. I saw that someone from Spartan mentioned migrating to a new web host, which quite frankly is a terrible excuse to be honest. It's not like they decided to move to a new web host two days before the release of taskforce. The Spartan person then mentioned how much of a problem it is to update the website. Coming from someone who was in web development for 8 years I can't imagine what the problem is. If the page is static then it's a simple line of HTML, and the update would take about 30 seconds start to finish to implement. If the page is dynamic and database driven, then it would take about two minutes to update a database. If the updates are handled by a contract company, who care how long it takes, they're responsible to update the website. I just want some information. If the stats for Armada are still in development, then Spartan needs to say so, and a firm date as to when they'll be released. If there is some other issue then tell the community and when the expected release will be. Don't give us some excuse that insults our intellegence; Or at least mine. This is marketing and project management 101. Worms
  6. With the release of taskforce information approximately 7 weeks ago (?) I was really pleased to see that Relthoza were getting something I thought they desperately needed, gunships. So I've been following the information as time went on waiting for specific information on the product, as I am not in a financial place to buy it sight unseen. I was anticipating seeing both the Taskforce and Armada statistics at least a week before the actual release of the models (2/17ish) so I could decide if I was going to place a pre-order for the models. It's now 5 days after the models have officially been released, and there literally is nothing but a void with regard to information and hard data. I just checked the website again and haven't seen any data except a wallpaper for taskforce, and nothing in Armada. Please pardon this post if I have missed it. I am not really interested in hearing an apology or excuses from Spartan, as from a marketing standpoint this is pretty lack luster. What I am interested in is seeing the statistics for the models 5 days ago (Taskforce AND Armada). However since that is not possible I will settle on seeing the information today. Expecting customers to buy something without any information what-so-ever is a terrible idea. Thanks, Worms4u
  7. Hello! I seem to have a continual problem when facing off against aquans. I was hoping to garner some insight on more effective tactics to use against them. Here are my thoughts with Relthoza, please feel free to correct any inaccuracies I have or explain how such tactics might be used better. That said: 1: Relthoza have primary weapons, so their range band is the shortest of all weapon systems. This requires them to get uncomfortably close to the enemy to shoot. At the range required, stealth no longer applies, and cloak is of limited help. By that I mean a focused shot would be 20ish dice from an aquan squadrion, meaning 10 dice get through cloak. 10 dice is still plenty for a double crit on relthoza ships. I regularly see this, as in at least once a game - double crit through cloak. As an aside, if cloak is down, I regularly see double crits, and almost every damage applied to my ships are at least crits. 2: I have read that Relthoza should sit back and lob torps to soften up the enemy, then go in. That makes sense, but in reality it doesn't pan out, especially for Aquan. They are SRS heavy, and Relthoza doesn't have the torp dice to breach that most of the time. Example, If I had a carrier, with two cruisers at range band 4 I would get 13 dice all linked up. However the aquans would have 6+ intercepters out, meaning I won't do any damage. Generally if that is the case, I shoot at weaker targets, however that is problematic too, because once the T1 ships get close to mine, they are hosed. 3: Shunting - This also seems good, when I run a shunt list, I drop in behind the enemy and shoot in their rear arc. This works acceptibly, except that the aquans drop 8 and 10 dice mines all over the place, which really screw my ships up because it ignores cloak. Not to mention if I roll really high or low I might end up out of a firing arc, and on mines and suffer the ill effects for no gain. 4: Boarding - In my opinion is generally laughable, even against a softened up ship. I have never had a successful boarding attempt because of SRS intercepters, and PD. Granted I have yet to try the battle cruisers (our best AP ship) but really, even against a damaged t2 ship, with 6-9 intercepters around.. what am I supposed to do? Further even if I did succeed it does one damage unless I somehow go exploding 6 happy. 5: The Relthoza ships in general are slower than Aquan ships. If I need to stay away from them how can I do that? Shunting works obviously, but even if I stayed at range, their beams out range my guns, and my torps aren't strong enough to do much. Even if I waited until his SRS tokens attack (if they are bombers or something) I just took an 18 dice attack, so they'd go home and then I can fire? 18 dice means I just lost a ship for a chance to do a damage or two. I don't know what to do, I've tried several different tactics and had little success. Anyone have some thoughts on things I've overlooked? Thanks!
  8. Hello everyone! Regarding the Karrak Battle Carrier - If I wanted just the carrier, is that orderable only direct from Spartan (I believe so). If true, does anyone know how long it takes Spartan to ship it to the middle of the US, roughly? I was hoping to get it by the end of September, I am not sure if that's possible. Thanks much! Worms
  9. Hello all! So I've been reading through the new FSA System wars book, and am scratching my head. I get that the new ships are supposed to bridge the gap between FSA and Planetfall, as they're invasion ships. But what I can't figure out is why anyone would ever use them in a standard FSA game. Are they intended >only< for the new invasion missions? If so, it seems like a race to get to the planet, with no attacking the defenders. As they have like 1 (or no) guns each. If they're not intended to be used in standard (non invasion) FSA games, why is it labelled FSA? Wouldn't it make more sense to call it 'invasionfall' or something? The game between space battle, and planet battles! I was hoping for a more modular layout of the ships, and I get that there IS some of that.. For example I primarily am a relthoza player. I see that the new T1 can pick up more SRS wings and lose planetfall mar.. but it's still not a very good ship, I'd take the carrier over it 100% of the time. Also... I do see some edge cases where I might want to play a boarding fleet... but IMO boarding is lackluster with the current ruleset so I'd do that maybe once just to see how it goes. Thoughts? These, by the way are real honest-to-goodness questions.. I am not trolling! Thanks, Worms
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