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  1. I'm back! I haven't abandoned you all . I'm currently working on finishing my recon helix. Stay tuned
  2. Alright, so this is me signing off an this project. I think a half core is sufficient, for now. Gives me something to demo the game with vs my Dindrenzi. Not the most successful project, but there is still that internal glow of satisfaction at having completed it.
  3. Thanks for the kind words. Been pretty busy, forgot to upload some work from a few weeks ago. And the half-core so far. Just the mid and large tanks left, and they're 50% done. Getting there, slowly...
  4. Any idea when we can expect to get our hands on these? Anyone seen rules?
  5. "We're going to need back up..."
  6. Indeed, poor testing situation. So, I'll hold judgement for now
  7. And I still managed a minor victory ha. Although I had very little still around haha! Glad to get that clarification, we're still noobs ha
  8. Ah, the underlined potentially didn't show in my email. Well, that explains why nothing was dying!
  9. I think our interpretation of 'can be damaged' extended to all things in range of the weapon. Are you saying it's only those models which can be damaged by the specific roll from the attacker? And I was placed, hence 3's.
  10. Maybe we were doing shields wrong? Three tanks and the shield tank all contributed to the shield pool. And I was hitting on 3's. Might have also forgotten kinetic mar...
  11. 24, front, shield tank with 3 medium tanks.
  12. Played with my Hyp again last night, and yet again it did nothing. Couldn't put a point of damage on a group of terran tanks... His rolling was amazing, but still. Feel like the rail-gun just doesn't chuck out enough dice...
  13. Good thinking! Would only need a little bit, but that should help. Cheers!
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