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  1. I had a false start with DW myself missing out on last hard pounding (you might remember). Maybe the one before. I know there wasnt a lot going on back then, I thought that might have changed, but it seems a shame because there does seem to be a community out there - maybe just not one wanting to play tourneys? I dont know. Maybe something to look at in terms of narrative events instead. Maybe we'll just give it a go and see what pre-reg we can get. If it doesnt pan out, no harm done. Cheers
  2. Hi Guys, particularly UK guys We're opening a new venue in Liverpool soon and Dystopian Wars is one of the games we're considering running events for. I have no idea about the UK DW events community - if one exists - Im looking for any kind of events calendar, info on planned events, and just generally to get any thoughts from event/tournament minded players who might be interested in this sort of thing. DW is a bit of an unknown for me in terms of these questions, so hopefully you guys can help out and maybe it'll lead to some more events! Cheers
  3. @watchdog So.... In conclusion, the Lord Hood is one of the tougher BCs because many of the others lack a defensive gen (and shield 2 is numerically superior to both rugged construction 1 and retardant armour 1). Wasn't that what I said already? Is your only point that I used the word most instead of many?
  4. Its guns are fine. As its its survivability, soft stats, and movement. It's essentially the best or up there with the best at everything. Better primary gunnery would give it too much firepower - It's just lacking secondary weapon systems. Some torps or something and it'd be in a great place.
  5. I find the Hood an odd duck, but not for all the same reasons you guys do. I did a writeup on it elsewhere recently comparing it to its peers (btw, I dont consider ships that someone just added random numbers to as a peer; the Minerva isn't a fair comparison for any BC) Lord Hood - This is a weird one. Due to most BCs lacking a defensive gen, the Lord Hood is one of the tougher BCs (though not by much). It also has the best soft stats (though not by much). Its primary weapons do compare well to everything but the Cherbourg once damage kicks in and redoubtable starts to work, but it has no better alpha strike with its primaries and it trades all of the secondary weapons and MARs of other BCs for a couple of inches of movement and Hit and Run. It's tough to put a comparison on this class, because personally I dont have much time for gunnery BCs - they are too squishy for their points value and it's easy to cripple or sink their firepower, and I'd generally rather pay more for a real big ship or a squadron of mediums. So, the Lord Hood by serving a slightly different function is, in my opinion, a better tool to have at your disposal because it actually fulfils a niche whereas other BCs are somewhat of a middle ground (this is also why the Cherbourg is good; it fulfils a niche by bringing Heat Lances). At the end of the day I think despite the fact that the Lord Hood fulfils a different role, it just doesn't bring enough guns for its points cost and honestly, you could equally fulfil the same role with *any* gunnery BC because 2" of move and hit and run don't make it suddenly a super flanker, despite suggestions to the contrary. C.
  6. Your average dice score 0.8 hits when you need a 4+ to hit. Shields, Retardant Armour, etc all subtract 0.8 hits on average. So 11 dice will score 8.8 hits on average. If you're shooting something with an effective CR of about 8 (eg, CR8, or CR6 and shields 2, etc), you'd be best splitting into two pools of 11. If you're shooting effective CRs higher than 8, you'd be better to link. Of course that is in a vacuum and doesn't take account tactical options. Maybe your opponent's ships has an effective CR of 10 but you are losing the battle and need some luck, so you split into two pools anyway as 10 isn't that far off your average of 8.8 that you can't hit it with a bit of luck. Or maybe it has a CR of 8 but you only need to do 2 damage to finish it, in which case you're better linking. Knowing the numbers really helps to make these decisions, but the tactics are what wins you games!
  7. Am I missing something, or does failing the Strategic vs Operational roll give you the most important advantages? In a game like DW, board edge choice is rarely a big deal (the only way to make board edge a real and consistent advantage is to create asymmetric deployment zones but that is difficult/impossible to do in DW), but deploying second and choosing flanking edge are both advantageous, handing an advantage to the Operational player. Advance Force deployment seems like a wash since Advance forces are not that common. At the very least, surely the player winning the roll should be able to choose which advantage they want -why do I have all of these spotters if I don't get to leverage their advantage in the way in which I choose? They're essentially a handicap as it is right now (the same goes for initiative actually... the winning player acting first could be a decision instead) Those things aside, these rules are also really convoluted. Alternating pieces of deployment in different deployment areas is pretty silly. They could be streamlined to make this less difficult to teach to new players (who shake their heads at why this has to be so difficult to remember, then shortly after shake their heads again when they realise that losing the roll was advantageous...) Interested in thoughts.
  8. I faced one for the first time tonight and boarded it with a squad of Requins. Even if you lose an offensive boarding action vs the Yurei, as long as you kill a chunk of it's relatively small number of AP, it's not so scary anymore. It doesnt do huge amounts of damage outside of RB1 and inside RB1 you can board it. I do think that the phase gen is a bit over the top though. It has no real weaknesses - no ramming, security posts 4, no weapons that ignore it - feels a bit much and like you dont have any options to deal with it except throwing the kitchen sink at it (which is a losing strategy since it will absorb way too much firepower for its size and cost). I cant imagine that I'd be having much fun if I had to regularly face 2. And I play French. Edit: Incidentally, the maths: you need an initial dice pool (before halving) of 23 to crit a terror ship, on average. 16 to deal a point of damage on average. Needing to throw 16 dice at something 7 times to kill it is hardly a viable method of dealing with it! 16 dice crits most battleships and almost crits most heavy battleships, so that amount of shots with those dice would hugely overkill most battleships and on average reasonably overkill most heavy battleships. Take from that what you will.
  9. The Liege isnt bad at all in and of itself, but Cloud Gens are absolutely amazing and make a huge difference. Also, Redoubtable is great but the Bastille has a whole other gun to start with and its Bombard is corrosive. To make up for this the Liege gets +1 DR which isnt that great a stat really. The Liege isnt really much good when you compare it to the Bastille.
  10. Ahh. Rules hangover from Firestorm on my part. Cheers!
  11. I assume they can but just in case I'm missing something. If I attach, for example, a Dominion to a unit of Tribals, can the Dominion upgrade its crew to Stoic? Cheers
  12. I did want to run an Elbe but the only decent way I can fit it (and keep the Imperium and KK) is by doing Elbe KK+Elite Imperium Koningsberg 5 Saxony 4 Arminius Which leaves 50 points left over but 595 spent on larges. I'm fine with top heavy and this seems okish - but do escorts count against your large limit (if I was to spend those 50 points on 2 wachters for example)?
  13. There are two things that Spartan have never gotten right imho. Boarding. TACs. Every iteration has either been overcomplicated, oversimplified, or simply didn't work properly. Also, DW 2.0 seems to be the first Spartan game to have gotten fliers right too. 1.0 tiny fliers were horrific and FSA wings outshine actual ships so much that they're just bad for the game. Although tbh, I dont find boarding in DW now particularly complicated and I always thought FSA "board once and done" was pretty oversimplified. It's just another thing to track, but there's already lots to track. And it does make squadrons of smalls more threatening. Probably why I'm enjoying DW 2.0 when I dislike every other Spartan game intensely
  14. Or just torpedoes in general for me! I was so disappointed when DW was first released, I bought Brits and they had.... something other than big guns Anyway, sorry derail!
  15. Hi Guys, Nothing special, just a quick sanity check for me please! Before I tell my girlfriend what to go ahead and paint, I want to make sure I'm not going to end up changing her army because I got something wrong Available we have the Naval BG, Wolfpack Flotilla, and Battle Flotilla; ideally would prefer not to add anything new but will do if necessary. Naval Core Fleet (1000 points) Kaiser Karl + Elite - 235 Imperium - 150 3x Donnerfaust -255 Koningsberg + Aggressive - 115 4x Arminius - 120 5x Saxony - 125 LAS 5x Dive Bombers 5x Fighters Mostly I'm not sure if Donnerfausts are really worth their points (at this level anyway) and I'm still not sold on Battlecruisers. Imperium has to be there because airships are awesome. Anything you'd do differently?
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