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  1. Thanks the energy effect is just regular green, with a bit of bright green in the middle, I've been toning it back a bit because there are so many weapon ports on CoA ships that if you don't it can overwhelm the principle colour of the armour plating.
  2. This fleet was painted for a mate who commissioned me to paint his Covenant fleet, I wanted to do something different than white and we trialed a couple of colour schemes before we settled on a deep purple and grey scheme with bright green energy effects. The entire fleet, I am pretty happy with the way the grey turned out, it looks metallic but is really just grey paint. Aristotle Battleship, Diophantus Assault Carrier, Hippasus Battle Cruiser, Cleomedes Cruisers, Diogenes Frigates,Thales Corvettes and Plutarch Heavy Destroyers Plutarch Heavy Destroyers, Zeno Armoured Cruiser, Fresnel Gunships and Kepler Light Carriers. Capek Interceptors, Ptolemy Mine Layers, Icarus Flyers, Hyperbius Class Control Flyers and a Epicurus Sky Fortress.
  3. pixelante

    Covenant of Antartica

    Covenant fleet painted ina dark purple scheme.
  4. But then what would you take for a RoF land force heavy on the Bombards? I agree that just because its not ideal for its core force doesn't mean it doesn't have a role in the overall orbat. By that logic you shouldn't have bombers in a the air force because you can't do bombing runs on enemy aircraft.
  5. So I decided to go with the Air France list for a mini-tourny at Badgacon which was three games and placed well out of a limited pool of gamers. First game was against a young kid who is still learning the game and made some critical errors. Faction: RC - Russian Coalition MFV: 1000 - Core: Naval Fleet Value: 935 (65 left) 1x Khatanga (Heavy Battleship) - Nav. Large - 210 - 1/1 1x Dudinka (Assault Carrier) - Nav. Massive - 170 - 1/1 3x Suvorov (Cruiser) - Nav. Medium - 210 - 2/3 1x Esmerelda Mieszko (Heavy Bomber) - Aer. Large - 125 - 1/1 1x Apollo (Support Carrier) - Nav. Medium - 60 - 1/2 5x Kazimov (Corvette) - Nav. Small - 100 - 2/5 2x Bagiennik (Heavy Frigate) - Nav. Small - 60 - 2/4 I dunno if DWAB is wrong or if the kid was missing something, but that is what I saw on the table. Early in the game the Esmerelda blew up the Cherboug and itself in a bombing run. If the kid had used the assualt elements I may have been in trouble, but in the end he had an Apollo and one tiny flyer token left and most of my force was still intact. 2nd game was against a British force fielded by a mate. Faction: KoB - Kingdom of Britannia MFV: 1000 - Core: Naval Fleet Value: 980 (20 left) Fleet: 1x Avenger (Fleet Carrier) - Nav. Massive - 200 - 1/1 1x Regent (Battle Carrier) - Nav. Massive - 150 - 1/1 1x Lord Hood (Battle Cruiser) - Nav. Medium - 115 - 1/1 1x Lord Hood (Battle Cruiser) - Nav. Medium - 115 - 1/1 3x Stalwart (Heavy Destroyer) - Nav. Small - 150 - 2/3 1x Halifax (Heavy Bomber) - Aer. Medium - 125 - 1/1 1x Halifax (Heavy Bomber) - Aer. Medium - 125 - 1/1 With both sides having quite a few flying tokens we got caught up in an air war and bascially ran out of time, I would like to play this game again sometime to see its proper outcome. I think my opponent was too conservative with the Hoods by hiding them behind an island and using them to pick off the bombers. Not that it was necessarily wrong but it did mean I focused on his battle carrier to its detriment. The Lyons shooting in this battle was abysmal with two squads unable to even sink one Stalwart. Last game was against another mate who is also an experienced player and he aso had a Russian fleet. Faction: RC - Russian Coalition MFV: 1000 - Core: Naval Fleet Value: 965 (35 left) 1x Khatanga (Heavy Battleship) - Nav. Large - 210 - 1/1 1x Khatanga (Heavy Battleship) - Nav. Large - 210 - 1/1 1x Kostroma (Fleet Carrier) - Nav. Massive - 155 - 1/1 3x Rudnitsky (Repair Cruiser) - Nav. Medium - 150 - 1/3 3x Rudnitsky (Repair Cruiser) - Nav. Medium - 150 - 1/3 3x Nikel (Heavy Frigate) - Nav. Small - 90 - 2/4 This was a very difficult fleet to get points out of, with the high damage and crit ratings of the three heavies sheltering the repair cruisers I had a hard time making any progress. However I did manage to finally sink a Khatanga and kill the samlls (mission objective) and some of the Rudds. The end result was a draw as my opponent also had smalls and managed to get them all. Overall I was happy with the list and the way it plays, I just have to improve on my game. After seeing the last list in action it got me thinking about how the RoF could do something similar in presenting three relatively tough targets. Faction: RoF - Republique of France MFV: 1000 - Core: Naval Fleet Value: 1000 (0 left) Massive/Large: 600 (60%) Medium: 180 (18%) Small: 220 (22%) Fleet: 1x La Rochelle (Heavy Skimming Battleship) - Nav. Large - 220 - 1/1 La Rochelle | Add IG Cloud - Nav. Massive - 15 La Rochelle | Add IG Nullification - Nav. Massive - 5 1x Magenta (Battleship) - Nav. Large - 175 - 1/1 Magenta | MkI: Surface Skimmer Model Function - Nav. Large - 0 Magenta | Replace IG Nullification with IG Cloud - Nav. Large - 15 1x Tourbillon (Sky Fortress) - Aer. Massive - 170 - 1/1 ---------------------------------- 4x Épaulard (Submarine) - Nav. Medium - 180 - 2/4 ---------------------------------- 4x Alma (Reconnaissance Frigate) - Nav. Small - 120 - 2/4 4x Lyon (Frigate) - Nav. Small - 100 - 2/4 This list might work out alright if I am careful in how I use the Equalards and Almas. It is very weak in the medium allotment, but if I keep them at range and restrict what can see them... One idea is to use the Magenta on the flank and have the Equalards surface behind it when I want them to fire at targets spotted by the Almas and Tourbillon.
  6. Played two games last night, first one was with my new Air France list against Ottomans, my opponent split his force and I took 70% and concentrated on the side with his fleet carrier. My plan to dominate the skies went to **** and my Heat Lances were lukewarm. Nevertheless my opponent conceded after I killed his monitors most of a small unit and was circling his carrier (which was half destroyed) with an undamaged Cherboug. I didn't understand why at first because he still had the skimmer BS and medium squadron but his point was that he wouldn't be able to get enough points before I made my mission objective. The second game was with the Double BS list against Royal Aussies my opponent had a mirror list with 2 Cerberus, 2 units of Victorias, 2 Protector squadrons and a merchant carrier. On the first turn the St.Malo got a critical Generator leak on one Victoria with its bombards for a total of 5 corrosion markers and the Dieppes crit its sister ship getting a teleport and pushing it back 14 inches and off the board. I took the assassin mission and then spent most of the game killing everything but the commodore as I tried to edge close enough to get a good barrage on it. At the end of the game my opponent had a monitor and two protectors while I had the Cherboug St. Malo and La Rochelle with its escorts. However what I took away from this game was that I don't like to have useless units which is what the fighters were after I put enough damage on the merchant carrier to stop it from retasking tiny flyers.
  7. In my opinion the defensive measures and the game mechanics make the French a good fleet, but not tough. If the opponent can get around the cloud generator the RoF are going to have a bad time. Things to look out for are indirect bombards with enough spotter tokens to only need 4s. Bombers or every description as it ignores the cloud and retardant armour and any ship with secondary gunnery that won't be penalised getting into RB1. A good checklist to use would be to find out what secondary gunnery your opponent has, in particular fast moving smalls with multiple guns are a good candidate. Vigorously prosecute the air war so no bomber squadron makes it intact to your ships and try to take out any spotters if your opponent is using bombards.
  8. I prefer the La Rochelle, it is an excellent ship for standing up to the other heavy Battleships in the game, its Redoubtable Heat Lances mean it retains its effectiveness even after its taken some damage. The St. Malo is also solid, it excels at taking down mediums but can struggle with Heavy Battleships, on the plus side it is cheaper and comes with a free mini-sub squadron which is also good at damaging Battle Cruisers and even Battleships after you have knocked off some concussion and gotten a good roll.
  9. So I've been playing some DW and have come to the conclusion that Carrier heavy lists are good for a slow attrition game, but not so good for a timed game. I am have also been weighing up the pros and cons of the Tourbillon and Couronne. The Air fortress has more powerful broadsides when it links with the turrets and also has an extra attack if it finds itself with targets on both sides of it. It is also tougher than the Couronne with 10 HP furthermore its invulnerable to Bombers and torpedoes and Tiny Fighters are unlikely to do much unless they get lucky. On the other hand the Couronnes heat lance is Redoubtable and never has to make the devils choice of flying low for better AD rolls. But the Couronne is vulnerable to bombers and torpedoes. In other news I've been playing around with the DWAB again and came up with this list- Faction: RoF - Republique of France MFV: 1000 - Core: Naval Fleet Value: 1000 (0 left) Massive/Large: 405 (41%) Medium: 355 (36%) Small: 240 (24%) Tiny: 0 (0%) Naval: 60% Aerial: 40% Armoured: 0% Fortifications: 0% Infantry: 0% Fleet: 1x La Rochelle (Heavy Skimming Battleship) - Nav. Large - 220 - 1/1 La Rochelle | Add IG Cloud - Nav. Massive - 15 3x Support Aircraft Wing (SAS) - Aer. Tiny - 0 - 1/5 1x Tourbillon (Sky Fortress) - Aer. Massive - 170 - 1/1 ---------------------------------- 1x Cherbourg (Battle Cruiser) - Nav. Medium - 125 - 1/1 1x Rousseau (Heavy Bomber) - Aer. Medium - 115 - 1/1 3x Support Aircraft Wing (SAS) - Aer. Tiny - 0 - 1/5 1x Rousseau (Heavy Bomber) - Aer. Medium - 115 - 1/1 3x Support Aircraft Wing (SAS) - Aer. Tiny - 0 - 1/5 ---------------------------------- 4x Lyon (Frigate) - Nav. Small - 100 - 2/4 4x Lyon (Frigate) - Nav. Small - 100 - 2/4 2x Bayone (Escort) - Nav. Small - 40 - 1/3 ---------------------------------- I think this could be a viable list, but I am concerned that the list has almost no kind of early game. Most of the damage would be around mid game, which would be made more difficult if my opponent hangs back with a long range fleet. Also I found out that the Magenta cloud generator is 15 pts instead of 10 so check your lists against the PDFs.
  10. If your meta features flying to a large degree you may want to consider alternative terrain options like fog banks, clouds or even mountains.
  11. I think the point that I am trying to ask is that when a model is not fully on a island you have to half its AD, but it doesn't seem to effect the AD directed at the model even if only a third of the model is technically visible. Incidentally the common meta is to just treat all islands as obstructions to LoS. For example if there is an island between the skimmer and the enemy and the skimmer moves onto the island, but only has enough movement to get the front third elevated is the LoS to the skimmer obscured?
  12. if a skimmer only has the front or rear section elevated is it obscured for any shooting that passes over the island or hill it is parked on if the attacker cannot draw a proper LoS to more than one point?
  13. My lists usually feature at least one Cherboug, but the performance I get out can vary from the sub optimal to exceptional. This is because the Cherboug is a glass cannon, it can put out the dice to scare even the greatest battleships, and even dreadnoughts, but this in turn attracts quite a bit of attention. Typically the Cherboug is best used as an ambush predator lurking in cover until the enemy is within range band 2 of its heat lancettes. If there are no islands for cover then it may get heavily damaged, even sunk by opponents who are well aware of its potential for mayhem. Two ways it could be improved are either giving it another hull point, giving it an extra point of retardant armour or a could generator. Hull point. This is probably the option that makes the most sense, it has the length of a pocket battleship, but its got the least amount of hull points for a battle cruiser. Giving it an extra hullpoint will boost its survivability and with its redoutable heat lancettes it remains a threat until it is sunk. Retardant amour. Giving it an extra point would increase the Cherbougs resilience, but this is typically reserved for the heavy battleships of the french fleet and wouldn't make much sense when the Couronne and Magenta still only have one point. Cloud Generator. This addition would make sense on one hand, the Cherboug has or can purchase the generators of the RoF, so why not a Cloud gen.? Also other factions have access to mediums with shield generators, even first generation cloud generators. It might be a bit too powerful though. Having recently fought a Ottoman fleet I can understand why people find the cloud generator frustrating to deal with. Of course such an upgrade wouldn't be free, but instead of adjusting its point cost I think adding 10-20 strategic points would be reasonable.
  14. Yes, though I'm afraid that will make the list more vulnerable to the "Break their backs" mission. I mean at least the bomber can fly high, The Cherboug has to find an island to hide behind while it attempts to close with the enemy. I am not a gamer who will hide a ship all game just to deny my opponent a kill, except if its the last survivor of a squadron, though even then the lone survivor has surprised me more than once.
  15. Whatever, everyone has an opinion right? Back to the OP topic. I think it depends on how you want to play the RoF, if you go heavy with the heat lances, RB2 is your most favoured range and the La Rochelle is great for closing with the enemy while its heavy heat lance starts knocking off HP at RB4. Even if it gets picked on the redoubtable nature of the heat lance means that it will still pack a punch up to the point the enemy sinks it, if they do. Sending it forward though means giving it some better defences so it adds up to about 250 after I give it a cloud gen. a null gen. to protect the cloud gen. and stoic crew to see off assaults. If you want to sit back and pound the enemy then the Tourbillon and the turret variant of the Magenta are good options. The Saint Malo is supposed to sit in this category to, but I tend to want to play it up the middle so I can link in both broadsides with each offset turret. If is excellent at smacking the **** out of mediums but tends to struggle against other battleships.
  16. 1. The Requins are a one hit wonder, if they don't get shot up they will either strip the AP from something or even prize it with a bit of luck. But then they are done. 2. Once they are done they have little impact on the game unless they get some good dice against flyers with their AA, 3. There is no support for Requins, there is no Tesla or Sharpshooter to bring down an opponents AP. The best we can hope for is raging fires or hard pounding. 4. The strength of the French Fleet has nothing to do with assault.
  17. Dang, I forgot about that one. Guess I'll have to make do with only one Bomber, might have to think about yet another list with two though.
  18. I think we have a decent small hunter in the Alma. I like my Lyons, but they do get picked. Its great though when I can line up the broadsides and the torpedoes on separate targets.
  19. Make it an escort for the Couronne and it would be pretty useful, on its own, even in the squadron you are basically just paying 160 points for 8 tiny flyer tokens.
  20. No, its the Requins, but you could just use them as Bayonnes. Otherwise the Navel V2 box is pretty solid stating point. I don't know your meta, but in our meta the game point is usually 1000pt and we have a gentleman's agreement not to use Dreadnoughts except by agreement.
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