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  1. A crit effect isn't an attack. The flaming markers from the crit effect are the result of rolling it. It's not at attack... That analysis stands too! Honestly you can beat this horse to death, but clarity and a simple explanation of ruling/intent is needed from some kinda boss. I could honestly care less either way, I like most of you just want to play with the rules as intended and designed by the great folks that put them together.
  2. I agree with Sebenko. Seems logical to me and heck I wouldn't mind it lighting me up should my opponent be so fortuitous. I can almost hear the counter-argument now: "The raging fires are doubled from the attack, the critical effect is not an attack, but the result of one..." That kinda voodoo and such! Hopefully we can have one of the Spartan Bosses give us the thumbs up! I got a friend playing Polish that would be just tickled by getting to incinerate even more than he already does.
  3. Definitely agree with those above. The FSA Air Force is quite potent. Heck one of the coolest ships in the game is the New Orleans repair blimp. Nothing else has the potential to be so incredible useful and frustrating! I am also in love with the Savanna Sky Fortress. Staple some Freedom Robots to it and you have a incredibly devastating and surprisingly durable place for your Dixieland commander to sip juleps while calling out punishment!
  4. I agree it's a hard choice to make and it feels like a non-choice most of the time. I think the restricted numbers and bands / channels on the Britt Torps have a lot to do with them being so available for thier cost etc. The 360 rocket barrage and the quality of the American rockets doesn't feel like much of a choice, especially on the larger vessels (although giving them pinpoint was cool during thier last update) I still imagine those numbers could stand a little bit of a reworking. Black wolf also has to make these hard choices too... Off Targent tho!... Grats Garth! News fleets are always super fun!
  5. They certainly are current models available to both fleets. But the package presented is a very cool two-player box and an excellent source of those models outside of thier current box package forms! Plus getting some cool terrain is always a great boon! I'm really looking foreward to readin the quick play rules! Not that my group needed any help playing too much DWars...
  6. Knowing you are a Russian Co player, I will throw my hat to Brittainia. There is a lot that feels more divergent in that faction and would probably be a more refreshing play-style. A prevalent use of Tertiary weaponry, robust abundance of shields and guardians and redoubtable naval turrets (and fliers!) is a huge shift from the concepts used in the Russian fleet. Plus I think the design for the Brittish Navy is stunning (well I feel that about the Americans too!)
  7. With the recent changes it went through I think its a pretty damn legit Airship. Redoubtable stuff with awesome movement... very cool indeed. You can get really aggressive and wacky with those mines too. I think the boat makes for a very impetuous boarder and "expendable" front-liner.
  8. Just a "bored at work" thing lol. Was just a little experiment to see what kind of ultra powered starter people would make give limitless options! To kinda see how certain boats could synergize etc. Not many people taking a bite tho
  9. Great looking scheme. Very earthy and natural, it fits the style of the hull-design very well!
  10. Unless Markov has issued me falsified copies of the current ORBAT... methinks the Suv is a Capital. Great overview you took the time to sum up Thamoz. I think that there can certainly be an agreement that on paper a lot of what the Suverov is numerically falls nicely into the presented game averages. No doubt! I personally fall into the category of thinking that the real problems with the Suv are more reflective of the entire Russian ORBATS theories and concepts in general in how they interact with "what works and what doesn't" in the game currently. My experiences lean more to the "doesn't" category sadly. Internal balance and point costs. But mostly with just core concepts falling short compared to those of other nations. BTW Thamoz... Blind hope 3... Lol fantastic. Gunna sling that to my Dane buddy this week!
  11. Let's play a game! Let's all pretend we are evil Spectre-like super villains of the Victorian world. Using decades of devious political manipulation, a tight control of the world black market and an endless supply of diamonds and sturginium from your secret volcano mine/fortress, you create a naval armada to enact your insidious plans for world domination! The rules: Build a standard Naval Starter force using any models from any faction of your choosing. (Heavy BB, Assault Carrier, Battlecruiser, Cruiser Squadron, Frigate and Corvette Squads and don't forget the tiny fliers!) Any national perks assigned to boats would of coarse be applied to your selections! Don't Forget to pick some terribly villainous commodore abilities! Make up your evil dream fleet and post some thoughts as to what synergies you have worked your dastardly mind to! Here is one I was dorking around about: HeavyBB La Rochelle (Wicked floating super science ship with death lazers seems pretty villainous for a Commodore to ride to battle) Assault Carrier San Francisco (Keep pace with my SAWs using that sneaky kinetic!) Battlecruiser Minerva (Super Science, powerful guns and generator... And a sleek leisure yacht for my boss when taking a cruise? Yes!) Cruiser Dao (Hordes of horrible henchmen to go forth and steal more boats!) Frigate Augustus (Snipers to clear decks, Volley guns to blast air bound do-gooders!) Corvette Kazimov (More swarms of goons!) SAS: Have to steal me some lead-hulled Russian Bombers and some Japanse Fighters! Commodore Powers: Fury of the Red Dragon to give my minions superior jet packs! Shadow Tactics cause it just makes sense given the long winded concept I thought of! Secret evil schemes and traps!
  12. My group plays 1000 Pts naval core almost exclusively. We also only use Espionage as the only hard counter for TAC cards, so there isn't much of a "victory point" Avalanche during our games. Our games typically last about 1.5-2 hours long. As most of our players have been going at dyatopian wars quite enthusiastically over the last year, we all have a strong grasp on the core rules and those of our respective nations. As many have said above, the fastest way to speed it up is to just become more familiarized with your rules. Playing the game a lot will help with that! ... That isn't to say that there isn't the anonymously long or short game though. Extensive moaning about Prussian power, or complaining about XYZ can certainly add time to the game, but that's all part of the fun about the game is all the BSing with your buddies! Weeks ago we had a game end after one activation too... Saw a band three shot crit a Hissar, Teleport it into a Kanuni, kill them both, magazined the Kanuni and it knocked out a pile of frigates and a monitor... No lie. Poor old Wyatt just offered a handshake to his opponent!
  13. Nobody ever jumps around begging and complaining about missing out on ablative armor and target jammers... Just sayin! Wanna trade up some shields and ruggedness? I'll throw in some slower movement with the sturg boost for your advanced engines too! Seriously tho... The concept of the army is glorious. I stand behind the Russian Coaliton as my hands down favorite army, thematically and visually. But at this stage in this great games evolution, I would absolutely love to see the Russian concepts of war get some evolution too. Numbers need boosting, MARs need rethinking and redesigning, generators need to be considered. Many have said it above and before, there is an internal balance that needs looking, but also in the grand pool too. Especially now since we have had such incredible changes to the Minors. The last point change the Russians went through looked bad when it happened, now it's just even sillier given the currant they sit in.
  14. I am a firm supporter of the concept that generators should be able to be used at the movement consolidation step. (Unless it's a generator that provides a boost to movement, in which case it goes at the start) Never understood why most are hamstrung, yet so many with arguably more potent effects get the boon of being able to use them after maneuvering. Sonic generators and Glacial generators come to mind, especially when you stack them next to Tesla and Calc. A change I was always hoping would come at some point. I think generators are an important part of the games thematics and actions, but some just don't get used because of this simple caveat.
  15. Similar to your situation Bratr, my club plays almost exclusively 1000 Pts standard naval core heads up Dystopian Wars. Right out of the book rolled terrain and all! And we have a great group of dudes with literally every army being played! My experiances are relative in that borodinos are just flat pointless and have never made it to combat functioning. However every time I play the Tiksi, they just get prioritized and gunned down to worthlessness but superior range three firing. Then they drift hopelessly as a 1.5 man squad doing much of nothing until some random pair of Prussian frigates cruises over and takes them both! As I mentioned earlier in my posts, the only medium that gets mileage outside of cruisers and subs is when I concede to take the Suverov and basically expect it to do the exact thing as the tiksis in the above mentioned scenario... They just fair better with 7 dudes on deck... And having written that out it sounds even sadder than just thinking about it!
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