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  1. Derek I would like to help with testing 1 – I have played for several years since version 1.0. Primarilary with Prussian and British Naval/air fleets 2 – See above 3 – As an ex serviceman and still Member of RAFWA and AWA no problems with confidentiality/disclosure agreement 4 – I have experience in report writing both for trials and personel appraisals. 5 - Manners maketh Man ( old school moto strangely enough) 6 – 24 years military service so sense of humour may have one or two quirks but its fully functional 7 – Currently employed as a trainer for large charity organisation. Last military post was in an aviation training and trials role. 8 – O levels in English grammar and language Feel free to PM me for any other information
  2. pheonixlww

    Lysander Games

    Very nicely done. I need a new job one where I have this sort of free time
  3. Got to say I agree with myth. Lining up torpedoes and foreward turret is far easier then lining up fore and aft turrets for little more firepower.
  4. Might be worth looking up your nearest Buildbase depot
  5. Is it not the point of camoflage to make the shape appear different and distort the size and shape of the vessel? And yes it does look fat
  6. Landlubber If unsure ask thats what the forum is for. I was just surprised by some responses to your question.
  7. made sense to me first time some just seem to read too much between the lines ;-)
  8. I do like the idea of tiny tokens for torpedo boats. Maybe launched from an assault carrier think of the now decommission HMS Fearless or USS Saratoga.
  9. I tend to use loctite gels. In my experience the cheaper brands run too freely to control and get everywhere or set solid within days of the seal being broken.
  10. 1/48 is nearest scale to 28mm 1/35 is quite noticably larger. Spartan I reckon you should at least look at the idea just to see if Zombie Bites gets his Tattoo
  11. Now that brings us back to Ordo's post where sometimes the ability to mess with your opponents thinking comes in. The abillity just to be in two possible locations can be very useful in some scenarios. As a gamer who plays mainly for fun regardless of result there is always the answer "Cos its a cool looking model" p.s. cool hat, did your Mum send it you?
  12. So in a 1000 point force you can have up to 40% small vessels. Thats 400 points max. As escorts are excluded from the percentage limits, using carlkay's COA with 3 escorts our total spent on small vessels could be up to 475 points. Whether escorts are used or not the percentages are still calculated using the total point value of the fleet. i.e. 1000 pt fleet Large70%=700 medium 70%=700 small 40% =400 800 pt fleet Large 70%=560 medium 70%=560 small 40% =320
  13. http://community.spartangames.co.uk/index.php?/topic/383-raging-fire-torpedo-line-of-sight-and-bomb-arc-of-fire/ for any that missed it Spartan response Repairs rolls are not optional
  14. I would suggest a two hour time limit for games (800-1000 point games). on reaching time limit players complete the current turn. Using this format you can plan your progamme using 2 and 1/2 hours for each game max.
  15. It seems like the vanguard and the ika are both able to perform similar roles while offering much better value for your points Thats fine if you play KOB or EOBS if you play FSA, COA or Prussian you dont have Subs available.
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