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  1. Hapotte

    What is a "search action"?

    The search action allows you to roll a d10 to determine if the loot token is valuable or not. If not, you discard it until only 3 remains. P52 of the v1.08 rulebook
  2. Hapotte

    Posse creation

    Thank you!
  3. Hapotte

    Posse creation

    Awesome and one more question regarding the Dixie Resurrection Theme Posse. If I declare my faction as Enlightened, Am I correct in assuming that I would not be able to fill slot 6 since it requires Outlaw unit? I know if I'm playing Outlaw and fill at least 4 slots then the enlightened units will gain confederate, does that grant them the possibility to be taken in a Outlaw faction? Or does it man that when you select a theme Posse those models can be taken regardless of the unit faction as long and the criteria in the slot is respected. I just want to be sure I understand the keywords interaction correctly.
  4. Hapotte

    Posse creation

    Hi guys, I'm new to the game and want to double check this. When you want to run multiple posse, do you need to completely fill all 6 slots on the first before starting a second? thanks!
  5. Hapotte

    "Order" in which multiple hits are resolved on a unit

    I think you should call it when you roll your grit check, if you roll for the crit damage or not. I would always roll the crits first and then the regular ones.

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