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  1. now that know when we need to know where . will the beta be posted here or on Black Ocean ?? how do we get involved ? ie.. will it be open to all or must we sign up ? does any one else have questions about this ?
  2. What you have stated is so true ... Use it as a guide IF you think it helps , OR just make your own . To me it's the game first the lore is just a bonus ... then you can make the lore what you want
  3. i will keep an open mind on the new shield rules . but part of me still longs for the old shields play. being mostly a Terran player it has saved my bacon a lot.
  4. I have been toying around with with silacone molding product called alunilite with mixed reviews . i do loose some detail around the gun mounts but over all not bad .
  5. you also need to know warcradle may not allow it they own the copy rights to all the models and may take a dim view to some one pirating they sculps . without written permishion your dead in the water.
  6. that is a shame i don't think i'll be able to round out my Dendrenzi fleets
  7. I don't that will happen but it would be nice if warcradle would think about that . one way they could do this is to allow some one with a 3D printer to buy the data so they can print there own models . warcradle is still getting the money that is there licence and we are happy to build some of our fleets with missing models . just a thought
  8. -I have been quiet on this and now will speak my mine . true new is not always improved or if it not broke don't fix it . what is the reason for the new base when the old one worked and worked well.
  9. at this point it is the only way to go . i believe we will have something to work with . i've been wanting to get to gencom for a while and i should be retired and can spend a bit of time there by next year
  10. without warcradle giving us a look at what they call a helix and how to build a fleet around there system . all of this is just a guessing game . will warcradle be willing to shed some light on this ?
  11. tthat does't sound like something i would like in building a fleet but like you said we do not know how warcradle is going to work the helix
  12. the helix sounds a little confusing .....never got into planet fall money is always limited and wife would blow her top if i got into another game. as it is i'm still waiting on the new rules and beta test. if i get into the beta test i will be doing a lot of testing on my own as i do not have any one to play agents. ............. i don't remember when they said the new date for the beat will be ????? still hope it will be sooner they later .
  13. Yes, I was very disapointed in the news when that came out ... I hope they do not put it off too long .
  14. it does not look good here in Pa Gov. Wolf imposed a little stricter rules here. i don't know when we will be opening up . guess i'll be doing things on my own.
  15. I am hoping that covid19 does not interfear with the beta test . although in my case it just might i have no one here in Pa who is interested in Firestorm . and the only game store is in Harrisburg . It is closed till further notice. I am hoping that things will clear before then so I can get up there and get things going .
  16. that may be true but closed bulkheads will keep infrction small where an assault on lifesuport will insure all are infected . think about the time perioud don't you think a super bug could be made that would take hours not days to kill ? the US as well as all the major powers man of war are all compartmentized . during a fight all water tight bulkheads are closed. so to in space where explosive decompreshion would not only blow crew out into space would not some if not all your bio weapon ? i know i may be splitting hairs here and your points are valid . i think delivery with a boarding party would be better . your thoughts re welcome
  17. true but you can't do a targeted attack with torpedoes . I was thinking an attack with a boarding party and taking out life support. a D6 role odds/ even. odds the attack fails even it is a success . another role to determin how many of the crew is down with the bug
  18. question to all the readers out there how would a bio weapon work in this game thoughts any one????
  19. I do understand that there is still time and it is a ways out but at 66 I think I'll put it on hold till next year. God willing and the creek don't rise. hope fully I'll make a good showing with the new rules if and when they come out.
  20. at this point it would be safe to say all iscanceled till further notice
  21. thanks I understand it may be prudent to skip this one and shoot for the next . it will give me more time to look ahead and plan . with a new job it may be a little hard to get off thanks again
  22. I am interested in coming but don't know the area and as of yet don't know if i can get the time off . also my wife may like to come along and see the sites . any ideas on places to stay near where GenCon. will be????
  23. what it boils down to is either you like them or hate them I find them different . I did like the Spartan Terran's more to my liking . Warcradle is a new company and I must understand that their designs will be different .I just hope that they will not be too radical from the origenal design concept
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