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  1. I know things must move at their pace and we all want this to be one of the best games out there .........But it is getting hard to cool my jets . I cam afford to spend money on one game and this is it .
  2. there are some thing I love about 2nd ed. but not crappy space cat. lets all get behind Capt. K9 and chase that screwy feline up the nearest nebula....
  3. your barking up the wrong nebula fer ball
  4. Capt. K9 may the bark be with you
  5. are there any Terran players out there that have or are looking into a re stat on the the shield cruiser ..... looking to give a Mn of 4 AD that could be an upgrade for 5 pts. personally I think it would male it more useful ? would any body be interesten in play testing that ?
  6. thanks was looking for an aprox time frame when. glad to see it will be open to all
  7. when does warcradle think they will start the beta test on 3.0 I would like to get in on being one of the testers
  8. I think that is a very good idea and would love to see the process in making the models .... I would also like to say I would like very much to be involved in the Beta test . I've never done one before and don't know what is involved but I am willing to give it a try... there is not much interest here in Carlisle Pa. in Firestorm but with the new rules that may change.
  9. murphy'slawofcombat


    Q&A WARCRADLE 1300 GMT https://www.facebook.com/events/673304633064692/
  10. I guess i have too wanted a little more than that ... something like beta test going well or not still working on rules
  11. we haven't heard anything in a while about the new rule set WC is working on. OK WC ball is in your court how about an up date time is a wastin
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