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  1. now that know when we need to know where . will the beta be posted here or on Black Ocean ?? how do we get involved ? ie.. will it be open to all or must we sign up ? does any one else have questions about this ?
  2. What you have stated is so true ... Use it as a guide IF you think it helps , OR just make your own . To me it's the game first the lore is just a bonus ... then you can make the lore what you want
  3. i will keep an open mind on the new shield rules . but part of me still longs for the old shields play. being mostly a Terran player it has saved my bacon a lot.
  4. I have been toying around with with silacone molding product called alunilite with mixed reviews . i do loose some detail around the gun mounts but over all not bad .
  5. you also need to know warcradle may not allow it they own the copy rights to all the models and may take a dim view to some one pirating they sculps . without written permishion your dead in the water.
  6. that is a shame i don't think i'll be able to round out my Dendrenzi fleets
  7. I don't that will happen but it would be nice if warcradle would think about that . one way they could do this is to allow some one with a 3D printer to buy the data so they can print there own models . warcradle is still getting the money that is there licence and we are happy to build some of our fleets with missing models . just a thought
  8. -I have been quiet on this and now will speak my mine . true new is not always improved or if it not broke don't fix it . what is the reason for the new base when the old one worked and worked well.
  9. at this point it is the only way to go . i believe we will have something to work with . i've been wanting to get to gencom for a while and i should be retired and can spend a bit of time there by next year
  10. without warcradle giving us a look at what they call a helix and how to build a fleet around there system . all of this is just a guessing game . will warcradle be willing to shed some light on this ?
  11. tthat does't sound like something i would like in building a fleet but like you said we do not know how warcradle is going to work the helix
  12. the helix sounds a little confusing .....never got into planet fall money is always limited and wife would blow her top if i got into another game. as it is i'm still waiting on the new rules and beta test. if i get into the beta test i will be doing a lot of testing on my own as i do not have any one to play agents. ............. i don't remember when they said the new date for the beat will be ????? still hope it will be sooner they later .
  13. Yes, I was very disapointed in the news when that came out ... I hope they do not put it off too long .
  14. it does not look good here in Pa Gov. Wolf imposed a little stricter rules here. i don't know when we will be opening up . guess i'll be doing things on my own.
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