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  1. any thing in the wind on the beta test , when , where who , ect... it is getting twards the end of the year and nothing has been said on way the other.
  2. I hear your pain and that isn't right they should be a little more careful .
  3. the last time I asked about the new rules set was back in May ...is there any thing you can give us ,it has been a while and any little tid bit would be wonderful. I know I sound like a broken record . I would love to get my hands on the new rules and give then a going over.
  4. i have just left the warcradle store and i noticed that there are very few photos of the models that are available .... it would be nice if warcradle would were to up date the site and put the photo in . i am more visual and need to see what i would like to buy. can you guys do something to fix this . thanks
  5. did the same color for the main body but brass on the engine components .... like you choice of colors
  6. I know things must move at their pace and we all want this to be one of the best games out there .........But it is getting hard to cool my jets . I cam afford to spend money on one game and this is it .
  7. there are some thing I love about 2nd ed. but not crappy space cat. lets all get behind Capt. K9 and chase that screwy feline up the nearest nebula....
  8. your barking up the wrong nebula fer ball
  9. Capt. K9 may the bark be with you
  10. are there any Terran players out there that have or are looking into a re stat on the the shield cruiser ..... looking to give a Mn of 4 AD that could be an upgrade for 5 pts. personally I think it would male it more useful ? would any body be interesten in play testing that ?
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