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  1. murphy'slawofcombat


    Q&A WARCRADLE 1300 GMT https://www.facebook.com/events/673304633064692/
  2. murphy'slawofcombat

    new rules set

    I guess i have too wanted a little more than that ... something like beta test going well or not still working on rules
  3. murphy'slawofcombat

    new rules set

    we haven't heard anything in a while about the new rule set WC is working on. OK WC ball is in your court how about an up date time is a wastin
  4. murphy'slawofcombat

    Model availability

    thanks I was looking in the wrong place ..I also plugged in firestorm armada and got a no results notice waylandgames my want to correct that
  5. murphy'slawofcombat

    Model availability

    where are you guys looking for this stuff i've been looking at the on line store and am finding nothing . is this only open to you people in England????
  6. murphy'slawofcombat

    Model availability

    this isn't Dystopian wars it is firestorm and a very good game in it's own right . what may be good for one game may not be good for the other. I have no choice but to trust WC. I have sunk thousands of dollars into this game . I will sink much more in the future . I hope that WC will allow us to get some of the older stuff while working out the production aspects of the line. If they do release older models with slight changes that isn't so bad. So to see a Templar that has a torpeado bay would be welcome. Call it Templar A or B. point is I love this game and I want as many of the old mods as I can get my hands on . I may not like the new rules haven't seen anything lately on what they have in mind. If I do not like it I still have the old rule set. I can even make up my own house rules. I have no one here that is interested in this game but me and at 65 I can always play solo
  7. murphy'slawofcombat

    Model availability

    true but one can only hope that the run will last a while .... I have a lot of Terran's with a few repeats I would like to get my hands on some of the older mods from Denreenzi, Directorate , Aquans , Renthosans, and the Snake heads .I think the only way to play the game is to play all factions . even if I have no one to play agents the play style of the faction id different. so when I do find a game with another player I'm not stuck in a one dementional mind set .
  8. murphy'slawofcombat

    Model availability

    thats why I don't get excited about stuff being releasted after being out of print for a while. I would rather wait till there is enough to go around. hopefully they will be able to get more out there soon
  9. murphy'slawofcombat

    smack talk

    if it comes out the rear arc do not light a mach you'll get space P***y all aver the nebula
  10. murphy'slawofcombat

    smack talk

    fur ball Mn 2
  11. murphy'slawofcombat

    smack talk

    time to get Capt. K9 to run down that a** licken feline and give him a tast of the same
  12. murphy'slawofcombat

    smack talk

    remember what???? traterous Dendrenzi children reap what they sew
  13. murphy'slawofcombat

    smack talk

    in a secret lab deep in Directorate, space they took scientests took DNA from Space Cat's cosmic fur ball and spliced it into Auqan DNA what they call there creation is now Octo-*****
  14. murphy'slawofcombat

    Model availability

    I am sure that they are doing the best that they can... but yes Dystopian wars will come first. ... while fire storm takes a back seat. I do hope we can get some news soon
  15. murphy'slawofcombat

    Future FA rules

    the only thing we can do is wait and see..... with luck, if we do not like what they are doing we can work to change it to something we all can agree on. this is the perfect place to do that unlike Spartan Games I believe Warcradle will not leave there fan base in the wind by not lisening to what we all have to say. I do think it will be a majority thing .... that's how i view this new company

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