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  1. in the meantime the game is going to it grave before your eyes ..... you haven't done enough to keep us in the loop
  2. yes, i too would love to look at the new rule set ........one can only hope it will be sooner than later .... being the only one here in Carlisle Pa. that is doing the game I am hoping to take it to my local game store in Harrisburg and introduce it to the players there ....we really do need something soon
  3. sorry that's Murphy's marauders on face book
  4. you can respond to murphy's laws of combat on face book.......thanks
  5. look I don't know what I may have said that got the answer deleated . Yes, I do think a little constructive criticism is good. we are all hear to make the game better. I will continue to call it as I see it and let my view be known. I also would like to say that I am not mad at what has happened . I would like to what was said so I my respond in kind . Thanks
  6. because it isn't the first time your responce has been deleated
  7. deleted again it happens a lot around here.
  8. I do understand that there will be mods I will never be able to get unless I can pick them up from someone who no longer want there 's ... I am saying It would be nice if WC could make some of the older stuff and make them available to us hard core Firestorm players...... just wondering if they could back engeniered and licenced to another company so WC can concentrate on newer mods. just a thought
  9. yes. I would love to see a lot of the old mods. come back . I have all 6 major factions but I'm missing a lot of the origenal castings. I may or may not ever use then in a game but I do want to collect then .
  10. my openion is that if there is capture rules it should be equal through out the factions no one faction should have an advantage over the other. and just for the record i am fore capturing a ships . as a Terran player they did't have the greatest in boarding another ship.
  11. ok DW aside and we are on the firestorm general discushion site can any one please answer the question any news on the firestorm beta test?????
  12. a question was asked about the firestorm beta test may be i should have been a little more clear. is there any news about the beta test ....when where who???? ect......
  13. any thing in the wind on the beta test , when , where who , ect... it is getting twards the end of the year and nothing has been said on way the other.
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