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  1. I do understand that there is still time and it is a ways out but at 66 I think I'll put it on hold till next year. God willing and the creek don't rise. hope fully I'll make a good showing with the new rules if and when they come out.
  2. at this point it would be safe to say all iscanceled till further notice
  3. thanks I understand it may be prudent to skip this one and shoot for the next . it will give me more time to look ahead and plan . with a new job it may be a little hard to get off thanks again
  4. I am interested in coming but don't know the area and as of yet don't know if i can get the time off . also my wife may like to come along and see the sites . any ideas on places to stay near where GenCon. will be????
  5. what it boils down to is either you like them or hate them I find them different . I did like the Spartan Terran's more to my liking . Warcradle is a new company and I must understand that their designs will be different .I just hope that they will not be too radical from the origenal design concept
  6. how and when do we sign up for the Beta?
  7. in the meantime the game is going to it grave before your eyes ..... you haven't done enough to keep us in the loop
  8. yes, i too would love to look at the new rule set ........one can only hope it will be sooner than later .... being the only one here in Carlisle Pa. that is doing the game I am hoping to take it to my local game store in Harrisburg and introduce it to the players there ....we really do need something soon
  9. sorry that's Murphy's marauders on face book
  10. you can respond to murphy's laws of combat on face book.......thanks
  11. look I don't know what I may have said that got the answer deleated . Yes, I do think a little constructive criticism is good. we are all hear to make the game better. I will continue to call it as I see it and let my view be known. I also would like to say that I am not mad at what has happened . I would like to what was said so I my respond in kind . Thanks
  12. because it isn't the first time your responce has been deleated
  13. deleted again it happens a lot around here.
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