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  1. https://postimages.org/ is a fine alternative to those crooks at photobucket.
  2. The thing is, yet another $100+ box set for a rule set that's 3 or 4 years old isn't going to sell well enough for Spartan to make their money back. The Firestorm Taskforce Rel and Sor box is still available, since it appears your only interested in the models anyway.
  3. My buddy and I ran through scenarios 2 and 3 of the proteus prime campaign book yesterday. It was a good learning experience, especially for me. AAR on my blog here: http://skisgames.blogspot.com/2017/07/firestorm-planetfall-aars-two-very.html -Christian
  4. Looking forward to more reports from you guys! Looks like you got bitten by the same Photobucket tick that got me. POSTIMAGE.IO will be picking up a flood of new accounts. I've already pulled down all my photobucket pics and move them to postimage. I've got a LOT of broken links to fix...
  5. Thank you! Not pen lines - just shakey-hand brush black lining. I used to do it on Flames of War desert tanks and I thought the technique was worth using on this. Normally I'd have done a black wash, but didn't want to blemish the silver panels. 1950's silver aircraft / classic flying saucers are so good looking, I had to find a way to include that style.
  6. Well, the bags over at photobucket have changed their tune so.... I have almost finished the Terquai Recon Helix. Here's the work so far. I hope you like!
  7. The rest of the helix is complete! Launchers, Crystals and Markers... And Infantry I'll try to get a group shot soon.
  8. My Relthoza got to party with a Terran and Hawker force this weekend. Bat Rep posted on my blog here: Skis's Games. Thank you, Christian in Savannah
  9. It's not entirely Prussian, but this seemed the most appropriate place to post a few pics of my recently completed STO Aufseher Airship. Although I spent forever deciding what to do with it, it was a fun model to paint and I'm looking forward to putting it into a game.
  10. Thank you. The snowy game table is still just vaporware but next on the agenda after painting these minis. I'll probably just use a 6 X 4 sheet of brown canvas and spray paint some lighter brown here and there for "texture" and a heavy dose of white over the whole shebang. I really like the look of a "Spring Melt" with patchy snow and dead trees so that'll be my target aesthetic. I did an urban + snow Flames of War army many years ago (long since sold off) and always liked the way it looked. Starting a new game was a great opportunity to bring it back.
  11. A friend and I just picked up the 2-player box set a couple of weeks ago. I took the Aquan Prime forces. I was quite happy to get them - they're quite different from the stuff I've painted recently. Not content with a blue/green color palette, I went with something much more striking - particularly against a snowy winter basing scheme. I've only finished the tanks so far; next up are the turrets and crystals.
  12. Hi all. A couple friends and I played a multi-force armored game over the weekend. BatRep s posted on my blog here: SkisGames. Thanks for giving it a look! ~Christian
  13. We dug out our "original fleets" last evening for game 1 of what will hopefully be a multi-game narrative campaign. Battle report posted on my blog here: http://skisgames.blogspot.com/2017/03/aar-dystopian-wars-in-south-seas.html Thanks for giving it a look!
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