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  1. The only wasp in that jam is that the wiki must be built first, and all ships added, I think the easiest thing to do would be to call the dystopian verse, and have every ship have a Wars/Age sub section in each article. The faction pages are slightly more problematic however it simply means that we have to wait until enough info from the Age is known to fill it out. Until then adding all the old lore is the most prudent option.
  2. Right folks seems we have a decent number of people to start with and yes Asuo this is the same guy who posted to the face book page. So this is how I’m going to start things , I’ll post up a google doc spread sheet of every unit in Dystopian Wars that ever recived stats. I'll also post a tick beside each ship thats present in the wiki and whats missing. As i didnt back the kickstarter I’d really apprecate the stats of the KS ships. I will message you all over the next day or so with a to do list but if could post below what factions you have acess too it would make working out where to ask you to start working much easier. Regards Braka
  3. Certainly I can, here you are : http://dystopian-wars.wikia.com/wiki/Dystopian_Wars_Wiki it is a great resource and hopefully will be made better.
  4. Hello there everybody a lot of you may not know me but I've been in the Hobby since Spartan originally published Dystopian Wars , Firestorm Armada and Uncharted seas. Over the past couple of weeks it occurred to me that a lot of the information on the wiki is outdated, unhelpfully laid out in some places, and is missing quite a few Nations, their background information and most of all a lot of the in-game units. Stuart does not seem to have an issue with me and a couple of others working to revitalize the wiki for Dystopian Age and I see no issue as to why this can begin immediately. Over the next coming weeks I'm going to be asking everyone on the forums and on the Facebook page to submit there own analysis of units in dystopian Wars or dystopian age as to they played on the tabletop(strengths vs. weaknesses, tactics as to how to employ and counteract them etc.) In short here's how I plan to work on the wikia over the next few months: 1. With the adding of every single in game unit for both these land sea and air all dystopian Wars factions . This includes revamping a lot of the pages for each faction because many do not seem to possess links to or even have articles on any of their most predominant and well regarded ships/vehicles. This includes adding all unit stats and the suggest roles each should take in the battlefield. 2. The inclusion of old and then current background information on all factions. Some places are woefully lacking and are in dire need of those spelling correction and creation of pages to discuss them. Of all the steps this is most likely to take the longest after the import of all faction ships or vessels. This also includes certain background information such as how for example the Covenant of Antarctica uses a particular type of artillery turrets which can also be switched out for the energy weapon, it's name and a small blurb about each weapon. Obviously this cannot work for all weapons but as many of them as can be included will be used. 3. Battle diagrams. Here we would take a look at typical scenarios some people would find themselves in using factions such as the Prussian Empire the French Republic etc etc. Although I'm kind of conflicted as to this section it would allow a lot of new cameras to find information easier than simply asking for it on the Facebook page or here not that I'm trying to stop anyone doing that however having all the information in one place is more beneficial than not. 4. Finally input on user created factions that is to say specific army regiments air wings etc. Although this will typically go in the user or expanded section of each ships page or factions page it does lol for a hell of a lot of Flavour to be added to each faction not that there wasn't a lot of it there in the first place but the more the merrier and of Higher quality than not. That's about it for me now folks if you have any questions do you throw me a message here I'm libel to respond in quick order so hopefully this goes down well talk to you later folks and enjoy the wars to come.
  5. The Hasta's are truly fragile things, so try and bring them in once the enemy has committed to the attack on once side, otherwise try and park them behind terrain. If you use drives to max you can have a decapitation force for the enemy flag ship on turn two if using Kerrag
  6. Good afternoon everyone, just got a question for those fellows who own a Morning star, I have two questions. Firstly: my Morning Star has resin in the Peg hole and I am just wondering what would be the best way to remove it as I really want to use the carrier. Secondly, when dry fitting the engine section I have found that when I match up the rear of the bridge with the rest of the fore section a massive jut of armor sticks out from the ribs of the underside of the carrier. Is this a miss-cast or is something else wrong? I will post picture later but could someone give me a general idea? It would be really helpful. Thanks once again.
  7. Thank you so much Franz. Your really helping me out here! :).I might throw up the painting progress once I get a carrier and a pair of gunships.
  8. Honestly I would not mind having to use hawk widgets but I am unsure as to where to drill for the second flight peg. Also on a weird subject where does it state battleships have to have two flight pegs?
  9. Finally got imagur to work. Here is the link http://imgur.com/a/eLGuE I think the resin was cast at two separate times as Frans said, also to be fair I bought it for €5 from a guy who had it in a bulk auction so not too surprised. The flight peg area is what i'm most worried about.
  10. Sorry but I cannot add more images till I get them all on imagur.
  11. So several weeks ago I purchased a sword breaker from a jumble sale and from what I can see someone has attempted to convert the sword breaker into a flax which I personally find quite offensive as I do not like the look of the flaxs but it was their choice. Also it seems that either the model had some difficult mould lines that needed when moving and or the model was damaged by a child as there seems to be deep chunks gouged out of it. Also finally the area around the flight peg has been damaged how I do not know but it is quite hard to damage there so I'm puzzeled there. I will be including pictures for everyone so I hope its visible. Thank you all.
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