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  1. Warcradle Zak ; no, its to much hassle.
  2. Hi, some feedback after our first game. We played 750 points KoB vs ****. Things we liked ....the new aircraft rules...very easy ! we used 2 x 5 free groups per turn ( land based ??? ) Much better than any other version of DW. We play a lot of different game systems so prefer easy rules. The rules are much more streamlined and so very much easier to play......Excellent. Things we would change. The critical hit table we would prefer the 6 criticals to effect.... Reactor / Guns / Fire ! / Movement / Shields / air&sub defence . Stick a counter beside the ship. We would scrap the idea of crippled stat cards. Ships should be a bit harder to sink. So reduce the number of dice being rolled. At least let the smaller ships move a shorter distance and claim a defensive bonus for manouvering. Half the dice shooting ?
  3. Thanks Guys, that explains the extra turrets.
  4. Hi Guys. New to the boards, new to DW, currently painting up KoB 1000 point force. My question is this.... The Tribal class cruiser has the "option" to add a generator for free. What is the generator replacing ? There is only one fore gun turret listed in the weapons notes, should there also be an aft gun turret listed ???
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