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  1. Its been a while since i stepped into DW. I kinda like the new ship style, but please please please make the crown on Britannian turrets optinal. They look so ugly, it is really destroying the beautiful model.
  2. I really like your effort, Mike. And I am pretty sure, you will do your best to balance them out. It is just a fact, that over the past few years, some opinions/statements made me sceptical. I (notoriously) demanded stats, which were obviously broken. I was told so many times I do not understand blabla, I have no idea of balance blabla, everything is fine blabla... However, till now some stats I claimed have changed in my favour. The question I am asking myself is why now (e.g. last year)? As I said, Im not into the new rules/synergies as you guys are. So I won't judge from here. And I am quite excited for the new set dw 2.5 puts in the table.
  3. I wouldnt say Spartans balance is bad, but it is not good either....
  4. Well when compared to a regular ruler or Magnate, it seems quite over the top, even though a Ruler/Magnate is by far not the best ship in this category.
  5. I am really worried now .....
  6. So its a pocket battleship 6/9 rugged (2)? From what I read, the ship sounds a bit too good (is that for all selfdesigned ships the case?). But I will behold my final judgement until I see full stats.
  7. What should be discussed is the vauban. In my opinion it is totally op broken for the points. Firepower of a dread, french cloud und carrier 9 for 300? Thats s bad joke. 380 seems appropriate. Opinions?
  8. As a newcomer I recommend playing small games at the start. Pick 2 Sqaudrons per side and play the basic game. Dont care for balance things at start. Movement, weapon linking and fire arcs are the most basic elements. Once you are firm with the basics you can continue with different units and more indepth rules.
  9. I do not doubt its strong. It is probably very strong. It just doesnt feel British
  10. Not very British Sir ! But still thankful for your information.
  11. I expect a weather gen. Its the only Gen that makes sense and finally evens out KoB's lack of a second defensive mar most other nations have.
  12. Nation: KoB Model: Vengeance Problem: poor shooting, suffers from similar problems as the Ika. Ramming is too easy to deny. Suggestion: Combat coordinator 8" torpedos RBI (It is a very nice addition to make the ship unique and enable different list designs with a RBI shooting; the fixed arc still makes it difficult to function like a rocket battery so....). Vengeance commanders are reckless and are known for very dangerous maneuvres. Besides its movement cannot be blocked by small ships. The smalls make way in panic when a giant chainsaw comes close. Swift Maneuvre +1. Another alternative would be hunter surface.
  13. Nation: KoB Model: Monarch Problem: Always by a very far margin the worst alltime heavy battleship. Now internal balance issues with Magnate. Same Role as Magnate, but miles worse and much more expensive. Suggestion: Finding a new role for the ship. Heavy Turret with a 10/8/6/4 split with devastating. Giving it similar issues as the new mk2 magnate, whether to link all weapons and lose devastating or risk something for linking only heavy turrets but get boni. With the upcoming terrifying mars a combat coordinator die hard 8" is also a viable option. To bring it more in line with other heavy battleships, increase the CR to 11. To be honest, with the current mars and gens, it is really hard to make this work.
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