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  1. Where do the rules say you can't stop atop an drop/arty marker? Was that an FAQ or Dellboy response or is it actually in the updated rulebook?
  2. I had this discussed away as one or the other not both last weekend. Is there an official ruling?
  3. We just use the Spartan buildings, usu. either an L-shaped one or the other larger one that comes with the Proteus Prime. We place that AS the objective during objective placement.
  4. How can I prevent you from placing your objective (a building) into my deployment zone? It's your objective so even if I've kept every other building from being placed there when you place your primary and you want it to be a building...I've now got a building there since "objectives should take the form of a building or suitably important battlefield asset, where possible". Unless I'm misreading how placing objectives works EDIT: Oh, I see now that I've read it closer. We've been playing it as each player placing a building AS their objective during the place objectives phase. Ya know PF has more rules situations where I could argue defense one day and prosecution the next using the same rules quote. I dunno if the rules are so brilliantly written that causes the situation or if Spartan are doing this on purpose
  5. I've seen sky drop markers played two ways at two different venues. At my last store, players were fine with models stopping on top of the markers since they weren't really there. At my new store, players are absolutely opposed to allowing models to end movement on them. I follow the When in Rome viewpoint and play as the community I'm gaming with does but it's odd.
  6. Updated to reflect my move from Arizona to New Mexico Australia Brisbane - Wilfred Owen (Aquans and Relthoza) Goonellabah - Dr Dodo (Dindrenzi + RSN, Directorate, Pathogen [converted fish]) Perth - Cas (Sorylians) Perth - c0rruptd (Dindrenzi + RSN, Terrans + Hawker) Melbourne - Atropos_Priest (Dindrenzi, Relthoza) Sydney - Sillywabbit99 (Dindrenzi/RSN, Terran/Hawker, soon to have Relthoza/Ba'kash) Belgium Liège - Sei (Aquans) Canada Alberta: Calgary - ckpmax1108 (Dindrenzi..and future RSN) British Columbia: Chilliwack - Steve_990 (Directorate and Aquans with more to come) Ontario: Barrie - Menacingeye (Directorate + Works Raptor) Ontario: Toronto - Darkjedi203 (Sorylians and Terquai) Ontario: Toronto - Dosadi (Dindrenzi & Directorate & Zenian League) Quebec: Montreal - Paradogmatic (Aquans and Sorylians (soon)) Quebec: Montreal - Zaqir (Directorate) Czech Republic Hlinsko - Erebi (Directorate, Relthoza, Dindrenzi) Plzen - Hayden (Directorate, Aquans) Prague - Allegro (Relthoza) Prague - BeoWulf (Aquans) Prague - Kurgan (Directorate) France Lille - vonHymack (Sorylians, Aquans, Terquai, Relthoza, Terrans, Dindrenzi, Directorate) Lille - Masp (Directorate) Lille - Olivier (Dindrenzi) Lille - Princeps (Terrans) Lille - Xyzall (Dindrenzi) Lille - Fulgore (Relthoza) Lyon - Hannibal (Dindrenzi, Terrans) Orléans - Seb (Directorate and Works Raptor) Germany Burghausen, Bavaria - hahnc77 (Aquans (inclusive Terquai) and Directorate); Rest of Gaming Group (Aquans, Directorate, and Relthoza) Teising, Bavaria - FabiusM (Dindrenzi, Terran) Hungary ZKRobi (Directorate and Works Raptor) CserZ (Aquans + Terquai and Relthoza + Ba'Kash) Ireland Clare/Limerick - Mage (Directorate, Aquans) New Zealand Wellington Region (Kapiti) - Swastakowey (club) (Aquans + Terquai, Directorate + Works Raptor, Terrans + Hawker, Relthoza, Dindrenzi) Wellington Region (Whitby) - Runicmadhamster (club) (Dindrenzi + RSN, Directorate + Works Raptor, Terrans + Hawker, Relthoza, Aquans + Terquai) Netherlands Groningen - Sacreddutchman (Sorylians, Dindrenzi, probably Directorate and Terrans as well) Spain Albacete - Captain_Dan (Sorylians, Directorate) Sweden Tyresö, Stockholm - Ahmadan (Aquans, Terrans) Tyresö, Stockholm - Ulfast (Sorylians) UK Birmingham - Althorin (Aquans, Directorate) Birmingham - Pa11ad1n (Dindrenzi) Derby - Commander Drakere (Terrans and maybe Hawker) Derby - Strigoi (Relthoza, Directorate) Edinburgh - Polyphemus (Sorylians and Veydreth) Edinburgh / Rosyth - Kraggi (Directorate, Works Raptor, Aquans, Terquai, Hopefully Relthoza at somepoint). Kirkby Thore, Cumbria - Sailion (Directorate, Works Raptor, Terrans Veterans, Aquans and Terquai. Will probably add more over time.) Leeds - Aunshi (Aquans and Terquai) London - Cannor (Aquans/Terquai, Directorate/Works Raptor) Mansfield - Steelsmith (Terrans/Hawker, Relthoza/???) Middlesbrough - DeadSteve (Aquans and Terquai) Oxford - MadSpy (Directorate/Works Raptor) Sheffield - chrisbburn (Terrans) Sheffield - Drachenfutter (Complete Zenian League) Sheffield/Norwich - likeAsir (Aquans) Sheffield - Zeph (Dindrenzi & RSN) York - Minsk (Aquans, Directorate and something else who knows) USA Arizona: Mesa - east (Relthoza, Sorylian, Kedorian, maybe Veydreth) Phoenix - GT3000 (Directorate, Dindrenzi, Terrans/Hawker) California: Bay Area - Meatwagon (Starter set factions, then Dindrenzi) Pasadena - Eumerin (TBD) Sacramento/Elk Grove - SageofLodoss (Starter set for now) Georgia: Griffin (Fayetteville/McDonough/Atlanta) - MaxToreador (Aquans & Terquai, Dindrenzi, Terrans) Meansville (Fayetteville/McDonough/Atlanta) - Cyb3rw0lf (Directorate & Works Raptor, Sorylians) Illinois: Barrington (NW Chicago suburb) - Afterimagedan (Sorylians, Directorate) Indiana: Fort Wayne - Solvok (Aquans, Terran, Dindrenzi, Directorate. With Allies for all four.) Kansas: Topeka - Grumbleback (Aquans, Directorate) Maryland: Annapolis - Samurai_Eduh (Undecided, bought starter) Michigan: Lansing - SMDVogrin (Directorate) Lansing - Dreadbeard (Terrans, Hawker) New Mexico: Alamogordo - CuriousGames (Undecided, probably Zenian League) Alamogordo - Das Hobbs (Terrans and Hawker at first, more may be added as budget and time allow.) Alamogordo - privateer4hire (Full Core of Aquans and Full Core of Directorate) New York: Albany area - Chimerologist (Sorylians, Relthoza) Bronx NYC - SinSynn (Dindrenzi, Terrans) Endicott - Northerndragons (Aquans, Directorate) Niagara Falls - DoomMetal30 (Dindrenzi) Ohio: Cincinnati - cjk1975 (Terrans/Hawker/Tarakian*/Ryushi* (*if released)) Columbus - Nuck Fewton (Relthoza) Columbus - Big_0 (Terran and Hawker) Columbus - Kabob (Aquans, Dindrenzi) Columbus - The GuardTower (multiple races and players) Pennsylvania: Lebanon - DarthPooPoo (Aquans, Dindrenzi) Pittsburgh - Clap! (Terrans, Directorate) Texas: Austin - BDub (Dindrenzi, RSN, Directorate, Works Raptor, Kedorians, Marauders) Dallas - Neiltj1 (Aquans, Directorate (in time all the toys)) Fort Worth - Phaedros (Aquans, Directorate, Dindrenzi and RSN when released) Keller (Fort Worth) - trideau (Terrans; I have Aquans/Directorate and original starters) Utah: Utah County - Gothith (Aquans, Directorate, Terran after full release) Vermont: Burlington - hardygun (Terrans) Hinesburg - Durockowitz (Aquans, Relthoza) Milton - SonOfDramos (Dindrenzi, Terrans) Monkton - csmardon (Directorate) Shoreham - carlosthedwarf (Sorylians) Virginia: Luray/Leesburg - Duskland (Sorylians, Relthoza)
  7. I think the thread below includes Dellboy's answer to Leviathan CQB and what options the Leviathan owner has in CQB stats: http://community.spartangames.co.uk/index.php?/topic/13603-leviathan-cqb/page-2
  8. Cool paint work and color coding your vehicles by helix.
  9. I've only played a few times but equating Aquans and Dindrenzi play styles just hurt my brain.
  10. Yes, afraid the skiffs sound like this, not motorcycley, at all.
  11. Very cool. The only thing keeping me out of Sorys is their spaceship aesthetic. Just don't appeal to me (but a lot of other navies do). I really like their PF version, though.
  12. Bought some Lego discontinued blocks called Quatro (they're for infants/toddlers as they're at least 3-4 inches per side on the smallest block). Picked 'em up at thrift store for 3 bucks. Bought plastic-special spray paint to prime them for about 5 bucks and built various buildings which I super-glued permanently in place. Any extra pegs/joiners/whatever they're officially called were cut off with a hobby saw. Once primed, I painted them to a green camo pattern not too different from the Spartan buildings. For less than $10 I got 5 buildings. For other terrain like woods, rivers, and roads I'm using my WW2 collection for 15mm.
  13. Picked up a second Proteus Prime so now I've got two completed core helixes. Here are some pics including a link to my gallery on dakka (good place to store your pics for miniature games) http://www.dakkadakka.com/core/gallery-search.jsp?u=5513
  14. You can print pages 129 and 130 of the free download core book and have the tokens and templates that you need. The only thing that's not available for free download is the TAC card deck.
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