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  1. Why are you trying to get people to play games they clearly aren't interested in? 40k is entrenched, learning how to work with that is surely something someone who wants to promote a new system has to always to keep in mind. As an X-Wing player I'll tell you that contempt for tournament players will get you nowhere, organised play events are fun and challenging for a well-written,fast and reasonably balanced system- if a game can't support them the problem is with the game. Half baked games with poor and inconsistent support is a commonly expressed criticism of Spartan in many corners of the internet, I think its just one of those things you have to take on the chin and hope the company as a whole works to improve its image. As someone who's tried pushing other systems I'll tell you this, if you come in as an outsider with something that has been poorly received or represented online its going to be a massive uphill struggle. If you are already playing a couple of the popular games and have buddies who are burning out on them its incredibly easy to find people who want to start something else. That solves the "this system is dead on my area, no point wasting my money" problem. Its only at that point that there is any point running demo's, actively trying to recruit strangers, etc. For there to be growth you need to make sure you have the soil sorted before you grow a plant.
  2. I don't impulse buy, and I only buy into a game once I've had a chance to go through the rules,work out force composition and make a purchase plan based around it. The more barriers a tabletop games company puts between me and achieving these goals- the less likely they are to see any of my money. I'm on the fence about Halo:Ground Command at the moment, its definitely something I'd like to buy into but without more information on the release schedule/price points and a solid outline of the rules I won't be pre-ordering until I've had a chance to play the game.
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