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  1. So far, yes, starting speed is 5 (3 if arriving from Reserve). There is NO maximum speed. As long as you keep adding, you keep going faster.
  2. Both. Also, rr 1's before rolling for exploding 6's
  3. The new Veydreth remind a bit of the Asari ships from Mass Effect, only with the holes side-on. The Sorylian look a little closer to the V1 ships than the later ones.
  4. IIRC, it's based on Light, Heavy and Exploding dice, also know as Red, Blue and Black Light/Black succeed on 4+ Heavy/Blue on 4&5, 6's count as 2 successes Exploding/Red as is in Firestorm currently. It was used in Planetfall & Taskforce, and was used in tandem with degradation affecting successes rolled rather than the dice pool. Whilst I don't mind the dice types, the whole successes being reduced fights against the whole exploding die mechanic.
  5. Hulaka! [/url] [/url] [/url] Been meaning to post this foe a while, just forgot. May as well post it here seeing as my gallery decided to loose all the damn photots:(
  6. Thanks for the heads up, and welcome!
  7. As always, wait and see! Still, there's movement.
  8. SG may have made the molds, but quality could be up and down, especially the last 12 months of SG's life. At least from my experience, YMMV of course. Anyone else bought from the Classics range? What was your impression?
  9. just got my hands on a squad of Sular frigates. Aside from the resin gate at the front, very clean cast. Virtually no mold line. Hope this is a sign of things to come!
  10. Speaking of Metal, would the Missionary and Endeavor Frigates be metal, or are they now resin?
  11. yeah, prices well mixed up! Almost get 4 shautrai for one RSN frigate!
  12. Hope he was quick, they're already gone!
  13. I was given a "bare bones" (in his own words) tutorial of full thrust's VM by a GW staffer in the BFG days. Whilst an interesting change to BFG's movement, I can't say I'd want to use it all the time an certainly not for more than a handful of ships. Firestorm could certainly trim the fat. That being said we maybe getting a multi-level battlefield and I think a "wet-navy" move system may the simplest way to do this.
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