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  1. thanks i will now think on it but what about the rest of the heavy helix are they fun to play with?
  2. thanks for the help it's just that the Leviathan has ten light skiffs while the heavy only has five which means including the core i would have 15 light skiffs and unless skiffs are very good i'm not to keen on that.
  3. thank you. i am tempted to buy a heavy helix do you think that it's a good idea?
  4. thanks but i meant do you have suggestions about what i should buy? but thanks
  5. Thank you have some internet trouble on the pc but i agree Duskland I haven't actually brought any planetfall stuff yet if you have some ideas of what i should get would be awesome (with in reason)
  6. THE VEYDRETH i'm seeing people taking about them but i can't find them on the website and they are in the info book for the Sorylian Collective can some one help me here
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