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  1. Except, it appears there are none to be had on this side of the pond.
  2. Thank you very much. Looks like it's time to buy a starter set.
  3. Do you know who I would talk to in order to find out if they plan to keep my models relevant? If they are doing that I will buy a starter right away. I would also like a hardback replacement of my rule book if that is in the offering. Edit: Please ignore this question, I just sent in a query using their contact page.
  4. This does help, because it shows intent. If they are not going to out date all my models so they are unusable in the game, then I will pick the game back up. However if they tell me that my initial investment in the game is no longer usable, then I likely wont bother. I will buy newer models if they let my old ones still be used. I dislike supporting a company that takes my money then later makes me buy what I had purchased all over again. I'm looking at you GW with my $3000 Tomb Kings army.
  5. So I've not played DW in years, many years, but I have significant collections of older models and I just saw a box opening video of a new starter set for DW which has me wondering a few things that I hope someone here would be willing to help with. Perhaps there is a forum discussion here already you can point me to, or a web page with the answers I seek? 1) I assume that over the past six years or so the lore has advanced quite a bit, where would I find that? Should I just find a wiki or is there a definitive web source? 2) Has the company released a synopsis or a teaser for the new rules to give a feel for how the game has changed? 3) And the million dollar question, do all of my old models still work in the game and do I need to buy a book for each faction to play them? Thanks for any help you can offer. I might be getting back into the game if my old model collection isn't dustbin material now.
  6. Have the points values for ships changed since 1.1, and have any ship stats changed? I have a sizable Prussian force that I'd like to use, but am uncertain as to the accuracy of my first ed cards. Also, the game seems to obliquely imply that a force book of some kind should be forthcoming, however I see no evidence of one and 2.0 has been released for some time now. Are force books in the works? Are there updated cards/stats somewhere?
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