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  1. [Reserved for potential future reference]
  2. Hey guys. With the new beta around, I needed a tool to be able to easily create some unit cards I could easily update and reprint. Quite some time ago I discovered a very handy tool called RPG Cards by crobi, I have used quite a bit for Dungeon and Dragons 5th edition. It can create some very nice Item card handouts, monster reference sheets, spell cards, pretty much whatever you want. Since the project is open source in available on GitHub, I took on myself to adapt it for creating various cards Dystopian Wars. This tool allows you to create cards with a whole bunch of customization options, save and load them them as easily editable json configuration files, and then print them on standard printer sheets either as single sided or double sided cards with a customizable background. I added the ability to create landscape oriented cards and sheets, to add some stats blocks card elements for DW ships and weapons, and did a few specific tweaks to help with the kind of card I was generating. The live demo can be found on this GitHub page: DW-Cards Just press "Load sample" to load up some sample data for various card type, then press "Generate" to create the result in a new window.The various example should get you started and provide some template for the various types of cards (Unit card, Outfitting, Reference Sheet). The manual listing the various available card elements and their parameters is on the Project page.Many style options can not be customized, but since you can download the project on github and run the generator page from your disk after changing the font style or size in the cards css file. I do not plan on releasing premade card sheets (at least not until the stats are a bit more final). The idea is to make something easy enough to use so people can use the provided samples as a base to make their own unit or outfitting cards.
  3. Masterfully done! I love the color scheme and the painting.
  4. VladTepes

    The Waiting Room

    I started collecting and painting Dystopian Wards with a very good headstart, but sadly I have stalled for I do not have any regular opponent to play against... COA Naval Battle Group + an Epicurus Class Sky Fortress and a few COA ships. FSA Aerial Battle Group and a few assorted ships EotBS Aerial Battle Group and a few ships RoF Aerial Battle group to finish, Vauban Surface Skimming Dreadnought, and quite a buch of various French ships and a whole bunch of SAS tokens... So, about 6 battle group worth of painting to do (and about 2 to 3 done).
  5. Points for the St Malo Cloud generator ? In April 2015 orbat that generator is supposed to be free.
  6. Hi everyone, I am trying to build a balanced 1000 points list for my french naval group. I have quite a bunch of french units to chose from, some painted and some not painted, and here is what I came with but I am only half satisfied about it : St Malo Heavy Battleship with Nullification Generator Tourbillon Sky Fortress Cherbourg Battle Cruiser 3x Dieppe Cruisers 4x Lyon Frigates 3x Lyon Frigates 5x Requin Corvettes Basically, I made the list with a Tourbillon and a bit of everything from the naval set and ended up with 75 points left so I added a 3 more Lyons. However kind of feel like it some kind of a fallback choice provided all the unit I have, especially since these extra Lyon are still in their blisters ! (shame) Here are all the units I have to chose from : 2.0 naval set, all painted (except for the SAW) 2.0 aerial set, base colors only but I should be able to paint a model or two before the game Vauban, unsassembled (but I do not think it is a balanced move in any way) bombardment set, unassembled 2 blisters of 6x Lyons, still in their blister 4 Epaulards unpainted I have considered the furieux but I cannot find how to fit them, or the frelon but I feel half satified about the partial squad. What do you think?
  7. Page 70 : Flamethrower Attacks made with flamethrower do NOT cause critical Hits or normal damage to its target, instead If the Number of Hits from the attack with Flamethrower Weaponry >= DR but < CR : 1HP Loss and place 1 marker (due to Incendiary property) If the Number of Hits from the attack with Flamethrower Weaponry >= CR : 1HP loss and place 2 markers (1 from incendiary property and 1 extra) (Note that >= DR will also kill 1 AP from Lethal Munition) Page 72 : Corrosive Attack damages are resolved with the following added effects If the Number of Hits from the attack with Corrosive Munitions >= DR (but < CR) : place 1 marker If the Number of Hits from the attack with Corrosive Munitions >= CR : place 2 markers So RAW, no additional effect for multi-critical shots on Flamethrower. If you multi-crit your target, the extra hits are lost. Moreover, the critics with flamethrower are less HP damaging than other attacks.
  8. I recently bought the 2.0 Aerial Battle group in a french web store and they sent me the 1.0 version instead so I sent it back. The Tourbillon in the 1.0 box was seriously wrong on that strip, but the one I received in the 2.0 box was close to perfection
  9. Hello everyone. I just wanted to share a few pictures of some of my work for Dystopian Wars so far. Most of this stuff is still a bit work in progress First of all, my gaming table. The waves are slightly out of scale, the boards are a warping and the resin coat was a bit of a failure... but it is a good table to play on nevertheless Just after painting Detail with some WIP models from the Shadow Hunter box showing the resin coating Running a discovery game at the club Then I started working on some terrain pieces. WIP Dieppe Cruiser for scale The hills are made using mainly MDF board, 20mm insulation foam and some foliage made from Woodland Scenics turf and clump foliage. The tree trunks are made with a short piece of toothpick painted brown and the clump foliage glued using hot glue. The flocking and folliange especially the bushes are generously coated with medium for a good sealing. A nice mountain sculpted into some chunks of insulation foam. with a bit of wall filler and a simple yet effective paint job. I am thinking about adding some snow on the mountain using baking soda. I will update on my various fleets when they are finished. Pretty much every model is in various state of WIP but some are just a sealing coat away from being called finished. For the terrain I think I will make maybe one or two more hills, maybe a bit taller, another smaller sized mountain and of course some sandbars and reefs.
  10. p. 54 Obstructing Models and Terrain Other Height Levels are not affected by intervening Models, but certain types of Terrain may block Line of Sight at certain Hight Levels (See Terrain on Page 104). Basically, in the Aerial Range band you are only affected by mountains. Edit : too slow
  11. I have not found some with adhesive, but I found a nice source on ebay that ships from UK, have pretty much every size you might want and sells at a reasonable price. http://r.ebay.com/ZwhYEQ I have never worked with plexy or sheet acrylic, but I think these "bases" are cheap enough not to bother with the cutting process.
  12. Here is another solution I was thinking of that is quite similar but might be both cheaper and simpler to put together. http://playingtheodds.com.au/make-infinity-tokens/ Basically is quite similar to the solution you were thinking of, but using acrylic disks instead of resin.
  13. VladTepes


    Plus you cannot target them with carrier actions thus replenishing them is tedious (detach close to carrier, resupply and reattach on next turn)
  14. VladTepes


    RAW p. 115 states that "A SAS may use ordnance or Ack Ack where appropriate when making an Attack Run" and that "Once an Attack Run by Torpedo Bombers or Dive Bomber has been resolved, place an Ordnance Away! Game Marker on the Squadron". But p. 113 states that the marker is only placed when the SAS has dropped its Bombs or Torpedoes. RAI however, I think it is pretty clear that you should only gain an Ordonance Away! Game Marker after resolving an Attack Run actually using Ordnance.
  15. Regular soap and toothbrush works well for cleaning release agent. Also, do not forget to clean your hands regularly with soap when you handle your models especially on hot days : the oil on your finger will cause the same sort of issue as release agent. If you can, put your models on some kind of stand when you paint then (old paint bottles or cork and bluetack work well) . As a corollary, try to avoid playing with just primed or unfinished models. For the primer, I personally prefer model primer, but I have heard nice things about mate black Rustoleum spray paint. Primer will crackle if sprayed bad. Pay attention to your spaying distance, avoid spraying in windy condition, spray in thin layers and wait for the paint to dry between each layer. Be careful not to over-prime : do not try to get primer everywhere, primer is only there to give your paint some ground to attach. It is better to come back with very diluted paint to get into those tight spots. Overpriming will kill all the details, and primer will flake off. Finally, temperature gradients can kill your priming layer especially with putter models that contract and
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