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  1. Apologies if this has already been asked, but are the current STAR cards for DW going to be used in v2.0? Or are they being overhauled too?
  2. The best rulebooks of any systems I have used over the years have three things: Glossary Index Sequence of Play. I think a Sequence of Play is really important for people to learn good habits with rules. It's the best way to ensure players are not missing anything and, IMHO is almost like having a game designer running through the rules reminding players when to apply special rules, order of phases like boarding, and the "housekeeping" rules that can be missed in the end phase (repairs, removing tokens etc). A comprehensive index is a must. I want to be able to find rules really quickly. A game isn't fun if players spend too much time flipping through the book trying to find something!
  3. Delboy said it himself. They're recommended rules. It's a lot easier to tweak stuff if you've got a starting point.
  4. Kingdom of Brittania: 2 x Majesty Dreadnoughts 2 x Ruler Battleships 1 x Avenger Carrier 6 x Tribal Cruisers 6 x Agincourt Gunships 4 x Hood Battle Cruisers 9 x Orion Destroyers 19 x Attacker Frigates 6 x Swift Corvettes 6 x Bastion Escorts 6 x Vanguard Subs 1 x Eagle Rotor 4 x Hawk Rotors 4 x Doncaster Bombers 6 x Merlin Interceptors Plus the contents of a land force starter. About 75% of it's painted.
  5. Hi guys, Don't have Hurricane Season handy, but do the National Fleet Commodore and Fleet Commodore abilities stack, or do you have to choose which one you're going to use? Ta muchly.
  6. Beautiful models. Really effective highlighting.
  7. Dreadnought! And a selection of the fleet: Note the blue on the undersides of the Doncasters. Progress is slow, but I'm getting there.
  8. Finally got some paint on these guys. Not quite finished, got to touch up the green boilers - but apart from that, I'm pretty happy with the outcome. Also managed to pick up a couple of metres of blue vinyl from the local hardware store, so I now have a proper ocean!
  9. It's more about having a wide enough range of stuff to mix things up, rather than fielding massive fleets.
  10. Posted these on the old forums, but in an attempt to motivate me back into painting the ships I'm reposting them: The fleet's since been added to (Corvettes and Agincourts), but here's a group shot from just after getting my Vanguards.
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