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  1. So looking at the new war log for the campaign. I've been left a little disheartened. With the most games played going to CoA we are left bottom of the pile with only being higher then black wolf who have 2 games and China who have 2 games. I think those numbers are starting to show how badly we got nerfed. Now saying that I do believe we needed to be toned down but basically going first to worst is rough. I love the CoA style but when I play now I tend to feel very out activated and with all our strategic value my opponent has less work that he actually needs to do to get the V. So I would like to possibly rally some minds together to see if we can salvage what was once a glorious fleet, or do we just say maybe we will get fixed next patch?
  2. So talking to some of my friends who play and we joked about doing a drinking version where you crit you take a drink/shot and if you sink a boat it's 2. We started with Russia vs Russia and them doing vodka. Our French player was all about the Champaign and our eotbs was happy to stick with saki. The question then came what would us penguins drink, I made the joke iceberg fresh water but I am actually curious on what you guys could come up with for a CoA drink.
  3. true provided a couple things are working in your favor such as rolling for enough to come back but I've found putting out dive bombers they tend to get picked apart from enemy sas and aggressive aa from enemy ships cause if im 12 inches away from a ship that hasn't activated it can move 4 and aa my drones now as part of its activation. Even with the 14 move the bonus was that I might be able to get to the ship before the enemy could sas me but now I find that I have a hard time reaching his ships with my drones so I tend to activate them last to see if he will move ships in my range which then leaves them to getting picked apart and with bad rolls not having enough to drive another unit out or worst case next turn cause my carrier has already activated. If I activate them first and nothing is in range well then enemy sas kills them or they get aggressive ack acked by enemy ships and then their sas is closer to my drones respawns provided I get enough to respawn again.
  4. I think part of the problem is that our carriers got around 4 nerfs this update. They either went up in points or the carrier number went down, all the strategic values went up, the drones got slower, and now are not guaranteed to come back. While I understand the argument of keeping our drones closer to the fleet the same argument could be made for any army, if they start with fighters and keep them close to the fleet and you send your drones in to try and kill off the fighters but only kill 4 and the sas is right by their carrier they can just reload/refill/change them in needed and if their sas haven't activated they can still fly off and do things if needed so now do they not only out range us, unless they get wiped out playing smart with your sas should yield better results then playing with drones because eventually we will run out of drones before you run out of sas all things considered equal. That being said I agree our larges are in a very awkward position currently and we have too many amazing mediums it can be a little annoying going well my larges are 2 Aristotles w Keplers, or switch one with a pericles, or last orbat 2 dios, or switch one with a pericles. Simply because last one taking an Aristotle felt like intentionally handicapping myself or this one everything is a dread or a handicap. Regardless I'm not saying we are the worst faction or anything like that but 4 nerfs in an orbat update was a little rough.
  5. I agree Projectmanhatten5 I think people all to often jump on the forums and cry foul, pre update everyone was saying drones are to powerful and op and we can't deal with them and they are boring to play with/against. Yet in your post you've highlighted a decent way to deal with them. Now I'm not saying that a nerf wasn't warranted but this update made me think. If we had the keppotole last orbat I doubt that we would've seen such prevalent drone spam lists because people would've just stuck with them. Which then would've probably not led to such a massive nerf (the dio probably still would've went up in points). Regardless adapting to changes to the rules is going to be one constant of gameplay because things will always be tweaked, just such drastic sweeping changes just make it harder to find a balance because it just swings things so much. Speaking about being a scalpel I had a friend enlighten me a bit about how to do dice pools, and for my last 2 games with my keppotoles I've never used their full dice against a large I've always split it to 9 and 12 dice. Best case you get a double crit, on average I find I crit with the 12 and do an extra wound with the 9, if dice rolls are terrible I may just get a single wound but you usually end up either the same if you rolled all of them together or better because unless you roll a double crit on your 18 dice which while possible, but I find harder then just doing the 3 wounds and every extra wound helps.
  6. I agree i've never been able to make the disruption or the target painter work with the Aristotle, now saything that what if (i guess this is pure wish crafting) we could put a generator on a thales as like a mk 2 so the squad could run up and disrupt before shooting and doing everything else just an idea i had... stupid terror ship.
  7. I had a game where i crit a kaiju with them, but it was the last move of the game so we couldn't see how they play out. I was wondering what if drone feedback only occurred if the drones where out of the network relay so 16 inches from the closest carrier ship but if they where in it they came back just fine?
  8. I think that a list could be built with a Callimachus and nothing but mediums and smalls and just board everything turn 1 for a win, but that just enters the same problem as the drones. It wouldn't be fun, and it would play different from how everything else plays. The problem that I've noticed is that CoA doesn't play like other factions, and while I enjoy that it does make them harder to balance. I will agree with most parties that the drones needed a little toning back some how, even if it was the dio points increase and decreased movement or something, But I maintained it wasn't unbeatable just that people who played against it just tried doing what they do for every other opponent, which you can't do for CoA. Against a drone spam you just have to move forward as fast as possible and board because the long the game goes on the more drones we would be and the better they would be for their points. Now if we all start doing a Callimachus teleport and board list for the wins it doesn't solve the problem of that isn't how most people want to boat or play against boats and still leaves CoA in a weird position. If you don't build a list around it I would think it would just be a weird mess of a list and would be hard to play well. Edit I don't think we are in a terrible position, we def aren't in an auto win, or even an easy win, and I fully believe most if not all battles will be up hill for us. I tried a list against my friend who plays EotBS and I did the double Aristotle w Kepler build. Even against his larges I just did 10 dice, and 9 dice blasts against his ships opposed to straight 18 dice and just settled for plinking him down. Sadly he had to leave before we could figure out who won and before things got interesting. The way I set up my ships was all energy and I just placed everything against my back line in a refused flank positon and went full speed from my left side of the board to the right side of the board with the intention of just circling around the edges of the board trying to keep the game in rb 3/4 for as long as possible.
  9. I think that was the point, as far as i can tell that was the only one that didn't "re-get" faster torps.
  10. im pretty sure the only thing that lost faster torps was our torp bombers
  11. Now i've never played the old school CoA i got in at the end of jan through a friend. When we first started playing I won most games due to sitting in rb4 and going across the back line while we were all learning eventually they wised up, and it started getting to a point where at the end of the game i was looking at their larges and thinking to myself how do i crack it. My solution was drone spam, and upon reaching this conclusion we got the new orbat update and that made it even easier to do this and i tried it against my buddies and it was an easy win, now im not arguing that things needed to change with drones, but at the same time the CoA played much differently they what they were used to. They kept trying to do what they did against everyone else and that doesn't work against CoA you need to play very differently esp against a drone list. Now i appreciate the nerfs i've only played 1 game so i am not sure how well our strats have changed i do like the aristotle with the keppler attachment, but unless we go dread we don't really have a ship to place our commodore on "safely" but im optimistic to keep trying it out and new things.
  12. me (coa) vs Fluffy (EotBS) Major coa victory
  13. My crew and I don't actually have any armoured so we tend to not look at those.
  14. lets also not forget to upgrade the Aristotle to energy its 20 points so it is now a 205 point model.
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