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  1. any tips and tactics to share?
  2. Is there a dindrenzi tactica anywhere or any tips you guys can give me?
  3. if i take 3x breacher and 1x officer does that not forfeit alot of shooting though? i didnt quite understand how the infantry composition worked ;/
  4. whats the best way to take infantry? is it 3 gun teams and 1 officer?
  5. how did you get a full core helix to 3000 points? There must be something im doing wrong to make that happen. Could you possibly so me the a list so i can see? Thanks
  6. Hi guys! im new to planetfall and have been chucked in at the deep end with a 3k mini tournament on saturday! For my list i was thinking of taking a full core helix, with a heavy helix which is around 3k points. Is that a good or bad idea? HELP?!?!? thanks in advance guys!!!!
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