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  1. So, I've played several games with this vehicle so far. The first game it did exceptionally well. Absorbing several hits from incoming shots from a Terran Leviathan and other elements of heavy support that had presence of the field. The next game did not go so well... The initial point of damage scored after the second shooting attack wasn't the problem. The problem was having both drones out and having them obliterated in a single shooting attack. The issue with this is due to the fact that the vehicle is not Elite, and after taking only 16 points of damage to the fliers (Not difficult to land when facing Interceptor weapons or CQB drop pods) and had to make 4 successes on 4 dice with only 2 damage remaining... You can guess what happened next... I'm concerned that the vehicle is not resilient enough to withstand those kinds of losses in a single turn. Now, the simple counter is to only disembark 1 drone at time. But, I feel like this was an oversight of some kind. The drones themselves are fearless so if the vehicle dies the drones don't suffer. However, if my remote control planes die my all mighty leadership inspiring Command Barge panics and implodes on itself... :-/ It's discouraging to say the least. Making it Fearless would be my most desired solution but I feel like that wouldn't fit our Directorate aesthetic and might be too over powered. Perhaps make the vehicle Elite? I wouldn't want to change the DR of the drones to a single point of DR, because that would negate it's ability to heal them. For a vehicle that expensive with that level of defenses (Which are far from impenetrable) it's a shame to have such an Achilles heel built into it.
  2. I want drop pod that has an AoE effect similar to the command barge accept for enemy units in range. It will also cause morale checks to require an additional successes. Either that or make it a transport.
  3. I personally have believed all the buzz about the Trojans and in general have ignored them as an option. Based on the chart, the pay out doesn't seem to be as high or synergize as well with other aspects of our forces compared to Armada. I have determined that overall, for cost/defense/AP our Medium Tanks are pretty effective. And I have always been the type of commander who would rather have more guns than more toys. Because the gun is what is going to do work. While I do still believe that, I have tried out using the Trojans partially to test out their effectiveness now that they have Cloaked (A Mar I think we can all agree is one of, if not THEE best, defensive MAR in the game) So far, I have been plesantly suprised by their capacity. Now, I can't deny that I got lucky when I rolled a 6 on an unmodified dice roll the first time against a squad of 2 Heavy Dindrenzi tanks. What I have found is that they don't give up too many TV, they are survivable due to the Cloaked MAR, they have the capacity to cause an activation of a 4+ when combined with the Command Helix and the Cyberwarfare TAC. Now, the biggest thing is that I flat out these models forward sometime during the first turn, to act as a mobile firebase which is intended to draw fire. In general, your opponents with shoot at them because they KNOW that if those things happen to activate even 1 squad, it will cause havok. It's going to affect movement, damage output, and overall just give the opponent a feeling of complete demoralization. Better than any actual 'Terror' weapon. I personally recommend skipping over them at lower point games, I will admit they just aren't 'reliable'. BUT, after losing a few Medium Tanks or Heavy Tanks, I think you might say to yourself... "I sure wish I had a cloaked unit I could push up front to absorb some damage for the rest of my units which, preferably something where if I lose it, I don't actually lose any real damage potention" .... And then remind yourself of the name, Trojan.
  4. Perhaps a stealth Mar which gives inherant cover saves to infantry in the open? Perhaps that wouldn't stack with other cover saves.
  5. Personally, I am expecting to see CQB units. If we look at the way the current helixes reflect one another in somewhat similar roles. Recon/Air are fast. Heavy/Levithan are long range Main Ordinance. With the Command helix all having fairly high CQB with grand companies which are CQB specialists essentially. When you look at the RSN, we see a similar function. I personally would like to see skydrop elements with good CQB functionality would be great. Directorate I'm thinking gun turrets with either flamethrowers/cyberwarfare and good cqb. Dindrenzi get a heavy infantry delivery system, probably a drop Pod variant but they might like a ground transport option for a change. Maybe a large spider transport holding a squad of light walkers or a command squad of heavies for relthoza. Terran would also need some skydrop for a change possibly, perhaps turrets for them as well with good Cqb? Scatter or AA options for the most part. Give Sorylians a battle robot like the archangel and finally aquans... They need some good cqb light hover vehicles? Give them no shields but hard target -2. that should really switch up the meta I say. Lol.
  6. It is distinct from disembarking. My group and I also ruled that if the squad did not move, could count as stationary even if the drone detached to form part of the parent squadron (within coherency) so I could still overwatch or fire placed. It is distinct from disembarking though, which would form a separate unit. My question is if you're firing at a mix squad that has some cloaked units, does the entire unit count as being cloaked? Because I was intending to use the drones for extra wounds,needing 5s. But I feel like the cloaked/higher DR might be better since there is nothing stating it would be confered to the whole squad, where as I would keep them further back when deployed. Regardless, this thing is gonna be a beast. I was not interested in cyberwarfare initial, interpreting it as lack luster compared to armada's. How wrong I was, last game I played at 3000 I pushed up with my cyber tanks and uses them as my firing bases. The fact that they are cloaked meant I wanted to try to draw fire to them (as negating explodes dice is insanely good, even if it counts for two still. Just fight a relthoza army) and with the cyber TAC I had no problem shutting squads down, which delayed his forces which were literally lumbering behind them. I am imagining stacking these elements and it just sounds brutal. Activating on a +4, I'm definitely activating this squad first, every time. And if I purchase command points I can bid for first turn consistently and control the pace of play. I'm really enjoying how things are shaping up for directorate. But between the amount of artillery dice we can get and cyberwarfare platforms, I feel Luke we are a force to be reckoned with. Let me also add that all Cyberwarfare I have seen thus far is all EF, meaning it doesn't bypass just shields. But also the range advantage given by firing LR shots into hover vehicles.
  7. Does it seem strange to anyone else that the Ground Attack rule permits the same advantage as the Aerial Assault rule, which is hitting Flying models as rushed after moving flat out. I can only imagine that is an oversight but perhaps I am being presumptuous. I was just trying to imagine firing rushed at a Flying target without interceptor and only being able to hit on 6s and on 7s effectively against flyers which flat out... Is this really how the rule is intended?
  8. I've been slowly developing my Directorate model collection and have been strongly considering the infantry Recon helix (as well as the Works Raptor helix, to a lesser degree -- When I add Works Raptor to my Armada fleet I may be more inclined to pursue this option). As many have pointed out however, in order to optimize the Heavy Infantry, you must have a drone nexus in order to accomplish that effectively. Thankfully, the Aerial Interceptor Helix provides the perfect buff this them in a fast, mobile unit. These two synergize well and if you're going to take one --- I would definitely want to take the other. However --- The Ground Attack Aerial Helix is going to give us the capacity for Artillery Strikes, which around going to be paramount against entrenched infantry and no less effective against anything else. It would appear to give us access to 2 Artillery Markers (1 per Gunship) which, based on my recent battle against Dindrenzi, can be incredibly effective depending on the scatter. And we recieved 5d6 AD as opposed to the average 5d6 AD. For this reason, I intend to forgo the Recox and Aerial Interceptor helixs for the time being and will be picking up the Ground Attack specifically. As well as augmenting the force with additional artillery markers through the Command Helix, which based on the 3x tokens it will bring us to a whopping 5 artillery strike markers. (Probably in game sizes around 6000 points)
  9. How does firing at a mixed squad, featuring flyers/no flyers work and get resolved?
  10. We gather on Monday's. Normally open to close (with food intermission being the exception) are you on Facebook? There are 3 of us that meet up regularly with large fleets, and 3 others who show up sporadically. The more the merrier.
  11. So, if an infantry squad CQBs an occupied transport, and destroys the vehicle, does the damage spill into the squad inside? If so, does the squad inside get to make a CQB back? Or just the initial model?
  12. Borderland Games normally. We have a small community that is growing right now.
  13. So, as per my normal Monday activity my friends and I got together for a game of Firestorm at our local game store in Salem, Oregon. I was anticipating watching the other 2 play out the first scenario from the new Invasion System but alas the one friend was not feeling well so I got to jump in for a pick up game. Directorate: 1200 Point List +++++ Designation: Swordfish Tier 1 (1) Anarchist Battleship - Hard points: +2 WC, -1Sh + Stealth Systems, Dirty Secrets. Upgrades: Biohazard Beams, Corrosive Torpedos Accompaniment: (2) Liquidator Frigates - Upgrades: Biohazard Beams. Wings: (5) Bombers (1) Dominance Carrier - Hard points: +2 WC, Cyberwarfare Fore. Upgrades: None Accompaniment: (2) Tormentor R&D Cruisers - Upgrades: None Wings: (5) Bombers, (3) Interceptors Tier 2 (3) Executioner Cruisers - Upgrades: Biohazard Beams, Special Forces (3) Justice Heavy Cruisers - Upgrades: Biohazard Beams Tier 3 (4) Liquidator Frigates - Upgrades: None (4) Liquidator Frigates - Upgrades: None Terran: 1200 Point List (W/ Aquan Allies) +++++ Designation: N/a (This is an approximation - Full details unknown at this time) Tier 1 (1) Tyrant Battleship - Hardpoints: +2 PD, +3 WC, Shield Projector (Self) Upgrades: Quicklaunch Accompaniment: (2) Squire Escorts Upgrades: N/a Wings: 3 Support Shuttles (1) Ares Carrier - Hardpoints: +1 Shield, +3WC Upgrades: None Accompaniment: (2) Aegis Shield Cruisers - Hardpoints: Command Distance +3 Wings: (6) Interceptors & (6) Bombers Aquan Ally - Tier 1 (1) Oannes Heavy Carrier - Hardpoints: Difficult Target Upgrades: +1 Move, Energy Transfer (2) Accompaninment: None Wings: (6) Bombers Tier 2 (3) Hermes Cruiser Squadron - Hardpoints: +1 HP Upgrades: Weapon Shielding Tier 3 (4) Missionary Frigate Squadron - Upgrades: None (4) Armsmen Frigate Squadron - Upgrades: N/a Terrain: The playing field was set up initially as to where the center was open with a piece of terrain on each corner and along each board edge due to the nature of a mission my friend was going to play from the new Invasion Fleet. Unfortunately, he had to leave so I took over at a larger point game, and we decided to just add two (2) extra planets in the middle and calling it good. Basically it came down to one side having two (2) gas clouds in the corner and an astroid field in the center in/near the deployment zone, and the other side being the opposite with two (2) astroid fields in the corners, and a gas cloud in the center in/near the deployment zone. This left two other terrain features which I believe were a debris field and possibly another gas cloud, in addition to 2 planets which were spaced slightly askew as to create a more A-symetrical battlefield. I won the the initiative roll and selected the side with the gas cloud in the center, as I prefer being able to have a wide space in the center to combine my forces, and wanted to make my opponent have to deploy around the astroid field and have to contend with it as an obstacle. I also won the roll off for deployment, but opted to make him deploy first as to better counter depoly his forces. We took turns placing, starting with our least valuable units. He had placed his Armsmen on the board to snipe with Torps behind the center astroid field, and his Missionaries in reserve. He also placed his Cruisers in a cloud on the right (His left). During this time, I had lined my frigates up to barely fit within the cloud in the center of my table edge, and placed another on the right had corner which were isolated from the rest of my deployment area by Asteroids, in an attempt to counter deploy the Cruisers, as well as act as kind of a Red Herring hoping to draw more of his forces to deploy on this side of the map, as I knew he couldn't fit everything in there comfortably within that space. I deployed my Cruisers on the opposite side of those astroids, trying to bide my time before his larger assets were on the table. He proceeded to deploy his Carrier/Shield Cruiser squadron to the right (His left) of the battle field between his Cruisers and Frigates which were on the board, but closer to the edge of his deployment space. At this point, I was relatively certain he would deploy his 2 other Tier 1 ships on the left side (His right) of the astroid field which was in the center of his deployment zone. I proceeded to deploy my H. Cruisers behind my Frigates in the Center, my Anarchist BB between the H. Cruisers and the standard Cruisers, and my Carrier/Cyberwarfare squadron on the left between the left most astroid field and my H. Cruisers. He had deployed as anticipated to the left of the astroids with his Tyrant and Oannes H.Carrier. I knew at this point my goal was to essentially ignore the units which occupied the right hand side of the board, consisting primarily of the Cruisers and Carrier squadrons, and move everything to the left/center to engage the Admiral's vessel (Tyrant). Due to enough SRS and natural PD I knew the cruisers primary torpedos would not do much, and he had them at full stop in the corner to maximize the angle of his Sector Shielding. I also wanted to avoid his 6 Bomber wings from the Terran Cruiser, adding a great deal to that decision. Turn 1: I knew immediately my goal was to stop the Oannes from advancing and reduce the crew of the Tyrant until boarding was a viable option. This did not go as planned, but any good CEO will always have a back up plan. We went to play TAC cards and I declined, he used Drives to Max, attempting to bounce it between the two Tier 1 squadrons which I was most threatened by, and used Dirty Secrets to negate it in an attempt to slow his approach. We took turns moving things forward. I believe he was able to put out 1 point of damage to my Cruisers and 1 to a squad of frigates but destroyed nothing. In turn, I was able to deal what I believe was damage his Carrier but was suprisingly able to Crit his Shield Cruiser with just 3 attack dice from a Frigate which could not fire at the Carrier with the rest of the squad due to line of sight issues with a planet. This caused a weapon disabled effect on the Cruiser's only weapon in the front arc, which was not repaired during the entire course of the game. Not much else happened, everything moved up with me listing lazily to the left. I attempted to Cyber Warfare his Oannes but I rolled poorly and he had diffcult target (why does this effect cyberwarfare again? Lol) and was unable to cause a success, which I was planning to use to shut down his engines hopes of slowing his attack run with his SRS tokens. Turn 2: A little more happened here, his Frigates came in which dropped via Shunting behind my Frigates in my right corner in an attempt to protect his Cruisers (little did he know it wasn't my real target). I was able to move up dealing more damage to the Carrier, I think I managed to get a single damage on the Tyrant with Biohazard and vented some crew in the Oannes. Unfortunately he had been able also Disable Firing Arc on one of my Tormentors as well, reducing my overall Cyberwarfare capabilities, with a Crit. I had suffered more damage on my Cruiser Squadron at this point, and I believe a couple of more Frigates by this point, but was in relatively good shape with no points being given up by either side (and myself being at -1 due to Dirty Secrets). His Tyrant had turned towards the center, flying between the planets, with the Oannes kiting around the outside of the planets. I was concerned he would keep them grouped up, making it harder to prioritize my targets and keeping his Support Shuttles in range of healing the Oannes. I was moving my Frigates and Cruisers to the center to act as a distracting against the Tyrant, and pushed the Anarchist, Dominance, and Justice squadron towards the Oannes, which was either undamaged or had only suffered 1 damage at this point. I found that it's -1 to hit penalty was incredibly frustating, but decided that an assault would be the best option if possible and wanted to focus my efforts there most of all, as the survivability/damage output of that thing is just GROSS! As I recall, this was also the turn I attempted to bombing run from my carrier after he advanced forward, where he proceeded to roll 3 6's reducing my dice pool from 15 to 6 on my Carrier's Bombers. Turn 3: My Anarchist was within 16" of the Oannes so I used the Cyberwarfare TAC and spend the point in an attempt to make it easier to assault. I believe I vented 2 crew from this reducing his overall crew by 2 leaving him with only 4 left.... He must have been damaged because I recall him only getting 5 defense dice in the upcoming engagement, but he had been able to heal some when his shuttles were in range so it was primarily hull points and not crew loss. I had been winning a lot of the initiative rolls (surprisingly with only 1 Fleet Tactic Bonus) and this turn was no different. I moved the Heavy Cruisers up after de-cloaking in an attempt to board and take over the Oannes without the negative modifier, in fact I was going to be getting +1 due to Special Forces. I managed to roll only 8 total successes on 15 dice.... That was not more than double his remaining crew which left me with no chance to take over the ship and gain extra points this turn. I believe he reduced it down from a Crit to just a Damage and I believe I had opted to kill more crew members to either enable my Carrier to assault in the next engagement, or possibly force a disorder test eventually to prevent the SRS from launching. I also took a pop-shot with 1 of the Heavy Cruisers dealing 1 damage to the Tyrant. He moved up his Oannes to try to maximize damage while he could, killing off the damaged Tormentor from my Carrier Squad. I then moved my Cruisers up, which had been heavily damaged at this time, in an attempt to damage the Tyrant. I moved forward, firing my beams at the Terran's Carrier squad and Assaulting the Tyrant, which went better than expected in as much as it actually did some damage. Mostly I didn't want to lose a model before activating and was trying to maximize their effectiveness in this turn, since the Crusiers had 1 at full HP, 1 which had 3 HP remaining, and one which had only 1 HP remaining. This was also the turn when he used the Shield TAC card, boosting his Tyrant to +1 Shield for the turn (I had kind of wished I saved Dirty Secrets, but I think board control early on was the best decision) and managed to score 25 successes with the Tyrant on my Heavy Cruiser, abliterating it from the field after triple (3x) criting it!!!! I couldn't believe it!!! But, it was only 1 of 3 so it hadn't given up a point, and I managed to move up with my Anarchist to finish off the Oannes with bombing runs and through Beams. My Cyberwarfare went to venting more crew from the Tyrant. All the while our frigates had been slugging it out, his Cruisers were still trying to lay down supressive Torp fire at my Cruisers, and the Carrier was woe-fully out of range to be effective with it's weapons and bombers. Turn 4: This was a mop up round. I had both my Anarchist and Dominance undamaged at this point, missing only 1 R&D Cruiser, and a Heavy Cruiser squad with 2 squad members at full strength. He had his Armsmen at full strength and his Hermes at full strength, tagging far behind the remaining Terran fleet, with his Carrier and Battleship both badly damaged. I quickly moved up to engage the Armsmen which were advancing, as I have underestimated them before, and opened fire with my 2 Heavy Cruisers placing 2 beams on 2 separate frigates and 2 torpedo volleys on the other 2, destroying 2 and effectively weakening the remainder of the squad. I also had been sniping his other Frigate squad when able to through out the game with Torps as well, which my friend joked about breaking the gentleman's agreement of a frigate on frigate duel. xD I was able to vent some crew of the Cruiser with the Dominance and was just widdling away his forces. By next turn it was clear I would mop up his remaing Tier 1's and we called it there, as I had 2 Tier 1's at full strength (Minus missing wings/accompaniment) All in all I would say it was a success. He had been bringing Dreadnoughts in the last few games we've played so I was trying to calculate my assests to best counter that during fleet construction. Thankfully he left it at home, but the Oannes is a tough nut to crack, with it's only real weakness being it's low AP, leaving it vulnerable to assaults. Aside from his 25 successes on my Heavy Cruiser, I would say that my opponent rolled below average in general. Normally his shields are game changing but they fell flat in this engagement, and I had above average successes so I think it could have gone either way at any point, honestly. The biggest differences that were where ships ended up going, IMO. Flying far and away from the Carrier to negate it's 18AD from the SRS was a major factor, and also the fact that he split his Tyrant away from his Oannes mid battle to try to contend with my forces in the middle (Although, this was mostly due to Support SRS playing a roll with the Oannes's crew) but gave me a chance to move everything around the planet defensively to engage the Oannes with 3 very strong squads at close range (re-roll 1's baby!) I think the battle ended at Directorate: 6 ~ Terran: 1 ... But that would have quickly swung into Directorate: 13 ~ Terran: -7 in turn 5 due to finishing off his Tier 1's which I believe was a very strong likelyhood, with the some other opportunties to swing points one way or the other depending on the results. Thanks for reading about my Directorate escapades! I will try to take pictures/notes in the future so that I may more readily provide Bat.Reps. for the forum. I know I've left some things out due to having played the game on Monday and am trying to recall it now that it's Friday. But hopefully you've all enjoyed it! Thanks for reading!!!
  14. Although the Assault capabilities for the Anarchist can be a nice boon, I personally find that Stealth, WC, and Dirty Secrets to be very useful. I don't tend to take the Bio upgrade for Frigates because the cost to survival ratio isn't very good. Here is what I would do.... Drop the R&D's AP upgrade, drop the 2 AP &SF/SA, but keep the movement upgrade on the Anarachist, and drop the Bio-hazard on the Frigates. NOW, this is only going to be viable if you have 6 frigates. That should free up 80 points for you. With these you should instead take 2 Frigate escorts with Bio to synergize with the Anarchist, this will create a nice boost to your damage output (Both inside and outside of 20") and if they DO target the frigates, it wont make a difference as far as the battle log is concerned. Take the Free stealth upgrade and the WC upgrade on the Anarchist for 5 points total (Plus 5 more for the Movement upgrade which you should retrain) And then take 5 wings. Personally, I find Bombers to be best. as you will get 15 additional attack dice to throw at anything that is trying to pierce the veil of your stealth system. You could also take Assault Craft if you REALLY want to take an assault heavy build, but I personally prefer the additional range and AD provided by bombers. Because you have so much Cyberwarfare, you should be able to effectively shut down any enemy PD or drastically reduce it's output through Crew Loss, which is what I try for personally. Basically you will have 2 solid squads which are stealthy, a cloaked squad, and some frigates to draw fire/harrass. This is how I would try to play those models at 800 points. But, play to your tactical strengths and what you are comfortable with! :-D -Edited-
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