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  1. Players: NeuroMute / Moritz (not on the forums) Points Value: 500 Scenario: 1 - Border Clash Factions & Allies: Sorylian / Dindrenzi Battle Log Scores: 4 / 4 - Draw
  2. Damn! Forgot to adjust the costs when I edited my fleet list and changed the loadout. Curse you modern ways! The elders did it with pencils and pergament. That was the right way, the proper way! Thanks for noticing and the nice comments.
  3. I just felt I would have more control this way. A few inches left or right would not matter much, that could be corrected while moving in. By shunting in however you may find yourself on the wrong side of that heavy hitter you were aiming for and I think orientation is very important. Also I was not in the need to press a certain point, I just hat to take a beating and deal out damage, so that seemed the safer way. . . . The conservative way. My grandpa did battle that way. So did his grandpa. And the elders. XD
  4. Players: NeuroMute / Moritz (not on forum) Points: 1000 Scenario: 2 - Escalating Engagement Factions: Sorylians / Dindrenzi Battle Log Scores: 13 / 1
  5. Well, no glitter (yet), but 25% Terrain coverage this time! We checked So, the game was played mid May, but stuff kept me from writing a report so... Chadda Offensive is over unfortunately. Also, I haven't got the Dindrenzi Fleet list, so I will edit that later on. 1000 Points Zenian League Race: Dindrenzi Federation (DF) Kurak Alliance Race: Sorylian Collective (SC) Campaign: The Chadda Offensive Scenario: 2 - Escalating Engagement Location: Gardens of Kadesh (Well, blame HW2 for taht ) Dindrenzi Star Admiral Geo Sheremdoc Sorylian Star Admiral Thronmann Sternenseits Background: After the unsuccesfull attempt to free „Milex IIIaH“ from Dindrenzi Occupation, the Sorylians had to put a hold to enemy fleet activities. Fortunately, the data was lost during the battle, so not all was lost in the end. However, the Sorylians had to take action at last. High Command sent Star Admiral Thronmann Sternenseits out to seek any daring Dindrenzi Federation forces who would seek out new planets to conquer and put a hold on their plans. And the didn’t have to wait long before Dindrenzi Federations Star Admiral Sheremdoc tried to expand his influence further into Sorylian territory... Dindrenzi Fleet T1 1x Pretoria Battleship Kaliope T2 2X Battlecruisers Battlecruiser Squadron Terpiskore Urania T2 3x Heavy Cruisers Thetis, Euboea, Salamis T3 3xFrigates Battlegroup Rhodopis: Rhodopis, Thais, Glykera T3 3xFrigates Battlegroup Phytionike: Phytionike, Lais, Laina Sorylian Fleet T1 1x Falx Battleship 210 Pts. +1“MV, +1 Shield Kathedrale von Karos (Kathedral of Karos) T2 3x Falcata Cruisers 180 Pts. Battlegroup Vaterfaust - Weltenkrümmer, Lichtdieb, Quantenpuls (Father’s Fist - Worldbender, Lightthief, Quantumpulse) T2 3x Falcata Cruisers 180 Pts. Battlegroup Sternenlot - Novawelle, Folgetochter, Sternenjade (Starplummet - Novawave, Followdoughter, Starjade) T2 3x Falcata Cruisers 180 Pts. Battlegroup Feuerschlaf - Wüstenland, Dunkelsprecher, Herzschlächter (Firesleep - Desertland, Darkspeaker, Heartslaughter) T3 5x Reaper Frigates 125 Pts. + Pack Hunters Battlegroup Scherenbieger - Acrux, Supay, Qucha, Illapa, Inti (Scissorbenders) T3 5x Reaper Frigates 125 Pts. + Pack Hunters Battlegroup Seosahm - Tanta, Dranat, Netbura, Arden, Tafalla Starting forces: Frigate Squadron Rhodopis & Phytionike and Heavy Cruiser Squadron Salamis Cruiser Battlegroups Vaterfaust & Sternenlot Frigate Squadron Scherenbieger The rest of the Fleets was held in reserve. Turn 1 (Initiative: DF) Heavy Cruiser Squadron Salamis opens fire on Sorylian Cruiser Squadron Vaterfaust with no effect. The retaliation takes 1 HP from DFs Heavy Cruiser Euboea. The other DF Heavy Cruisers are more lucky and manage to destroy SC-Frigate Kucha outright and damage Acrux with their torpedos. Battlegroup Sternenlot sends their torpedoes through a asteroid field towards DF Squadron Phytionike and damage the Frigate. The Frigates‘ massdrivers fire back and Cruiser Novawelle suffers 2 HP damages as well as 2 CP. All other weapons could not hit or penetrate the enemy armor. Turn 2 (Initiative: SC) ALL of the Sorylian reserve enters the battlefield. The Dindrenzi are not so lucky, their reserves haven’t shown up yet. Well - things have to go in favor of the Sorylians now! Cruiser Squadron Vaterfaust opens with a broadside towards Heavy Cruiser Euboea, leaving the ship with 2 HP and 3 CP. The Cruiser Quantenpuls destroys Frigate Rhodopis. DF Heavy Cruisers Salamis takes revenge, focusses fire on Cruiser Sternenjade in Group Sternenlot, which cannot stand the combined power of the Dindrenzi railguns and is taken out. The Squadron, struggeling to reorganize, is further decimated as the DF torpedos hit Cruiser Novawelle and take her out as well. Not enough with that, the DF ships manage to take 1 HP from Weltenkrümmer in the other SC Cruiser Squadron. The SC Battleship must take action and opens fire, managing to reduce Frigate Glykera to 1 HP, as well as the Heavy Cruiser Euboea which is hit critically, resulting in a shutdown of it’s PD-Network. DF Frigates Phytionike takes 1 HP off SC Cruiser Folgetochter and finishes off the damaged Frigate Acrux with torpedos. The SC Frigate Squadron Seosahm combine their fire and finish off DF Heavy Cruiser Euboea, which suffers a critical reactor overload, resulting in 1 point damage to the DF Heavy Cruiser Thetis. The second SC Frigate Squadron focus on the DF Frigates, taking out Thais, leaving Squadron Rhodopis with only one ship, the Glykera which cannot manage to do any damage this turn. Cruiser Folgetochter damages Thetis further, taking 1 HP off the DF warship. The SC Squadron Scherenbieger cannot manage to penetrate the hull of the sturdy Heavy Cruiser, but destroys Frigate Phytionike with it’s broadsides. Cruiser Squadron Feuerschlaf is too far away to make an shots count. Turn 3 (Initiative: DF) The arriving Battlecruisers open fire upon the SC Flagship, landing a critical hit which results in another CP lost. The manage to take anoter HP from Cruiser Quantenpuls. The Sorylian Battleship returns fire upon Urania, crits and takes out her fore weapons for now. The Flagship also manages to fires upon Heavy Cruiser Thetis, resulting in -2HP and a Corrosion Marker and finishes off Frigate Glykera. Thetis and Salamis focus on SC Cruiser Folgetochter, reducing the ship to 1 HP and damage Frigate Supay. DF Frigate Lais is taken out by the Cruiser Squadron Feuerschlaf and the remaining Frigate Laina is damaged. Laina immediately takes pursuit on SC Cruiser Folgetochter, gets behind it and finishes her off. Before the crewman find time to cheer, the DF is destroyed by the Frigate Squadron Scherenbieger, which manage to take out the DF Heavy Cruiser Thetis in the same turn. Squadron Vaterfaus ploughs through a Dindrenzi minefield, without effect, and open fire upon the DF Battle Cruiser, resulting in 1HP damage on Urania and 2HP damage on Terpiskore. SC Frigate Squad Seosahm damages Heavy Cruiser Salamis critically, resulting in - 2CP and increases the damage on Battlecruiser Urania. At the end of the turn, Urania manages to repair the damage, but the Sorylian engineers fail to contain a plasma leak, resulting in 1 CP lost on the flagship. Turn 4 (Initiative: DF) At last, the DF’s Pretoria Battleship Kaliope arrives. The CF Battlecruisers tke another HP from the SC Battleship, adding another Hazard Marker through their HE-Weapons. Unimpressed, the Kathedrale von Karos advances further, turns into the mines to clean some up and takes 1 HP off Salamis and Urania via broadside and torpedos. The DF’s Battlecruiser are not very effective this turn. The SC Frigates take out the last of the DF’s Heavy Cruiser Salamis and reduces the Battlecruiser Urania to 1 HP. Kaliope launches SRS on Cruiser Herzschlächter, which remains unimpressed. Even the mighty railguns only manage to reduce Frigate Arden to 1HP. The gun racks finally manage to crit the Cruiser Dunkelsprecher and an enter maneuver crits the Wüstenland. The torpedos increase the damage on the SC Battleship. SC Cruiser Weltenkrümmer starts within a minefield and is reduced to 1 HP. However, together with Lichtdieb and Quantenpuls the Battlecruiser Urania is rendered incapable of further combat. Frigate Squadron Scherenbieger take one HP off the Kaliope, showing the Cruiser Squadron Feuerschlaf how it’s done. The SC run out of luck as every ship with a Hazard Marker loses Crew. Apart from that, things seem not so bad for the Sorylians. Turn 5 (Initiative: DF) Cruiser Squadron Vaterfaust loses Weltenkrümmer due to a mine and Quantenpuls is damaged. Terpsichore is then reduced to 5 HP by the unlucky SC Cruisers. Battleship Kaliope damages Cruiser Lichtdieb critically and takes another HP off the SC Battleship. Frigate Squad Seosahm batters Terpsichore from the rear, taking another HP off the Battlecruiser. Terpsichore suffers another critical hit as the SC Battleship opens fire with its broadsides - which also damage the Kaliope. The Scherenbieger Frigates as well as the Feuerschläfer Cruiser cannot damage the DF Battleship this turn. This turn, all Hazard Markers are being repaired. Turn 6 (Initiative: DF) Kaliope takes another hit from the Kathedrale of Karos, which is entering a gas cloud for cover. The DF Battleship reduces Cruisers Wüstenland and Quantenpuls to 1HP and those of the SC Battleship to 2. Cruiser Lichtdieb is damaged by a mine, but manages to reduce Terpsichore to 1 HP, which makes it easy for the Cruisers of Feuerschlaf to turn it into rubble. Frigate Squadron Scherenbieger takes another HP off the giant DF flagship. Kathedrale von Karos is reduced to 3 CP due to a failure in repairing a Hazard Marker. Turn 7 (Initiative: SC) The two Battleships exchange broadsides, resulting in 5HPs remaining on Kaliope and no damage on the Sorylian ship. The damaged Cruiser Dunkelsprecher is destroyed and Herzschlächter takes a critical hit from Kaliope. The Dindrenzi Battleship soaks up all further damage. Final Battle Log Sorylians 13 - Dindrenzi 1 A Major Triumph for the Sorylian Collective. Okay, basically I won because I rolled _very_ good at the beginning of the 2nd turn and all my fleet turned up instantaneously.
  6. Glitter! You got me there I already saw your post about terrain coverage and I'm thankful for the demonstration. Sth to show my Dindrenzi friend XD On the other hand I'll smash my ships in every asteroid field available, I know it... Today the volcanic stones I purchased some weeks ago were washed and can be sprayed later, so real asteroids are coming up.
  7. (Terribly sorry if this question has already been answered, but I couldn't find anything.) In my last game we had three Reactor Overload critical effects. One on my ship, two on my beloved enemies ships. When his ships exploded, both time two of my ships were wiped out along with them, caught in the blast wave. First time 2 Frigates and then 2 Cruisers, every time the whole T3/T2 squadron was wiped out completely. We adjusted our battle logs accordingly, me for losing ships, my friend for destroying them. But according to the rules - did he destroy them? I fired upon his ships (one time I activated one of his mines...), thex explode and take my ships out. The damage dealer was his reactor though... Otherwise it says on p. 83 " Sometimes a model may be Destroyed by an event rather than an opponent’s actions, for example a Collision with a Terrain piece. I" Would that be an event then? Well, I'm confused. Help?
  8. Yeah, I've some asteroid fields in the making but there simply was not any more stuff to place on the field yet. Okay, so before buying more ships I will focus on that - thank you XD
  9. Okay, so this will be my first batte report. Tried to translate it as best as I could and hope you like it. We didn't take pictures of dice rolls (we're both too excited to stop shooting at each other and do things like taking pictures or stop to think what the heck we're doing atm) and so I can only give you some status pics at the beginning of each turn. Let me know how I can improve the report next time and don't hold back with tactical advice for my friend and me - who are quite inexpierienced btw Size: 980 Points (Don’t ask ) Zenian League Race: Dindrenzi Federation (DF) Kurak Alliance Race: Sorylian Collective (SC) Campaign: The Chadda Offensive Scenario: Capture the Station (Our „Station“ was a planetary one, placed on a moon. So it’s only an optical change.) Background: (We're starting our own campaign, but wanted to contribute to the big picture, so, this is just our fluff...) Over the course of several months the Dindrenzi Federation was able to advance merely unhindered into Sorylian space. Within that time, the Sorylian Collective simply relied on the defencife forces at hand and did not start any counter offensive at large - until now. Tacticians of the DF are regarding the first clash of fleets as the beginning of a major retaliation campaign. The first battle took place within the Brisch-Sector, among the System Milex - at least that’s what the DF call the solar system. The point of interest was the inhabitable moon Milex IIIaH - an ancient Sorylian outpost, now under control of the invading Dindrenzi fleet. For the Sorylians, who call the moon „Schoß der Vorväter“ (Womb of the Ancients), their hand was forced when the moons colony fell to the DF and they began fortifying their position for further operations within the sector. „Schoß der Vorväter“ holds a network of subterran data nodes with information of immense value - should they fall in the hands of the DF, any consequences for the Sorylian Fleet High Commands Tactics would be fatal and months of careful planning would be in vain. Thus the relatively inexpierienced young Star Admiral Thronmann Sternenseits was given a hastily assembled fleet to extract the data or destroy the data node network at any cost. The Dindrenzi Star Admiral, Geo Sheremdoc, was given almost no time to prepare his defenses and had no time to prepare when the Sorylian ships entered the solar system and set course on Milex IIIaH. Fleets: Dindrenzi Federation (Defender) T1 Battleship - Conqueror Class 200 P. +Torpedos Fore, Double Mines Polyhymnia T1 Battlecruiser - Cataphract Class 135 P. +Double Mines Terpsichore T2 Gunships x3 - Gladius Class 285 P. -Ablative Plating Glauke, Galateia, Eudore T2 Cruisers - Fury Class 180 P. Eunike, Thetis, Dione T3 Frigates x3 - Hammer Class 90 P. Laena, Lais, Lamia T3 Figates x3 - Hammer Class 90 P. Phryne, Elpida, Neaira Sorylian Collective (Attacker) T1 Battleship - Falx Class 235 P. +Weapon Shielding, +Second Assault, +2x2AP, +1 Shield Kathedrale von Karos (translates: Cathedral of Karos) T2 Heavy Cruisers x3 - Kopis Class 315 P. +Weapon Shielding, + Reinforced Axiom, Ewigkeit, Zielstrebigkeit (Eternity, Determination) T2 Cruisers x3 - Falcata & Skyhammer 225 P. +1 Shield, +1“ MV Paryaqaqa, Cavillace, Ain T3 Frigates x4 - Reaper Class 100 P. + Pack Hunters Arden, Netbura, Dranat, Tafalla T3 Frigates x4 - Scythe Class 100 P. + Pack Hunters Alldar, Vaia, Pulica, Aetron Turn 1 (Initiative: DF) SC-Frigates are maneuvering around an asteroid field, trying to flank and manage to damage one of the DF-Frigates over long distance. The Dindrenzi, superior at long range, retaliate the attack immediately, destroying the leading Frigate Arden. DF-Battlecruiser Terpsichore focusing his kinetic weapons onto the SC Battlehsip and manages to breach the thick hull of the SC-Flagship. However, the Dindrezi ship is not prepared for the full broadside from the „Kathedrale von Karos“ coming back at Terpsichore, dealing heavy damage, ripping open large sections of the hull and exposing the crew to the deadly vacuum of space. Further blows are dealt by concentrated broadsides from the Heavy Cruiser squadron, Terpsichore is taking another critical hit and ordonance crews are doing their best to keep the fires at bay. The Axiom, Ewigkeit and Zielstrebigkeit focus their forward weapon systems on the DF-Frigates, destroying the Neaira alsmost instantly. Meanwhile the Battleship Polyhimnia, along with the three Gunships are dealing long range blows to the SC Cruiser group, overloading the shield systems on the Ain. Without his shields and the reduced point defense network, the Cruiser is easy prey for the torpedos of the second Dindrenzi Frigate squadron, resulting in a destroyed Sorylian cruiser and cheers on board the Laena, Lais and Lamia. Dindrenzi Cruisers Eunike, Thetis and Dione bear their weapons onto the SC-Battleship, weakening the structure of the old ship even more. After taking several devastating hits from the Lathedrale of Karos, the new Dindrenzi planetary defense System on Milex IIIaH is operating at only a fraction of its power and is rendered almost useless. Turn 2 (Initiative: SC) After the crew on board of the DF-Battlecruiser Terpsichore failed to contain the fire, disaster spread, engulfing more and more sections of the proud warship in flames, costing countless brave men and women of the Dindrenzi fleet their lives. After the SC-Heavy Cruisers take out the Bridge of the DF-Battlecruiser Terpsichore in a targeted, well coordinated strike, the Dindrenzi ship falls adrift and is no longer of any concern to the Sorylian forces. Furthermore, the Heavy Cruisers manage to destroy both remaining DF-Frigates, Elpida and Phryne, with their crippeling broadside. DF-Cruisers Eunike, Thetis and Dione again combine their fire onto the SC-Battleship, this time without effect. However, their Gun Racks manage to penetrate the reactor shielding of the Heavy Cruiser Axiom, resulting in an catastrophic malfunction. The following explosions completely destroys the Heavy Cruiser and damages the accompanying Ewigkeit and Zielstrebigkeit heavily. Within seconds, the tides of the battle have turned again. [Yes, both of them! He crits one, making it explode and then crits the other two. Oh goth, why?! But wait, it gets even better...] The SC-Figates, menat to deal with the DF-Figates, see themselves suddenly robbed of their targets, turn to the center and manage to direct some long range fire onto the DF-Cruiser Eunike, landing a lucky hit on a mine that is being released from the rear end of the Cruiser. (Just fluff - it was a regular crit ofc ). The crew, still euphoric about the destruction and crippeling they managed to deal towards the Heavy Cruisers of their cold-blooded enemy, shares the same fate within seconds, as the massive explosion of the armed warheads punches through the blast doors, overloads the reactor and turns the ship to a blazing torch within seconds. Within the cramped space between the gas giant Milex III and it’s moon Milex IIIaH another of the DF-Cruisers is heavily hit. Also, the rapidly expanding debris manages to deal further damage towards the SC-Battlehip, but the most fatal blow is upon the Scythe-Class Frigates of the SC who also get caught in the explosion, resulting in the destruction two ships, the Pulica and Aetron, who never got their chance to contribute to the battle. (So, here it is. The second Reactor Overload within the same turn. Taking out one of the Dindrenzi ships and two frigates of the Sorylians. What have I done to deserve this? Things were looking so good and now this...) Enraged, the two remaining SC-Cruisers steer hard port, accepting the blow of one of the already laid mines, taking heavy damage but in return manage to blow the Cruiser Thetis to cinders and damage the Eudore even further. Turn 3 (Initiative: DF) The Kathedrale von Karos is further damaged by the Gunships which retaliates with a full broadside - to no effect. The Sorylian boarding attack destroys the remaining Directorate Cruiser Dione, just before the Sorylian Battleship is taken out by a devastating broadside attack launched from the Directorate Flagship Polyhymnia. Star Admiral Thronmann Sternenseits manages to escape the destruction of his flagship, but is unable to direct the battle any further. Heavily damaged, the remaining 2 Soryilan Cruisers engage the Gunships in close range and launch a boarding attack against Galatea. Fortunately for the Dindrenzi, all their ships survive the attacks and are able to take the fight to the next turn. Railguns from the Dindrenzi Frigates manage to extend existing damage aboard one of the Sorylian Heavy Cruisers. Unfortunately, the Frigates were maneuvering too close towards one of their own mine, which was then activated by one of the Sorylian Frigates. The Sorylian ship is destroyed, but so are the Frigates Lais and Laena. The thrid Frigate, Lamia, is destroyed seconds later as the remaining lizard Frigates put their broadsides to work. The fixed fore weapons upon the SC-Heavy Cruisers Zielstrebigkeit and Ewigkeit punch through the bow of the Dindrenzi Gunship Galateia, again puncturing the reactor shielding, rendering the ship into a cloud of fast expanding gas and debris - which takes out both remaining Sorylian Cruisers. (Yeah, at that point I thought ... well ... I won’t write that here.) The Heavy Cruisers manage to damage the Gunship Eudore with their torpedos and then send boarding crews to the primary objective, the outpost on Milex IIIaH, to either hold their positions or blow up the archives should the Dindrenzi try to recapture their batterd outpost. Turn 4 (Initiative DF) From behind, the armor of the SC-Frigate is no match for the barrages from the remaining DF-Gunships, so the small ship is thoroughly destroyed. The forward facing weapons shell towardst the Sorylian Heavy Cruisers - without effect. Polyhymnia suffers first damage upon broadsides from said SC-HCruisers before it oblibertaes a Sorylian Frigate with its supreme mass drivers and lays a mine upon the other Frigate group. Then the Dindrenzy try to recapture their planetary base, but the Sorylian Marines hold the objective. The remaining Frigates mingle with the Dindrenzi Gunships and activate an old minefiled, a leftover from the destroyed Dindrenzi Cruisers, which wipes out both of the Sorylian ships and manages to increase the damage on Gunship Glauke, also caught in the blast radius. Turn 5 (Initiative DF) The Heavy Cruiser Zielstrebigkeit is taken out by Polyhymnias weapons and mines, but not before the Sorylians are able to destroy the heavily damaged Gunship Glauke, leaving only Eudore. Boarding troops from the Gunship finally manage to overrun the Sorylian defenses on the outpost on Milex IIIaH, but the Sorylian Marines did what they came for, the old archives have been thoroughly destroyed, so that the valuable information will not fall into enemy’s hands. Turn 6 (Initiative DF) Only three battlready ships left in the whole system, the end of the battle is swift. Battleship Polyhymnia takes out the last Heavy Cruiser Ewigkeit with ease. Result The Sorylians did not manage to take the system back yet, lost several ships and were forced to destroy an ancient data node network on their old colony. However, the Dindrenzy fleet suffered heavy losses, were unable to gain advantages from the information on the moon, but held the solar system and its new military installations. The Battle Log shows 9 Points for the Dindrenzi Federation and 11 Points for the Sorylian Collective at the end of the game - a draw. (Maybe we did something wrong there, because we adjusted the battle-log for the ships destroyed / damaged in the explosions of the reactor overloads as if they were destroyed by enemy fire. I wasn’t sure but in retrospective, winning this game as the Sorylian with no ships left would not have felt right, so I think that was the right decision. The draw felt right at the end, according to the story.) Overall I was quite happy with the fleet, even if the Sorylian setup seems a bit odd. The Heavy Cruisers performed very well and I had very bad luck with the reactor explosions all three (!) times. That's what really cost me the game I think, but I wouldn't have managed to take out the mighty Dindrenzi Battlecruiser in the late game anyhow. Well, we had tons of fun playing this game.
  10. Okay, I hope I'm doing this right: April 5th Players: NeuroMute / Moritz (not on the forum) Points Value: 950 Scenario: 5 - Capture the Station Factions & Allies: Sorylian / Dindrenzi Battle Log Scores: 11 / 9 Draw!
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