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  1. If you are in the Corinthian Club I think we all got an email about it today
  2. The longest I have ever waited for an order from Spartan was 10 days...and that was due to it being busy...10 days from Ordering to Delivery. The amount of time I have had to REGULARLY wait for Wayland Games is over 2 weeks. And that isn't for obscure or low stock stuff. I'm talking In Stock and common. For on demand style of stuff, I have waited up to 3 MONTHS...and they still didn't get those orders right in the end. I love the discount from Spartan. I tend to buy individual stuff, so it's fantastic for that. Each to their own I guess...
  3. *looks up low speed maneuvers* O.O I completely missed the "turn on the spot up to 90 degrees"... How did I miss that?
  4. I completely missed that the first time round...that would actually have been useful in some recent games. *Files for future reference*
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