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  1. @Spartan Mike any update for us?
  2. maybe @Spartan Mike can shed some light on the situation?
  3. Guessing everyone is still in the dark on this?
  4. For Real? I mean I haven't looked to in depth into new SAS rules but I always thought they'd restricted it to "A Carrier can only support a maximum number of Squadrons at one time, this is indicated in the profile"
  5. I'm slowly getting there, each of my fleets tops at around 3k but it is becoming a running joke with my friend of my inability to protect my wallet from the purchasing of a new fleet
  6. I did similar with my FSA :') Brought 2 of the battlegroup boxes then by the end of the week had 2 bombardment, 1 dreadnought, 1 aerial core and 2 support carrier boxes to go with :') So easily done
  7. I saw that too, pretty sure my normal list won't get changed much now I just have a preference for the sweeper teams, all that cqb goodness
  8. *Checks Dindrenzi Rules* *Hunts for the beloved Nyx* *Sees the pods costing for assault vehicle* Ok whilst I nearly had a heart attack at the sight of that 60pt pod to keep the Nyx doing, I managed to contiinue to the Nyx. Well, looks like my murderous little Alpha Males are back on top of their game, 45 pt increase (30 just on the pods upgrade) I could not be happier with them
  9. Whilst disheartened by some of these changes (looking at you Mr Tyr with the broken Turret), I want to see the new ruleset before I voice my complaints. The new rules will hopefully justify some of these nerfs
  10. I was thinking more in terms of the diversity that all the extra additions will give the fleet, it has the larger chunk of ks designed models compared to the rest so in terms of balance, KoB would end up as the dominant force
  11. Would I be right in assuming that SG will be filling out the other factions to keep up with the diversity that KoB will end up with from all those backer designer models?
  12. Robotic gentleman, cup of tea in one hand and scone in the other?
  13. I had considered that, just never had a bad game when I field the omega alongside the aristotle/kepler combo. I do prefer a bit of a saw swarm for my playstyle, although I will give a second thought on the zenos as they do look quite tasty on paper
  14. Now @Spartan Mike can you either confirm or deny the existence of a British Carrier Sub or has the Admiralty sworn you to secrecy at this time?
  15. So I was playing around the other night, this was the outcome: Aristotle w Kepler + Energy Turrets Mk2 Descartes Mk2 Descartes Omega Squadron 2 Kepler 5x Corvette 5x Corvette 5x Corvette The idea being the descartes play jack in the box by rapidly approaching the enemy with the corvettes to just go rampant with boarding and energy blasts whilst the rest sit back and pump out RB4 pain. With whatever drones that stay aloft targeting juicy targets of opportunity The other option was to lose a few corvettes, break omega into a full cleo and full kepler squadrons and have the cleos advance with the descartes as well Opinions?
  16. I caved and brought 2 May finally drag myself into a brawl with the covenant instead of sitting back with the 2x ari/kep combo and omega's
  17. As others have said, it does depend on your fleet build. I have a preference of being able to reach ouch and touch the enemy with something akin to a sledgehammer whilst they reply with the touch of a feather. I tend to run twin aristotle with energy combined with a kepler each. Can't be doubted, especially when I have the points to chuck in an omega squadron (cleos with energy to link with the keplers). However this does come down to the fact I normally face Russians so like to keep away from them so Energy suits me well. A standard cleomedes squadron has always served me well with standard ammo as it wave lurks to get in close, using torpedoes to cause damage. Before doing a jack in the box to pop up and hit the enemy hard with the turrets. Same with the dreadnought, more akin to a battering ram when I use it (tendency to lose it to boarding as I seem to underestimate russian boarding)
  18. I can see with the timeline moving forward....invaders may actually start to resemble another faction that is playable whenever instead of friendly games
  19. Well looks like Fleet 7 has been decided for me....Only saving grace is my wallet has time to prepare iteself
  20. Heck can we just refer to whatever is chosen as the "Excalibur Class insert designation here"
  21. Definitely bombs and in the case of my CoA 2 Ari/kep squadrons
  22. I think, lose the bomb bay on the small fliers, Give them an assault orientated crew type instead of elite, smalls with elite doesn't seem the kob thing. Maybe up the foreguns +1 each rb and pack hunter as way of allowing a "strafing run" or a rule to allow shooting the target you assault. Spartan seem to be for this with the rules in the KS for the mercs Whilst I like the idea of a medium sub carrier, I am happy we have a medium carrier now so my vote goes for a heavy cruier, 2 lord hood turrets, internal gen and 1-3 in squad size
  23. I honestly think a Heavy Battleship would go unused when compared to the Ari/kep combo unit and I am sure giving the kepler the ability to attach to it would make the aristotle redundant unless it were a low points game :/
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